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avert bankruptcy1) New York City barely averted bankruptcy in 1975.

2) The three automakers have asked Congress for loans to help them avert bankruptcy .

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avert catastrophe1) Thus, a terrible catastrophe was averted.

2) It is the last chance to avert a catastrophe .

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avert cliff1) Where is the room for real bipartisanship to avert this fiscal cliff ?

2) In addition, the GOP House has already passed legislation to avert the fiscal cliff .

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avert collapse1) With solid leadership once more, the Khaganate averted collapse .

2) INT: What should we do to avert this economic collapse ?

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avert confrontation1) To avert nuclear confrontation is, however, clearly the most urgent issue.

2) The United States said diplomacy must succeed to avert a confrontation with the Islamic Republic.

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avert crisis1) The world at large mistakenly believes the crisis is averted.

2) The branch remained open and the crisis was averted.

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avert danger1) How do you avert this imminent danger .

2) May all dangers be averted and all disease be gone.

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avert destruction1) Rather, G-D manages people and history in many ways to avert destruction .

2) She calls the chief minister, who promptly averts the destruction of the cowshed.

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avert disaster1) How closely disaster was averted is again debatable.

2) Fortunately the cat is found and disaster is averted.

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avert illness1) The average costs per averted illness is the cost-effectiveness of each option relative to the baseline.

2) The food safety benefits reported in the table are the values of averted illnesses from increased food safety.

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narrowly avert1) Arguments developed easily and fist fights were narrowly averted.

2) The police were called: arrest narrowly averted.

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only avert1) Civil war was only averted by negotiation, or rather by Edward's virtual surrender.

2) Dacre's appearance in the High Court was only averted by a few days.

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avert shutdown1) averting a shutdown is supposed to be easy .

2) Fixbits : The House passed the CR bill to avert a government shutdown .

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avert strike1) Later that same year, another strike was narrowly averted.

2) After Bottomley's intervention the strike was averted.

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avert threat1) But even if these threats are averted, eventually Earth is to become uninhabitable.

2) On Aug. 4, UN team members intervened to avert a threat of violent conflict in Ciskei.

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thus avert1) However, Luna apologized to Rizal, thus averting a duel between the compatriots.

2) Towers personally led the vigorous and successful effort to suppress the flames kindled by the explosion and thus averted a catastrophe.

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avert tragedy1) The place to avert tragedy is in Ukraine.

2) Could she have averted the tragedy ?

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avert war1) Every possible effort should be made to avert war .

2) Civil war was averted, and the referendum was held.

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an attempt to avert1) In an attempt to avert his conviction, Schultz asked the Commission for permission to kill Dewey, which they refused.

2) The London Naval Conference of 1930 was an attempt to avert a renewal of the naval arms race in the midst of a global economic slump and the rise of challengers to the existing international order.

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an effort to avert1) In an effort to avert suicidal thoughts, he sought help at a sanatorium in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

2) Police have been serving injunctions on New Age travellers in an effort to avert a mass gathering this Bank Holiday.

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avert a crisis1) Will we avert a crisis of food supply shortage?

2) California just barely averted a crisis.

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avert a strike1) Negotiations with the outside workers went to the deadline and a deal was made averting a strike or lockout.

2) But the Wagner bill, which might have averted a strike by establishing stronger protections for workers, had little chance of passing.

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avert a threat1) On Aug. 4, UN team members intervened to avert a threat of violent conflict in Ciskei.

2) There is no harm in a person using his power to consent in order to avert a threat or to extricate himself or others from a dire situation.

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avert conflict1) But such organizations have had only limited success in restraining national ambitions and averting conflicts between states.

2) However, you should not join the myth-makers who simplistically assert that earlier outside resolve might have averted conflict.

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avert eye1) Or is he or she averting eyes ?

2) avert eyes while replacing battery.

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avert my gaze1) I averted my gaze and felt uncomfortable.

2) Although I wanted cognitive space for my own pursuits, averting my gaze was not to bury my head.

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avert your eyes1) Instead avert your eyes down and away .

2) If you are hungry, be sure to avert your eyes.

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avert1) How closely disaster was averted is again debatable.

2) Apocalypse has been entirely averted thus far .

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be able to avert1) The Doctor is able to avert this, but incurs fatal injuries.

2) Then no man, however wise, will be able to avert the consequences that must ensue.

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fail to avert1) Globocrats failed to avert the crisis, but they rallied once it struck.

2) When that remedy failed to avert a four-game losing streak, Knox gave Krieg another chance.

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manage to avert1) Animal Man manages to avert the crisis.

2) He manages to avert the disaster and Eli is arrested.

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quickly avert1) He quickly averts his gaze and pulls the door shut.

2) We both go, "hey" and quickly avert our gaze.

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try to avert1) General principles have been included to try to avert intolerant regimes being created.

2) KC will send out Ervin Santana to try to avert that.

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