Expressions - Collocations of the word " avoid "

" avoid "Collocations - Expressions
avoid altogether1) In severe cases, social situations are avoided altogether .

2) This does not mean fat should be avoided altogether .

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assiduously avoid1) It is a term that is assiduously avoided by Buteyko therapists.

2) Breazeal assiduously avoids calling her robots by gendered pronouns.

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barely avoid1) They barely avoided relegation in 1954–55.

2) A general war was barely avoided to destroy Lutheranism.

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carefully avoid1) We carefully avoid too little or too much of certain nutrients.

2) The French state carefully avoids any religious recognition.

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avoid collision1) This will help you avoid potentially painful collisions .

2) The most important reason is to avoid collisions and possible injuries.

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avoid conflict1) They should avoid conflict or costly litigation again.

2) I had very powerful patterns of avoiding conflict .

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avoid confrontation1) Primary among these is to avoid confrontations .

2) Use caution in communications and avoid confrontations .

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avoid confusion1) The alternative term "conscious dreaming" avoids this confusion .

2) Different coloured wires are essential to avoid confusion .

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consciously avoid1) Despite this many-tiered structure, bureaucracy was consciously avoided.

2) His vocal melodies are diatonic, and consciously avoid blues inflections.

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avoid contact1) But the entire organization avoided direct contact .

2) People should avoid contact with animal feces.

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avoid damage1) This helps the cleanup crew avoid collateral damage .

2) You motivation this to avoid tissue damages .

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deliberately avoid1) We deliberately avoid using insurance jargon at all.

2) I deliberately avoid using American Indian motifs.

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avoid detection1) They drive across the border using underground tunnels to avoid detection .

2) All missions were flown with radio silence to avoid detection .

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avoid injury1) To avoid injury stay off baggage belt.

2) Physical contact between players is extremely limited to avoid injury .

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intentionally avoid1) He intentionally avoided excavation of house sites.

2) avoid intentionally sucking the cheeks or lips between the teeth.

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avoid mistake1) A collective doubt helps avoid such mistakes .

2) This will help you avoid potential mistakes .

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narrowly avoid1) Swindon narrowly avoided a second successive relegation.

2) He narrowly avoided personal bankruptcy when business ventures failed.

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avoid pitfall1) A careful plan may avoid several pitfalls .

2) We assist clients in planning to avoid tax pitfalls .

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avoid problem1) This should help you avoid future problems .

2) Be better prepared and avoid costly problems !

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purposefully avoid1) One area of development that Sinclair purposefully avoided was battery technology.

2) Roeg decided not to use traditional tourist locations to purposefully avoid a "travel documentary" look.

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purposely avoid1) Lindsey straightened her shoulders, purposely avoiding his gaze.

2) The very things Japan needs to do, it purposely avoids.

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avoid relegation1) Swindon narrowly avoided a second successive relegation .

2) They barely avoided relegation in 1954–55.

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avoid risk1) Our proactive approach helps avoid such risks .

2) The normal commercial risk is thus completely avoided.

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scrupulously avoid1) Marcel Proust 'insisted that politics was scrupulously avoided'.

2) Provocative slogans attacking the Communist Party or the socialist system were scrupulously avoided.

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avoid situation1) The better potential partners are smart enough to avoid difficult situations .

2) A shy person may simply opt to avoid social situations instead.

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studiously avoid1) It studiously avoids areas such as computers and biotechnology.

2) Innovation is a risk, and was studiously avoided by managers.

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thereby avoid1) They thereby avoid paying any stamp duty at all .

2) Eventually, Frances re-curved northward, thereby avoiding any land.

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thus avoid1) The Russian corps thus avoided complete destruction.

2) Campbell and his unit thus avoided direct action.

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avoid war1) We sacrificed our government to avoid civil war .

2) What must be done to avoid war ?

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wisely avoid1) The writing staff wisely avoids a dangerous cliché.

2) Other environmentalist figures have wisely avoided specific predictions.

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actively avoid1) I actively avoid negative people and places and practices.

2) But except for books, I now actively avoid stuff.

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altogether avoid1) By defragmenting your hard drives on a regular basis, you can altogether avoid the issue.

2) Some work of the former kind altogether avoids social considerations, and passes out of our present context.

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an attempt to avoid1) Surface is an attempt to avoid that same mistake .

2) All this strikes me as an attempt to avoid reality.

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an effort to avoid1) Make an effort to avoid interrupting.

2) The patient should be fasted in an effort to avoid reflux during anesthesia.

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attempt to avoid1) The fast ignition approach attempts to avoid these problems.

2) He makes no attempt to avoid personal references.

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avoid a catastrophe1) Charities say that the world must act now to avoid a catastrophe.

2) They need to figure out in time what to do to avoid a catastrophe because this is serious business.

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avoid a clash1) So he wisely avoided a clash of horns in front of the herd.

2) North Melbourne was forced to change its uniform to avoid a clash when it joined the VFL.

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avoid a collapse1) On November 23, 2008, Citigroup was forced to seek federal financing to avoid a collapse similar to those suffered by its competitors Bear Stearns and AIG.

2) The program was one of several emergency measures implemented in October 2008 to bolster confidence in the banking system and avoid a collapse of the financial markets, analysts said.

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avoid a collision1) The quick thinking of Brinkmann avoided a collision.

2) She maintained course and speed, doing nothing to avoid a collision.

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avoid a confrontation1) Constance wanted to avoid a confrontation with her.

2) They back down and leave, trying to avoid a confrontation.

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avoid a crash1) McCudden narrowly avoided a crash, pulling up feet above the ground.

2) Just as Prince has avoided a crash, Stephanie offers to pilot.

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avoid a mistake1) How to avoid a mistake and show the world a tainted Pontiff ?

2) Those without a FB account can help others to avoid a mistake by posting this elsewhere.

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avoid a penalty1) Teammates advancing on the beam have to stay within two swings of each other in order to avoid a penalty.

2) In some cases, it is hoped that the infraction can be concealed from the officials, avoiding a penalty.

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avoid a problem1) The team also avoided a problem scholars previously encountered .

2) Don't use IM or email to avoid a problem.

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avoid a recession1) What this is about is avoiding a recession which is going to happen.

2) They probably let Poland avoid a recession : That's all zloty debasement.

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avoid a recurrence1) In May 1958, he showed his determination to avoid a recurrence.

2) You will have to continue taking these drugs for life to avoid a recurrence of MAC.

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avoid a repeat1) And residents are anxious to avoid a repeat .

2) New York is looking to avoid a repeat.

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avoid a situation1) We should avoid a situation where these are cornered by individuals.

2) We must avoid a situation where the regulator becomes subservient to the operators .

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avoid accident1) Laser users must take appropriate precautions to avoid accidents.

2) The local authority was in the best position to avoid accidents.

more avoid accident sentences
avoid accountability1) They stretched the truth to avoid accountability.

2) And rules become perfect hiding places for people who wish to avoid accountability .

more avoid accountability sentences
avoid alcohol1) avoid alcohol to rid yourself of acid reflux.

2) avoid alcohol intake and smoking since that shall delay nerve recovery.

more avoid alcohol sentences
avoid ambiguity1) The parties may avoid ambiguity by classifying obligations as conditions.

2) To avoid ambiguity this article avoids using the term.

more avoid ambiguity sentences
avoid an accident1) Full credit to those drivers who managed to avoid an accident.

2) Suddenly, he veers to avoid an accident, and the load shifts.

more avoid an accident sentences
avoid annihilation1) Taking heavy losses, the attackers were forced to retreat to avoid annihilation.

2) His divisions were forced to move only at night to avoid annihilation from the circling fighter-bombers.

more avoid annihilation sentences
avoid arrest1) Despite being under surveillance, he was able to avoid arrest.

2) Then the bishop fled to Swedish Norway to avoid arrest.

more avoid arrest sentences
avoid at all costs1) The foods to avoid at all costs.

2) avoid at all costs, unless there is extra credit involved.

more avoid at all costs sentences
avoid attention1) Jackson usually didn't wear patterned clothing in order to avoid attention to the disorder.

2) After birth, calves are abandoned in dense undergrowth as a tactic to avoid attention from predators.

more avoid attention sentences
avoid bankruptcy1) Athens needs the payment to avoid bankruptcy next month.

2) Utah debt collectors is another way to help avoid bankruptcy court.

more avoid bankruptcy sentences
avoid bias1) How can one avoid bias or distortion of human rights information?

2) Both approaches avoid biasing the transistor in the saturation mode.

more avoid bias sentences
avoid bloodshed1) King avoided bloodshed and instead had his people kneel and pray.

2) Before any shots were fired, Liliuokalani surrendered to avoid bloodshed.

more avoid bloodshed sentences
avoid blow1) avoid blowing the nose for 24 hours.

2) avoid blowing your nose in front of people while eating.

more avoid blow sentences
avoid boredom1) Is it to avoid boredom in their workout?

2) He reads voraciously (mostly to avoid boredom).

more avoid boredom sentences
avoid build up1) avoid the roots to avoid build up which can leave Hair greasy.

2) True to his belief in the efficacy of competition, he avoided building up an extensive chain of outlets, and preferred to thrive by vigorous marketing.

more avoid build up sentences
avoid capture1) He avoided capture until early October 1832.

2) News organizations tried to explain why Phillips repeatedly avoided capture.

more avoid capture sentences
avoid carbohydrate1) Massive, unjointed material is best in order to avoid carbohydrate contamination.

2) Eat fat, avoid carbohydrates- simple advice but the medical establishment still supports General Mills, Kellogg, and the Wonder Bread lookalikes.

more avoid carbohydrate sentences
avoid casualties1) The arriving peacekeepers' first priority was to avoid casualties.

2) The SADF had a political imperative to avoid casualties wherever possible.

more avoid casualties sentences
avoid casualty1) The arriving peacekeepers' first priority was to avoid casualties.

2) The SADF had a political imperative to avoid casualties wherever possible.

more avoid casualty sentences
avoid catastrophe1) Coastal afforestation needs to be initiated promptly to avoid catastrophes in coastal region .

2) NASA promised the asteroid would miss Earth by 27,600 km, avoiding catastrophe.

more avoid catastrophe sentences
avoid censure1) Their supervisors would not so easily avoid censure.

2) On the other hand, cost reduction has not been sufficient to avoid censure by the MMC.

more avoid censure sentences
avoid chaos1) This way of avoiding chaos did not suite Sibelius.

2) All .NET Framework classes are organized in namespaces, to be used more clearly and to avoid chaos.

more avoid chaos sentences
avoid charge1) The man dressed as Batman avoided charge, however.

2) Given the circumstances and the fog, he consented to avoid charging me.

more avoid charge sentences
avoid clash1) The youth group also told participants to avoid clashing with police.

2) Pre-booking is essential to avoid clashes with other groups.

more avoid clash sentences
avoid cliché1) We look at ways to avoid cliché and lazy writing.

2) Even when writing for a professional audience, avoid clichés and jargon.

more avoid cliché sentences
avoid collapse1) Cutting costs enough to avoid collapse is a hard way indeed.

2) The merger allowed the companies to avoid collapse following their high franchise bids.

more avoid collapse sentences
avoid complacency1) Its an effective way to avoid complacency.

2) It forces me to remain sharp and avoids complacency.

more avoid complacency sentences
avoid complication1) Follow veterinary instructs precisely to avoid complications .

2) Otherwise why not just walk around the village, avoiding complications?

more avoid complication sentences
avoid congestion1) This will help avoid congestion at the front desk.

2) To avoid congestion and overstimulation in ourselves.

more avoid congestion sentences
avoid conscription1) Presumably maiming oneself to avoid conscription in wartime remains a crime.

2) We'll fix you up with something, avoid conscription, eh?

more avoid conscription sentences
avoid contact with1) People should avoid contact with animal feces.

2) avoid contact with human or animal wastes.

more avoid contact with sentences
avoid contamination1) Corll stated he was burying spoiled candy to avoid contamination by insects.

2) Like qanats, these smaller canals are below ground to avoid contamination.

more avoid contamination sentences
avoid controversy1) He resigned his position to avoid controversy.

2) In the intellectual world, cold war liberals also avoided controversy.

more avoid controversy sentences
avoid conversation1) Scott had avoided conversation with the man.

2) You can also avoid conversations by not making eye contact with strangers.

more avoid conversation sentences
avoid crash1) So there are many reasons to avoid crash dieting.

2) The operating system is designed to avoid crashes due to a simplexed hardware failure.

more avoid crash sentences
avoid creditor1) In December she returned to London whilst Byron's father remained on the move to avoid creditors.

2) Setting up a revocable trust will not allow you to avoid creditors or estate taxes, but it does allow some privacy, as it is not filed with the probate court for public review, unlike a will.

more avoid creditor sentences
avoid crisis1) It's impossible to predict liquidity needs perfectly, but modeling helps avoid crises.

2) How do we avoid crisis management by introducing new models before the old model expires ?

more avoid crisis sentences
avoid criticism1) Strictly avoid criticism or domination of each other.

2) Even when the patrols were active they did not avoid criticism.

more avoid criticism sentences
avoid crowd1) Leaders should avoid crowding out opportunities to respond or discuss policies.

2) The shy vultures avoid crowd and have become almost extinct.

more avoid crowd sentences
avoid danger1) They try even more than usual to avoid danger.

2) Knowing where to stop, you can avoid danger.

more avoid danger sentences
avoid death1) Somehow she avoided death in the riots.

2) People will do what is necessary to avoid death.

more avoid death sentences
avoid defeat1) England were lucky to avoid defeat in the second match.

2) In August 1940, the RAF narrowly avoided defeat.

more avoid defeat sentences
avoid dehydration1) Do they need something extra to avoid dehydration?

2) Initial care includes intravenous normotonic fluids to avoid dehydration.

more avoid dehydration sentences
avoid delay1) Use first class post to avoid delay.

2) To avoid delays please submit your form ASAP!

more avoid delay sentences
avoid deportation1) To avoid deportation they accept this nominal settlement .

2) Heller and her mother managed to avoid deportation.

more avoid deportation sentences
avoid destruction1) These genes involve maintaining the genome and avoiding destruction of the host cell.

2) She narrowly avoided destruction by the Japanese carrier force that devastated Pearl Harbor.

more avoid destruction sentences
avoid difficulty1) This will avoid difficulties in engaging the partners and ensures commitment.

2) The flat panels avoid difficulties in shaping aluminum sheet into smooth compound curves.

more avoid difficulty sentences
avoid disagreement1) The important goal is not to avoid disagreements or differing views but to resolve them constructively.

2) To avoid disagreement, members of the KPJ agreed to solve problems on a conference, that was held in April 1922.

more avoid disagreement sentences
avoid disappointment1) We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

2) Limited spaces available so book soon to avoid disappointment.

more avoid disappointment sentences
avoid disaster1) Paige willingly followed his line to avoid disaster.

2) Skilful ideological navigation was necessary to avoid disaster.

more avoid disaster sentences
avoid discord1) He had little interest in naval or colonial entanglements and thus avoided discord with Great Britain.

2) The Mishnah explicitly states that the reason one observes the Minhagim of the place he visits is in order to avoid discord (see also the statement of Abaye on 51b).

more avoid discord sentences
avoid dispute1) Creating a partnership agreement with the contractor helps to avoid disputes.

2) To avoid disputes and delays, the division was done in secret.

more avoid dispute sentences
avoid disruption1) It is meant to avoid disruptions in the delivery of essential public services.

2) The provision of stepping-stones may avoid disruption of the hydrology.

more avoid disruption sentences
avoid distortion1) A neutral tax is a theoretical tax which avoids distortion and inefficiency completely.

2) The logical and scientific community also sharpens responses to assure accuracy and avoiding distortion.

more avoid distortion sentences
avoid distraction1) The agency also encourages residents to avoid distractions while cooking .

2) avoid distractions such as ice cream and pastries.

more avoid distraction sentences
avoid distress1) This helps farmers to avoid distress sales.

2) Four files containing post mortems, medical records and profiles on the victims remained sealed under the 100 year order to avoid distressing the relatives and survivors.

more avoid distress sentences
avoid draft1) avoid drafts around the ear when your kid has a cold.

2) An important change was raising them off the ground, to avoid drafts, dirt, and pests.

more avoid draft sentences
avoid duplication1) The rationale was to "avoid duplication of activities".

2) A method for inspection will avoid duplication or omission.

more avoid duplication sentences
avoid duty1) By producing locally, Majorette benefited by avoiding duties on imported French models.

2) According to the Senator, the" incentive of avoiding duties" would encourage the manufacture of products with higher environmental standards.

more avoid duty sentences
avoid embarrassment1) The companies seek to avoid embarrassment and bad public relations.

2) You may be tempted to remain silent to avoid embarrassment.

more avoid embarrassment sentences
avoid encounter1) Dingoes are normally shy of humans and avoid encounters with them.

2) I never retreated a step to avoid encounter with a single opponent.

more avoid encounter sentences
avoid entirely1) Worldliness is something we must avoid entirely.

2) More importantly, can it be avoided entirely?

more avoid entirely sentences
avoid error1) Economic efficiency depends heavily upon avoiding errors in capital investment.

2) A credit account avoids errors and saves time.

more avoid error sentences
avoid excess1) You can avoid excess by maintaining a dignified appearance.

2) So as believers, we should enjoy food and avoid excess.

more avoid excess sentences
avoid expense1) But all congregations can avoid expense and inconvenience of copyright clearance by recording music in the public domain.

2) To avoid expense, incoming trunks were divided into groups, some of them having tandem ability and some not.

more avoid expense sentences
avoid exposure1) Individuals with cardiovascular disease should exercise special caution to avoid exposure.

2) He learned to detect such situations and avoided exposure.

more avoid exposure sentences
avoid extradition1) Snowden Runs : Where Can Americans avoid Extradition?

2) In September, the extradition request was approved but Vučurević left Serbia and returned to Trebinje, avoiding extradition.

more avoid extradition sentences
avoid extreme1) avoid extreme temperatures and store in a cool dry place.

2) Mary, You should try to avoid extreme statements.

more avoid extreme sentences
avoid failure1) Here are three ways to avoid failure.

2) Best practices for avoiding failure on future projects.

more avoid failure sentences
avoid fat1) avoid fats and fat meat in summer and in all warm days. 20.

2) avoid fat and fried foods.

more avoid fat sentences
avoid fatigue1) Plan to limit your trip to a reasonable time to avoid fatigue.

2) To avoid fatigue, divers avoid donning the helmet until just prior to entering the water.

more avoid fatigue sentences
avoid fire1) avoid fire element and colours red, pink or purple.

2) However, concentrations of gas burn and require precautions to avoid fires.

more avoid fire sentences
avoid food1) avoid food within three hours of bedtime.

2) And avoid foods high in saturated fats and trans fats.

more avoid food sentences
avoid harm1) The main goal is to avoid harm to the patient.

2) How does Israel avoid harming innocent people in conflict?

more avoid harm sentences
avoid hazard1) Service animals are trained to recognize and avoid hazards.

2) Motorcyclists may need to suddenly change speed or adjust lane position to avoid hazards.

more avoid hazard sentences
avoid humiliation1) The Earl himself escaped in a fishing boat to avoid humiliation.

2) I am all about avoiding humiliation.

more avoid humiliation sentences
avoid incident1) Will it provide help in avoiding incidents in the future?

2) Chancellor Mitchell did not shake hands with the graduates or personally sign their diplomas, in an effort to avoid incidents.

more avoid incident sentences
avoid inconvenience1) Pre-payment of foreign Customs charges to avoid inconveniencing recipient.

2) This avoided inconveniencing the middle class clients, who might have created more opposition.

more avoid inconvenience sentences
avoid infection1) So prevention is the best way to avoid infection.

2) The show's doctors quickly treated his foot to avoid infection.

more avoid infection sentences
avoid influence1) They can even decide to leave the room during the vote to avoid influencing other directors when they make their decisions.

2) The trial took six weeks, during which time the jury was sequestered to avoid influence from information available outside the courtroom.

more avoid influence sentences
avoid interference1) These were remotely sited to avoid interference from the radars.

2) This requires that more space be given between adjacent strings to avoid interference.

more avoid interference sentences
avoid issue1) This may also help avoid issues of discrimination.

2) The writers insist upon a global perspective and do not avoid issues of class.

more avoid issue sentences
avoid jail1) Teresa may avoid jail and instead serve probation.

2) How can you help my child avoid jail?

more avoid jail sentences
avoid jargon1) avoid jargon and technical terms when possible.

2) Be clear - avoid jargon or overly technical language.

more avoid jargon sentences
avoid liability1) A clear regulation can help to avoid liability risks.

2) An exemption clause is used to avoid liability when things go wrong.

more avoid liability sentences
avoid litigation1) We actively encourage the settlement of claims to avoid litigation.

2) The course will also discuss contract drafting strategy so as to avoid litigation.

more avoid litigation sentences
avoid mention1) Well I can't unfortunately avoid mentioning Maastricht.

2) We, therefore, tried to avoid mentioning it.

more avoid mention sentences
avoid mishap1) Do everything you can to avoid mishaps by being adequately prepared but ask yourself again - does it really matter?

2) Any orientation restrictions must be specified in advance so that appropriate operating procedures can be defined to avoid mishaps (e.g. spilling of cryogens).

more avoid mishap sentences
avoid misunderstanding1) Useful for avoiding misunderstanding, particularly in partnerships.

2) It is important to avoid misunderstandings in this regard.

more avoid misunderstanding sentences
avoid need1) Indeed many database frameworks like to say how by using them you avoid needing to deal with SQL.

2) To avoid needing to use this ability anywhere near as much you need to have Mp5 to some degree.

more avoid need sentences
avoid obstacle1) He should collect coins and avoid obstacles.

2) We avoid obstacles for we fear failure.

more avoid obstacle sentences
avoid penalty1) File immediately to avoid penalties and fees!

2) Fully two-thirds are investigating ways to prevent infections and avoid penalties.

more avoid penalty sentences
avoid persecution1) It is not their objective to avoid persecution.

2) Many fled in order to avoid persecution from the ensuing National army.

more avoid persecution sentences
avoid pollution1) avoid pollution by working out early or indoors, if necessary.

2) And you avoid pollution of the SVN with wiki data.

more avoid pollution sentences
avoid prison1) Due to his heart condition he again avoided prison.

2) Despite her crimes, Sharon avoids prison.

more avoid prison sentences
avoid prosecution1) He was arrested, but avoided prosecution.

2) He avoided prosecution only because of legal technicalities.

more avoid prosecution sentences
avoid publicity1) Dacre has a reputation for avoiding publicity and rarely giving interviews.

2) During his time in office, Hayden avoided publicity and speech making.

more avoid publicity sentences
avoid punishment1) She can avoid punishment by appropriate actions.

2) Seldom did either break ground to avoid punishment.

more avoid punishment sentences
avoid question1) This lack of action helped avoid questions about the clip.

2) avoid questions This gets the interaction with over more quickly.

more avoid question sentences
avoid recession1) Labor spent billions of dollars on stimulus projects to avoid recession .

2) News that the economy had avoided recession also boosted the government.

more avoid recession sentences
avoid recognition1) Masks are sometimes used to avoid recognition.

2) Tensions were so great that 2nd Corps staff officers removed their insignia in order to avoid recognition.

more avoid recognition sentences
avoid recurrence1) It also will help in avoiding recurrence.

2) Life-long treatment is usually necessary to avoid recurrence.

more avoid recurrence sentences
avoid redundancy1) Be specific and informative, and avoid redundancies.

2) Data that is stored in separate tables to avoid redundancy is sometimes called normalized data.

more avoid redundancy sentences
avoid reference1) Position-independent code avoids references to absolute addresses and therefore does not require relocation.

2) avoiding references to ranges containing unused or blank cells on other worksheets.

more avoid reference sentences
avoid repetition1) avoid repetition and redundancy that subtly turns into badgering the reader.

2) The Hebraism is eliminated to avoid repetition for a better English structure.

more avoid repetition sentences
avoid responsibility1) Ego is desperate to deny and avoid responsibility.

2) avoiding responsibility is common among the human population.

more avoid responsibility sentences
avoid rush1) The drives were all conducted in daylight avoiding rush hours.

2) Find your inner calm, avoid rushing around. 3.

more avoid rush sentences
avoid scandal1) The duty to avoid scandal often commands strict discretion.

2) To avoid scandal, Derek capitulates, leading Ana to threaten legal action.

more avoid scandal sentences
avoid scrutiny1) Even public schools moved perpetrating teachers around to avoid scrutiny .

2) This avoids scrutiny by destroying any paper trail that links individual candidates with corporate donors.

more avoid scrutiny sentences
avoid sentimentality1) Private X writes with complete honesty and avoids sentimentality.

2) It is with this basic contradiction that Forester avoided sentimentality.

more avoid sentimentality sentences
avoid stagnation1) This is not an unattainable ideal, but a goal which you must pursue in order to avoid stagnation.

2) They, and only they, represent the propulsion force, the efficient action, capable of moving inertia and avoid stagnation.

more avoid stagnation sentences
avoid starvation1) On some occasions escapees surrendered to avoid starvation.

2) Many fled to neighbouring Hong Kong and Taiwan to avoid starvation.

more avoid starvation sentences
avoid stress1) avoid stress or learn to manage stress better 10 .

2) avoid stress 2-3 hours before your nap.

more avoid stress sentences
avoid subject1) avoid subjecting the person to a lot of activity and stimulation.

2) Oh, and add tights to avoid subjecting your bare ankles to that icy air.

more avoid subject sentences
avoid suspicion1) They decide to split up and take separate routes to avoid suspicion.

2) Wilson pretended to be deaf and dumb and in weak health to avoid suspicion.

more avoid suspicion sentences
avoid tax1) But to avoid tax is perfectly legal.

2) We assist clients in planning to avoid tax pitfalls.

more avoid tax sentences
avoid taxation1) What about people who live abroad to avoid taxation?

2) Companies that use tax havens to avoid taxation are household names.

more avoid taxation sentences
avoid temptation1) Be careful to avoid temptations to this sin.

2) avoid temptations that could result from hanging out at race tracks.

more avoid temptation sentences
avoid the appearance of1) avoid the appearance of prejudice or discrimination.

2) Blair may simply be avoiding the appearance of opposing all Muslims.

more avoid the appearance of sentences
avoid the risk1) To avoid the risk of forest fires.

2) Planting certified stock avoids the risk of introducing viruses.

more avoid the risk sentences
avoid traffic1) Elsewhere thousands of commuters avoided traffic chaos by staying at home.

2) avoid traffic, do come on week days.

more avoid traffic sentences
avoid tragedy1) It seems that would be a common sense solution to avoiding tragedies like this one .

2) When he really is, he decides not to see Xiao Qian again to avoid tragedies.

more avoid tragedy sentences
avoid trap1) Care is taken during the filling stage to avoid trapping bubbles in the cell.

2) These tactics would almost exclusively be used to avoid trap detection at the border .

more avoid trap sentences
avoid trouble1) The topic is about avoiding trouble and preventing problems.

2) To avoid trouble she dropped the case.

more avoid trouble sentences
avoid violation1) Fair Use limitations are specific and teachers must follow them to avoid violation of copyright laws.

2) ATF's focus is to help licensees avoid violations of the law and its implementing regulations.

more avoid violation sentences
avoid wastage1) Storage capacity needs to increase 40 per cent to avoid wastage.

2) This makes it more flexible, and avoids wastage.

more avoid wastage sentences
avoid waste1) Ask many questions to avoid wasted trips to unsuitable horses.

2) How to ensure efficiency and avoid waste?

more avoid waste sentences
avoid1) avoid heavy steam shower much more twenty minutes.

2) avoid skin boil suite possibly opening wounds.

more avoid sentences
be able to avoid1) Such firms were able to avoid tax and welfare responsibility.

2) Despite being under surveillance, he was able to avoid arrest.

more be able to avoid sentences
be anxious to avoid1) And residents are anxious to avoid a repeat .

2) I was anxious to avoid too lengthy a conversation with Roger.

more be anxious to avoid sentences
be careful to avoid1) be careful to avoid using too many incentives.

2) be careful to avoid putting limitations on yourself.

more be careful to avoid sentences
be difficult to avoid1) It was difficult to avoid sounding pleased.

2) It has not been difficult to avoid the game industry.

more be difficult to avoid sentences
be impossible to avoid1) It is impossible to avoid the house dust mite.

2) Surely it is impossible to avoid passing some judgement on ourselves.

more be impossible to avoid sentences
be possible to avoid1) However it is possible to avoid the dirty part.

2) It may be possible to avoid surgery by preventing bunion growth from worsening.

more be possible to avoid sentences
brake to avoid1) Keep your foot off the brake to avoid flashing your brake lights.

2) The magazine suggested he was braking to avoid the crowd further down the road.

more brake to avoid sentences
deftly avoid1) He deftly avoids the unhealthy extremes so prevalent in contemporary society.

2) He crashes into the store, deftly avoiding some explosive devices.

more deftly avoid sentences
duck to avoid1) Immediately duck to avoid laser fire from the right.

2) There are rooms where you feel you should duck to avoid the sudden dip in the ceiling.

more duck to avoid sentences
easily avoid1) You can sometimes easily avoid being tackled.

2) But such books can be easily avoided.

more easily avoid sentences
generally avoid1) The couple generally avoid discussing their relationship.

2) Restaurants generally avoid big price hikes that decrease their sales.

more generally avoid sentences
help avoid1) Our proactive approach helps avoid such risks.

2) A collective doubt helps avoid such mistakes.

more help avoid sentences
largely avoid1) Whitman largely avoids rhyme schemes and other traditional poetic devices.

2) Well, it has largely avoided the issue.

more largely avoid sentences
manage to avoid1) Such organizations manage to avoid democratic scrutiny almost entirely.

2) The cathedral's great bells managed to avoid being melted down.

more manage to avoid sentences
pointedly avoid1) pointedly avoiding Helena Russell, it leaves to personally oversee the project.

2) Cooper's heuristic approach "pointedly avoids the routine deductive apparati of logic, clues or muscle".

more pointedly avoid sentences
slow down to avoid1) They asked Hall to slow down to avoid detection.

2) They would undoubtedly have been quicker but the changeover from Anyika Onoura to Montell was not the best with Montell having to slow down to avoid going out of the takeover box.

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slow to avoid1) Huff moved into fourth ahead of Muller who had to slow to avoid the spinning MacDowall.

2) Amon had to slow to avoid risking a major accident, thereby allowing other drivers to catch and overtake him.

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successfully avoid1) Britain had successfully avoided a potential diplomatic embarrassment.

2) How did I successfully avoid a physical exam for seven years?

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swerve to avoid1) He had had to swerve to avoid them.

2) I swerved to avoid him and hit his silly little car.

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take care to avoid1) Missouri politicians who opposed slavery took care to avoid political repercussions.

2) We take care to avoid this by designing appropriate software.

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try to avoid1) Physics instructors typically try to avoid confusing students.

2) try to avoid using personal recording devices.

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want to avoid1) Clients often want to avoid money questions.

2) You want to avoid duplicate control logic.

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wish to avoid1) This is something we might wish to avoid!

2) This is something we generally wish to avoid.

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