Expressions - Collocations of the word " awareness "

" awareness "Collocations - Expressions
awaken awareness1) This commentary is intended to awaken awareness .

2) The Arab oil embargo awakened conservation awareness and launched interest in energy conservation despite cheap energy prices.

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AIDS awareness1) This series raises money to increase AIDS awareness.

2) Kwan has been involved in philanthropy for AIDS awareness.

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brand awareness1) This is where true brand awareness and loyalty begin.

2) brand awareness is created and maintained through consistency.

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breast awareness1) The pink ribbon is the international symbol of breast cancer awareness.

2) ABC News is going pink for breast cancer awareness.

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bring awareness1) They are bringing awareness to a younger crowd using athletic events .

2) Guided imagery helps bring awareness, change and growth.

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awareness campaign1) The skin cancer awareness campaigns have been relatively successful.

2) The group will organize an awareness campaign and promote environmental workshops.

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cancer awareness1) A lavender ribbon symbolizes general cancer awareness.

2) There are many sources for cancer awareness in general.

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conscious awareness1) Many cognitive processes are carried through without conscious awareness.

2) Consciousness has slowly evolved to conscious self awareness.

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awareness course1) The first book is a language awareness course .

2) An example of this came during the disability awareness course .

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create awareness1) Brand awareness is created and maintained through consistency.

2) The kitchen garden activity is creating educational awareness among us .

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cultivate awareness1) This method is a short cut for cultivating awareness.

2) Begin to cultivate present moment awareness as your heartaches arise.

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deepen awareness1) Aim and purpose Gain deepened awareness and understanding on domestic violence.

2) deepen awareness and promote the defense of human rights in El Salvador.

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develop awareness1) Take action to develop disability awareness among key employees.

2) developing commercial awareness and broader functional experience.

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awareness drive1) Similar awareness drives were held in Delhi and Mumbai recently .

2) It also organizes awareness drives about the needs of the special needs children.

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awareness education1) Through public awareness, education, and community involvement.

2) North Star provides awareness, education and healthcare to truck drivers.

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enhance awareness1) They enhance situational awareness and improve force protection.

2) The new system will enhance situational awareness.

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environmental awareness1) Another important skill is environmental print awareness.

2) Buddhists today are involved in spreading environmental awareness.

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foster awareness1) This awareness is fostered by the resort staff and guides.

2) Its purpose is to foster awareness of political issues on campus.

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generate awareness1) Social media also is a great tool in generating awareness.

2) This will further help in generating company awareness among the populace .

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grow awareness1) There is a growing awareness of this issue.

2) However, growing environmental awareness also poses challenges for conservation bodies.

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heightened awareness1) The heightened awareness on learning routines echoes through conversations between the children.

2) He ran slower, but with a heightened awareness.

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heighten awareness1) Political awareness was further heightened by the press.

2) It attempts to heighten local awareness of cultural heritage.

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improve awareness1) They also teach language concepts and improve phonological awareness.

2) improve local awareness and promote riverbank protection.

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increase awareness1) The treatment process increases awareness, control, and positive choices.

2) Bettelheim helped increase awareness of staff attitudes on children in treatment.

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awareness initiative1) Diversity awareness initiative puts ownership for progress in middle-management hands.

2) Along with deterrence, the report suggests public awareness initiatives must be launched.

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keen awareness1) A keener awareness of design to cost requirements is needed.

2) Throughout the story I felt the keen awareness and grief over evil.

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awareness knowledge1) I began to sense awareness, knowledge .

2) Create awareness, increase road knowledge and have a campaign on Road Courtesy.

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awareness month1) Breast cancer awareness month is right around the corner.

2) The event was in observation of child abuse awareness month .

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phonemic awareness1) Another concern is the emphasis on spelling rather than phonemic awareness .

2) Children develop syllabic segmentation awareness earlier than phonemic segmentation awareness.

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phonological awareness1) The relation between phonological awareness and early reading is summarized.

2) They also teach language concepts and improve phonological awareness.

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awareness programme1) Community participation and public awareness programmes for lake conservation.

2) Turtle awareness programme started from May 21.

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awareness program1) These include smoking cessation and obesity awareness programs .

2) The organisation conducts environment awareness programs among the general public.

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promote awareness1) We also highlight certain information to promote awareness.

2) It also promoted public awareness of looted cultural works.

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public awareness1) public awareness of these dangers has increased.

2) They are more concerned with public panic than providing public awareness.

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raise awareness1) She is raising awareness and promoting peace through educating others.

2) These external events are used to raise career awareness.

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awareness raising1) It is a process of awareness raising .

2) A lot of valuable learning and awareness raising took place.

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self awareness1) Consciousness has slowly evolved to conscious self awareness.

2) They have greater self awareness and focus.

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awareness session1) These included an alcohol awareness session and a business strategy update.

2) Further training and awareness session will be scheduled for all teaching staff.

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situational awareness1) Several behaviours are implicated in establishing situational awareness.

2) They enhance situational awareness and improve force protection.

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situation awareness1) Measuring situation awareness through automated communication analysis.

2) situation awareness is adaptive, externally directed consciousness.

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awareness skill1) Excellent business awareness skills : Ability to understand implications of business decision.

2) Shooting drill practice is an excellent way to broaden dexterity and awareness skills .

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spread awareness1) Buddhists today are involved in spreading environmental awareness.

2) A collection of services spreading global awareness.

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awareness training1) It also holds workshops on media awareness training .

2) This included awareness training, financial support and aftercare.

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awareness understanding1) Now all of that is perceived with more awareness, understanding and deeper analysis.

2) These depictions may lead to increased public awareness, understanding, and sympathy for such disorders.

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awareness week1) Food allergy awareness week is also in May .

2) awareness week therefore provides an opportunity to amplify and reinforce good healthy lifestyle advice.

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acute awareness1) That acute awareness is a condition of sattwa, through the subduing of rajas.

2) He had a first-hand and acute awareness of panic, terror, fear and hysteria.

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awareness among1) Take action to develop disability awareness among key employees.

2) The kitchen garden activity is creating educational awareness among us .

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awareness increase1) The gap in phonological awareness increases by grade level.

2) For this reason relationships often change when spiritual awareness increases.

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awareness of mortality1) It has also been asserted that Mahler found in these poems an echo of his own increasing awareness of mortality.

2) Without necessarily making us dwell masochistically on the stuff we get wrong, awareness of mortality usually puts an added premium on observing how we live.

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awareness of self1) Consciousness is awareness of self and environment.

2) It is said to direct our awareness of self within the world.

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awareness of1) Worldwide awareness of environmental issues has never been more acute.

2) Monitoring reports confirmed increased awareness of trafficking issues.

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awareness1) Many cognitive processes are carried through without conscious awareness.

2) The "lottery" viewpoint is appearing within present awareness.

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build awareness1) Their creative contributions educate audiences, build awareness and increase acceptance.

2) This organization helps build awareness about the link between nutrition and learning.

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consumer awareness1) Lack of information dissemination and consumer awareness.

2) Nelson says consumer awareness is good for business.

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cultural awareness1) Progress in cultural awareness and linguistic achievement is assessed.

2) Go promotes patience, respect and cultural awareness.

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dawning awareness1) The music manifests a dawning awareness.

2) The client probably doesn't have true presence of mind so much as dawning awareness.

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deep awareness1) Those citizens have demonstrated deep awareness.

2) Instead, there can be deep awareness of the importance of dreams and reaching for fulfillment.

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dim awareness1) Speaking of dim awareness, here's another thing that had mercifully escaped my attention until now.

2) Unfortunately, the English tendency is still towards headmaster type coaches who show only a dim awareness of what creates team spirit.

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direct awareness1) This is the existential experience of the direct awareness of pure self-consciousness.

2) Here, insulated by repression from direct awareness, mental representations can live on unsuspected and unknown.

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ecological awareness1) They consider ecological awareness and activism to be sacred duties.

2) This program was fundamental in raising ecological awareness in Puerto Rico.

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emotional awareness1) This is where emotional awareness comes in.

2) The following quiz helps you assess your level of emotional awareness.

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encourage awareness1) Even the two types of exterior siding encourage awareness of the outdoors.

2) Many card games encourage awareness of mathematics and of the psychology of opponents.

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full awareness1) Made full awareness of her fill his every pore?

2) full awareness and memory returned in a blinding flash.

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gender awareness1) Describe the developmental progression of gender awareness in young children.

2) It has provided formal programmes for judicial officers about aboriginal cultural awareness and gender awareness.

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general awareness1) general awareness of good behavior is important.

2) Raising general awareness about the scale of the big fish problem.

more general awareness sentences
greater awareness1) Neither extreme really suits today's greater awareness of healthy living.

2) There is a greater awareness among people in authority.

more greater awareness sentences
growing awareness1) There is a growing awareness of this issue.

2) Show a growing awareness of word families and their relationship.

more growing awareness sentences
have awareness1) We help give clients the ability to have awareness without judgment.

2) For those who have Awareness, a hint is quite enough.

more have awareness sentences
increased awareness1) Monitoring reports confirmed increased awareness of trafficking issues.

2) Male breast carcinoma: increased awareness needed.

more increased awareness sentences
increasing awareness1) There is an increasing awareness of the hazards of synthetic chemicals.

2) The basic mechanism driving social change is increasing awareness leading to better organization.

more increasing awareness sentences
intense awareness1) They show an intense awareness of a fast disappearing way of life.

2) Rather it emphasizes upon intense awareness of all those objects, feelings, light and sound surrounding the practitioner.

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intuitive awareness1) Look at mjk's comment below u0026 you might see this right-brain intuitive awareness, which you may not have experienced?

2) Aaron and Sue Singletons' The Energy of Life Workshops teach people this level of intuitive awareness and action, which empower them to come into their own best intuitive and spiritual gifts.

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lack of awareness1) Their grossly incompetent actions reveal a stunning lack of awareness.

2) lack of awareness is partly to blame .

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moral awareness1) The phenomenal world as such, arises from self-consciousness; the activity of the ego; and moral awareness.

2) This I feel must be the core of moral awareness, and the fruits of our own search for self-knowledge.

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political awareness1) His political awareness is proved once again.

2) political awareness was further heightened by the press.

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product awareness1) With TV, advertisers can raise product awareness and create product interest.

2) You can even play recordings related to your product to boost product awareness .

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racial awareness1) This remark highlights the need for sensitivity training of all managers on cultural and racial awareness.

2) This must be the happiest day in Brendan O'Kane's life . Read about how he causes car accidents, creates racial awareness among mynah birds and gets mistaken for a Uygur.

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sensory awareness1) Tight muscles lead to less sensory awareness.

2) They possessed sensory awareness unbound by physical organs, and they possessed language.

more sensory awareness sentences
social awareness1) Students must gain more political insight and more social awareness .

2) There is a change in social awareness.

more social awareness sentences
spatial awareness1) There are ways to train your spatial awareness.

2) A simple puzzle, the final game, encourages spatial awareness.

more spatial awareness sentences
spiritual awareness1) How about spiritual awareness through sleep hypnosis?

2) For this reason relationships often change when spiritual awareness increases.

more spiritual awareness sentences
strong awareness1) These both indicate a strong awareness of man's differentness from nature.

2) Developing a strong awareness of the beat was a key element of his teaching philosophy.

more strong awareness sentences
sudden awareness1) Every sense, every nerve-ending in her body was tingling with sudden awareness.

2) In other instances, solutions may be found through insight, a sudden awareness of relationships.

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