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" await "Collocations - Expressions
adventure await1) A fun and relaxing adventure awaits the entire family.

2) Your adventure awaits in this challenging Puzzle game!

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all await1) Just shows you are all awaiting the arrival of the little boy bean.

2) They all await you at the Kalamazoo Nature Center !

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anxiously await1) I am anxiously awaiting the next book.

2) Her family is anxiously awaiting her arrival.

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await approval1) A further 354 names are still awaiting approval .

2) While awaiting official approval, Dutch planning went ahead.

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await arrival1) The peasant rebels nervously await the soldiers' arrival .

2) He awaited the arrival of his recruits.

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challenge await1) Your final challenge awaits..." Paul stands ready.

2) What looked like an even more daunting challenge awaited.

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await completion1) He also has a solo album awaiting completion .

2) It would only be indeterminate, awaiting completion .

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await confirmation1) As many as a dozen additional cases await confirmation .

2) The family said they were awaiting confirmation of the reports.

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currently await1) Vaccine candidates are currently awaiting clinical trials.

2) He is currently awaiting trail on arson charges.

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custody await1) Lucia attempted suicide while in immigration enforcement custody awaiting deportation.

2) He is in custody awaiting sentencing.

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eagerly await1) I eagerly await more clips from different angles.

2) Both collaborations were eagerly awaited and critically acclaimed.

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await execution1) Those awaiting execution will spend their last days almost entirely alone.

2) North Carolina's death row houses 152 inmates awaiting execution .

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await extradition1) He was convicted in Scotland and is awaiting extradition to Italy.

2) The remaining two Scientologists were in England, awaiting extradition .

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fan await1) fans anxiously awaited an explanation to the end of season two.

2) fans await the May film release that re-launches the 60-year-old franchise.

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fate await1) The same fate awaited nurses who tried to treat patients properly.

2) Does the same fate await my web work?

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future await1) A doubtful future awaits such failed disciples.

2) Here a future awaits–– Bottom feeders.

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impatiently await1) Having declared Richard dead, John impatiently awaits his coronation.

2) Aminah was already pregnant and impatiently awaited the return of her husband.

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investor await1) And customers and investors are anxiously awaiting the next big thing .

2) investors were awaiting the decision on policy rates later in the day .

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jail await1) McKay is also currently in jail awaiting sentencing.

2) Slocum spent 42 days in jail awaiting trial.

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just await1) One's destiny awaits just over the crest of the horizon.

2) He knew that he was just awaiting Stok's signal.

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keenly await1) More discs from this source are keenly awaited.

2) I keenly await the descent into name calling and mud sling that this subject creates .

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long await1) The long awaited day is finally here!

2) Back to writing that long awaited book!

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much await1) The much awaited Kim Kardashian family Christmas card is out.

2) Sony Xperia Z is much awaited smartphone from sony .

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now await1) I am now awaiting results to further tests.

2) The case now awaits for a decision.

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only await1) And military commanders await only the green light to launch attacks .

2) We only await certain conditions and the green light from Heaven.

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opportunity await1) You just never know what opportunity is awaiting behind every door.

2) What a learning experience and professional opportunity awaited my effort.

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await outcome1) The market is still awaiting the outcome .

2) We await the outcome of that process.

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patiently await1) I watched the gorgeous trailer and patiently awaited more information .

2) We congratulate him and patiently await his return!

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prisoner await1) The lyrics detail the thoughts of a condemned prisoner awaiting execution.

2) This condition occurs in Ganser syndrome and has been observed in prisoners awaiting trial.

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prison await1) Nevertheless, the accused spent five months in prison awaiting trial.

2) It was unable to interview persons in prison awaiting trial or convicted.

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await reinforcement1) There they intended to await reinforcements from China.

2) There they awaited reinforcements sufficient to defeat the Spanish.

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await release1) They have recently recorded a third album which awaits release .

2) Akerman has several other films awaiting release .

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await rescue1) There they dug in and awaited rescue .

2) She remained inside the classroom with her students, awaiting rescue .

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await restoration1) Forty years later, there are still works awaiting restoration .

2) Even so, the city has many historic structures awaiting restoration .

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await return1) We now await the return of the prize draw tickets.

2) Li Ying was to await the couple's return .

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reward await1) To those who attain the heavenly calling and overcome all things a great reward awaits.

2) Those who are selected for termination believe there is a reward awaiting them at the other side.

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await sentencing1) McKay is also currently in jail awaiting sentencing .

2) He is not allowed to consume liquor while he awaits sentencing .

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still await1) This technical cooperation is still awaiting implementation.

2) Such usage is still awaiting clinical testing.

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storage await1) It was repurchased by the Butchart family and is presently in storage awaiting refurbishment.

2) The remains of several other coaches and Goods Van 4 are in storage awaiting reconstruction.

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surprise await1) Yes folks, another surprise is awaiting.

2) Many disappointments and unpleasant surprises await us.

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then await1) Kurdish forces then awaited further orders before moving towards the areas controlled by ISIS.

2) All he got was advice to plead guilty to the charges and then await a quiet release.

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there await1) They have been held there awaiting trial for 3-6 months.

2) It is there await apply in.

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await transplant1) He was awaiting a lung transplant when he died.

2) More than 46,000 people await a kidney transplant .

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await trial1) Vaccine candidates are currently awaiting clinical trials .

2) He was detained for almost nine months while awaiting trial .

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welcome await1) A warm and friendly welcome awaits you.

2) A warm welcome awaits visitors old and new.

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await a chance1) To lay for (someone) "await a chance at revenge" is from 1494; lay low "stay inconspicuous" is from 1839.

2) They say they have moved into abandoned schoolhouses, disused bakeries and demolished buildings in towns and villages across the south amid near-constant air raids as they await a chance to leave.

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await a decision1) Q. Should I continue filing claims while awaiting a decision?

2) You will then submit the completed forms and await a decision.

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await a reply1) Accordingly I await a reply to this suggestion.

2) She tells him that "he" awaits a reply.

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await a response1) CNN has attempted to contact Campbell but is awaiting a response .

2) Otherwise, this will delay your order awaiting a response.

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await a verdict1) Note that you should not do this if you are still awaiting a verdict.

2) Argyle are awaiting a verdict on whether Marcel Seip can return to training later this week.

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await an answer1) Never leave someone hanging awaiting an answer.

2) It seems like there is some question that awaits an answer.

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await answer1) This configuration was the long awaited answer to the problems presented by primary-secondary pumping.

2) While we await answer, we must avoid any escalation of the hostilities between us.

more await answer sentences
await clearance1) Both switched over to London Radar to await clearance to climb.

2) The deal is awaiting clearance from the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs .

more await clearance sentences
await collection1) In the background, a railway wagon awaits collection.

2) Much of it was junk and trash, awaiting collection by war.

more await collection sentences
await decision1) Consideration of these issues should await decision of the Rule 23(f) appeal.

2) A small number of buildings are still awaiting demolition, undergoing demolition or awaiting decisions regarding their future.

more await decision sentences
await delivery1) I'm awaiting delivery of a new footboard (another 5 wks).

2) All customers awaiting deliveries were informed that those deliveries would be sent out the next day.

more await delivery sentences
await deportation1) Lucia attempted suicide while in immigration enforcement custody awaiting deportation.

2) ABC reports that there are 300,000 unaccompanied children in the U.S. awaiting deportation hearings.

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await discovery1) Hidden gems awaiting discovery through mild cropping.

2) May there be many unexpected treasures awaiting discovery.

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await evacuation1) Approximately 1000 people are awaiting evacuation at Harsil .

2) Thousands of Hmong clustered around the airstrip at Long Tieng awaiting evacuation and the situation became increasingly ugly.

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await instruction1) In July he was at Cologne awaiting instructions.

2) The two fighters then stand at attention awaiting instructions to begin.

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await news1) Chávez's suite,"" awaiting news.

2) Syrian television shut down while awaiting news of Assad's fate.

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await order1) We are requesting help and awaiting orders".

2) They told him they were still awaiting orders.

more await order sentences
await orders1) We are requesting help and awaiting orders".

2) They told him they were still awaiting orders.

more await orders sentences
await permission1) We were still awaiting permission to start working.

2) Meaning: Stop here to await permission to proceed.

more await permission sentences
await publication1) Thousands of papyri and ostraca still await publication.

2) Long-term decisions would need to await publication of the more detailed findings in the summer.

more await publication sentences
await repatriation1) Later, they were transferred to Normandy to await repatriation.

2) There are about 1,200 genuine volunteers in the Hong Kong camps awaiting repatriation.

more await repatriation sentences
await reply1) This is our challenge, and we await replies!

2) ART film: still awaiting reply from British Airways.

more await reply sentences
await resolution1) The remains now lie in a federal repository awaiting resolution.

2) This somewhat unsatisfactory state of affairs awaits resolution with DNA based methods.

more await resolution sentences
await response1) Here is the Energy Caucus letter which awaits response.

2) And ZDNet is awaiting responses from other Android developers.

more await response sentences
await result1) Jen awaits results from a fertility specialist.

2) I am now awaiting results to further tests.

more await result sentences
await sentence1) He was sent to jail to await sentence.

2) No wonder Matthew had been like a man awaiting sentence.

more await sentence sentences
await shipment1) Left: A group of finished guitars awaits shipment.

2) Thousands of troops camped in tent cities while awaiting shipment to the Philippines.

more await shipment sentences
await surgery1) That afternoon I lay in a hospital bed awaiting surgery.

2) The other two patients are awaiting surgery seven and 12 months after endoprosthesis insertion.

more await surgery sentences
await the arrival of1) He awaited the arrival of his recruits.

2) He was awaiting the arrival of political leadership from Peshawar.

more await the arrival of sentences
await the birth of1) the oppressed Hindus now anxiously awaited the birth of their deliverer.

2) Later, Marshall, Lily, and Ted await the birth of Barney's child.

more await the birth of sentences
await the birth1) the oppressed Hindus now anxiously awaited the birth of their deliverer.

2) Later, Marshall, Lily, and Ted await the birth of Barney's child.

more await the birth sentences
await the outcome1) the market is still awaiting the outcome.

2) We await the outcome of that process.

more await the outcome sentences
await the return of1) We now await the return of the prize draw tickets.

2) the office staff are anxiously awaiting the return of the fish soon!

more await the return of sentences
await with interest1) That is no doubt awaited with interest.

2) The final decision of the Supreme Court is awaited with interest.

more await with interest sentences
await1) A doubtful future awaits such failed disciples.

2) Vaccine candidates are currently awaiting clinical trials.

more await sentences
awaiting1) Vaccine candidates are currently awaiting clinical trials.

2) This technical cooperation is still awaiting implementation.

more awaiting sentences
breathlessly await1) Labor breathlessly awaits next week's Nielsen poll.

2) The PGA left Orlando, with the golf world breathlessly awaiting the next news out of Camp Tiger.

more breathlessly await sentences
danger await1) Serious dangers awaited the missionaries who dared to enter Korea.

2) Yet once the pair reaches the court of the Chinese emperor, even more shocking discoveries and darker dangers await.

more danger await sentences
destiny await1) One's destiny awaits just over the crest of the horizon.

2) It said to me that I ought not kill unless my destiny await me - my father and my mother would I kill with a single blow . And in no way would I escape from that fate.

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nervously await1) The peasant rebels nervously await the soldiers' arrival.

2) nervously awaiting what's next, Syd is securely bound in the Electric Chair.

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pitfall await1) The circuit is quite simple but many pitfalls await the novice.

2) If all is running smoothly at this point you have two further pitfalls awaiting you.

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