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attachment aversion1) I would guess this is due a great deal to having let go of attachment and aversion.

2) Our attachments and aversions are nothing more than thoughts with a "me" attached to them.

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attraction aversion1) It is a very simple experiment that demonstrates the way in which attractions and aversions are born.

2) The mind can concentrate for short periods of time, and is then distracted into some attraction or aversion.

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aversion delusion1) The unwholesome roots are the three defilements we already mentioned -- greed, aversion, and delusion .

2) Can you detect any overt passion, aversion, or delusion in what this person says or does?

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desire aversion1) Therefore, desire and aversion are not involved.

2) desire and aversion create the opposites.

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develop aversion1) develop an aversion for always doing the same thing.

2) He also develops an aversion towards lights and daytime.

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have aversion1) He has a slight aversion to loud noises.

2) Nietzsche had a clear aversion to socialism.

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loss aversion1) loss aversion may also explain sunk cost effects.

2) loss aversion and the endowment effect are often confused.

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natural aversion1) Many ants have a natural aversion to cucumber.

2) Much of the population loses its natural aversion to violence.

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risk aversion1) Expected monetary values may not accurately reflect risk aversion.

2) Duty of care does not justify wholesale risk aversion.

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strong aversion1) There is also a very strong aversion to injustice.

2) To children Margery had a strong aversion.

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aversion therapy1) You beat the aversion therapy, then?

2) Effeminate boys were forced to undergo aversion therapy .

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aversion to1) He has a slight aversion to loud noises.

2) Nietzsche had a clear aversion to socialism.

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aversion1) Doing kindness along a straight path without selfish aversion.

2) Expected monetary values may not accurately reflect risk aversion.

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pathological aversion1) Tapley's version of 'hydrophobia', i.e. a pathological aversion to water.

2) And Bertie's almost pathological aversion to marriage while seeming to surround himself with marriageable young women.

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