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Academy Award1) The film received twelve Academy Award nominations.

2) His last competitive Academy Award was posthumous.

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accept award1) Ivany also attends galas to accept awards on behalf of the University.

2) Glenfiddich make a stronger, cheaper drink yet Roger still accepts awards from them.

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announce award1) A1: Orders are not published to announce award of the AFRM.

2) Back in the fall of 2006, GIPEC announced awarding leases to its first two tenants.

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annual award1) annual awards are $4000 for qualifying students.

2) The minimum annual award is $1,000.

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annually award1) It annually awards scholarships to criminal justice majors nationwide.

2) It annually awards the best practices which has received widespread media attention.

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automatically award1) A winning hand is automatically awarded 20 "fu".

2) It is the main accreditation level, automatically awarded to public universities.

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award a bonus1) The pair bidding and making the game is awarded a bonus.

2) Furthermore, Japanese players were awarded a bonus for pre-ordering the game online.

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award a certificate1) These were "graduated," and were awarded a certificate of completion.

2) The team members were awarded a certificate and the school received a plaque.

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award a contract1) Any party to whom a recipient awards a contract.

2) The county hopes to award a contract in January.

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award a degree1) In consequence, he was awarded a degree.

2) It is not restricted to awarding a degree.

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award a doctorate1) Postgraduate education is additional training after being awarded a doctorate degree.

2) He was awarded a doctorate in mathematics in 1902.

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award a fellowship1) In 2011 he was awarded a fellowship of the IEEE.

2) Undergraduates apply to become angels after graduating or being awarded a fellowship.

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award a grant1) He was awarded a grant to study in Italy.

2) Not all agencies notify applicants who were not awarded a grant.

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award a licence1) CfBT has recently been awarded a licence by the UK government to Inspect British Schools Overseas (IBSO).

2) Controversially Widnes, Leigh, Halifax, Toulouse and Featherstone Rovers were the clubs who were not awarded a licence.

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award a medal1) He was awarded a medal of honor with his name inscribed.

2) He was awarded a medal bar to his DFC.

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award a patent1) They were awarded a patent for it in 1985.

2) Apple was awarded a patent in February for a similar concept.

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award a penalty1) Five minutes later, Liverpool were awarded a penalty.

2) For more serious misdemeanors the referee awards a penalty.

more award a penalty sentences
award a scholarship1) There he was awarded a scholarship in playwriting.

2) Yordanov was awarded a scholarship to study abroad for his construction.

more award a scholarship sentences
award a star1) September, 2012: Emily Rose has been awarded a star fellowship from the EPA!

2) He was awarded a star on Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame in November 2008.

more award a star sentences
award a 1) Both award a title of "Mgr.

2) When the player has completed the game, each character will be awarded a title during the epilogue.

more award a title sentences
award a total1) The plaintiffs were awarded a total of $141 million.

2) The jury found Attorney negligent, and awarded a total of $473,000.

more award a total sentences
award a trophy1) The house with the highest overall score is awarded a trophy.

2) He was awarded a trophy provided by Secretary Middendorf for his achievement.

more award a trophy sentences
award accolade1) This review style continued well into the early 1990s when the award accolades were scrapped.

2) He continued to receive Clio award accolades as either a winner or finalist for a number of years running.

more award accolade sentences
award an amount1) In a conciliation procedure Stephanos was nevertheless awarded an amount of 1,000 drachmas.

2) A QDRO may not award an amount or form of benefit that is not available under the plan.

more award an amount sentences
award bonus1) The city awards bonuses to principals whose schools receive strong reviews .

2) For certain achievements, WNBA players are awarded bonuses.

more award bonus sentences
award category1) Seventeen teams were nominated in this award category.

2) For each award category, a jury makes three nominations.

more award category sentences
award ceremony1) The awards ceremony immediately follows the final race.

2) The 2009 award ceremony was his last public appearance.

more award ceremony sentences
award certificate1) Financial institutions with winning products receive award certificates.

2) A further eleven boys were awarded certificates of Excellence.

more award certificate sentences
award citation1) Practical experience may be documented through NCO evaluation reports and award citations.

2) A portion of the Valorous Unit award citation is below.

more award citation sentences
award compensation1) The boy was awarded compensation and given an apology.

2) He was awarded compensation from the Australian government.

more award compensation sentences
award contract1) GSA awards contracts to multiple companies supplying comparable services and products.

2) In 1925 the postal service began awarding contracts to private companies.

more award contract sentences
award credit1) The EPA awards credits for certain actions to keep down the emissions .

2) The college will not award credit for more than 30 semester hours earned at another law school.

more award credit sentences
award custody1) He was awarded custody of their two children.

2) His mother was awarded custody and later married Terry Hobbs.

more award custody sentences
award damage1) In 1986 the plaintiff was awarded damages.

2) He was awarded damages of £20.

more award damage sentences
award damages1) In 1986 the plaintiff was awarded damages.

2) He was awarded damages of £20.

more award damages sentences
award decoration1) award decorations in order of the service performed.

2) Several pilots of JG 54 were awarded decorations during this campaign.

more award decoration sentences
award degree1) University career and being awarded degree 1946.

2) The college awards degrees and certificates in numerous program areas.

more award degree sentences
award diploma1) They complete the course successfully and are awarded diplomas.

2) Muggle British high schools do not have graduation ceremonies or award diplomas.

more award diploma sentences
award for1) He has received numerous awards for education reporting.

2) The following points are awarded for monthly competitions.

more award for sentences
award franchise1) The Government has high hopes for smart ticketing in cutting costs, as well as driver-only trains, and more consideration of cost-cutting when awarding franchises.

2) We are looking to award franchises to those wanting to help us further our cause while using our business models to become self-sufficient.

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award from1) It was awarded from 1947 through 2006.

2) Mayer has won seven awards from nineteen nominations.

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award funding1) The internal correspondence further outlines that Government did not intend to award funding to the project.

2) The Centre has recently been awarded funding to add a 950 MHz spectrometer to its facilities.

more award funding sentences
award gold1) Both pavilions were awarded gold medals for their designs.

2) Air Cadets completing this course are awarded gold Wings.

more award gold sentences
award grade1) It was awarded grade II listed status in October 2008.

2) Additionally senior members with specific civilian professional qualifications may be awarded grade on the basis of their professional qualifications.

more award grade sentences
award grant1) The trustees had discretion in awarding grants.

2) The government assists homeless families by awarding grants and vouchers.

more award grant sentences
award honour1) These awards honour animal welfare issues in the media.

2) She received foreign ambassadors and awarded honours and medals.

more award honour sentences
award honours1) She received foreign ambassadors and awarded honours and medals.

2) She receives foreign ambassadors and awards honours and medals.

more award honours sentences
award knighthood1) This was unusual as it was the Australian Labor Party's policy not to award knighthoods.

2) Blamey nominated him for a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire in September 1943, but it was refused, it not being the Labor government's policy to award knighthoods at this time.

more award knighthood sentences
award licence1) BCal was awarded licences for both routes.

2) It has also been a clear tendency towards transition to awarding licences to partnerships.

more award licence sentences
award medal1) These men, though, were not awarded medals.

2) Mitralexis was promoted in rank and awarded medals.

more award medal sentences
award nomination1) The show has received multiple award nominations.

2) The game received numerous award nominations and wins.

more award nomination sentences
award patent1) Some ideas were presented internationally and awarded patents.

2) In the meantime it has also been awarded patent protection.

more award patent sentences
award penalty1) Circling before an obstacle and refusals are also awarded penalty points.

2) Equestrian: Bettina Hoy of Germany crosses the start line twice, and is awarded penalty points.

more award penalty sentences
award place1) This award places him in the top 5 % of applicants this year according to the foundation.

2) Kathy Brader's award places her among a rare group of non-New Zealanders distinguished by the honour.

more award place sentences
award point1) points You are awarded points for killing zombies and hell hounds.

2) Singles are not awarded points, only votes.

more award point sentences
award posthumously1) The medal is most often awarded posthumously.

2) She was given the award posthumously in 1998.

more award posthumously sentences
award presentation1) The winner is expected to travel to attend the award presentation.

2) The show begins with a reception and awards presentation.

more award presentation sentences
award prize1) If the player finishes high enough, they will also be awarded prize money.

2) Successful solutions will be awarded prize money, which may be split to reward multiple promising solutions.

more award prize sentences
award rank1) The annual "GOOD DESIGNTM" award rank as the most prestigious international accolade in the field of product design.

2) Union members can also be awarded ranks within a union, currently there are three: Leader, Officer, and Recruit.

more award rank sentences
award recipient1) See information on the latest award recipient.

2) Click here to view list of award recipients.

more award recipient sentences
award recognizes1) Each award recognizes different levels of physical fitness.

2) The award recognizes his outstanding achievement in fiction writing.

more award recognizes sentences
award scholarship1) It annually awards scholarships to criminal justice majors nationwide.

2) As of 2011, 16 students have been awarded scholarships.

more award scholarship sentences
award show1) These music awards shows keep getting worse and worse.

2) So why are awards shows even relevant ?

more award show sentences
award the status of1) If they are suitable they will be awarded the status of approved contractor.

2) In 2006, he was awarded the status of "Development Legend" by Develop.

more award the status of sentences
award 1) Glitter Rose now holds six AIMA award titles.

2) awarded title of "honoris causa" by the University of Salamanca (2008).

more award title sentences
award to1) Nine grants were awarded to major urban areas.

2) Scholarship grants are awarded to honor students.

more award to sentences
award trophy1) The top three players are awarded trophies and prize money.

2) The winning houses are awarded trophies for their achievement.

more award trophy sentences
award wage1) The award wages for a pharmacist is $812 a week.

2) Relief workers were granted award wages.

more award wage sentences
award winner1) Two of the five award winners are secondary schools.

2) Thats the determination award winners exhibit every single day.

more award winner sentences
award winning director1) The Academy award winning director Satyajit Ray was an alumnus of this university.

2) A beautiful, literate and romantic piece of cinema from award winning director Wim Wenders.

more award winning director sentences
award winning journalist1) The author is a Gulf based award winning journalist.

2) Greenland went on to become a Walkley award winning journalist.

more award winning journalist sentences
award winning photographer1) He is an award winning photographer with a passion for landscapes.

2) The coffee-table cookbook has recipes from Kentucky Inns throughout the state and beautiful photographs of scenic Kentucky taken by award winning photographer, Robin Goetz.

more award winning photographer sentences
award winning producer1) The album was made in Los Angeles with Grammy award winning Producer, Chris Testa.

2) Anthony Katagas - Academy award winning producer of 12 Years A Slave (film).

more award winning producer sentences
award winning show1) In 1979, Bircher formed the school's award winning show choir, Variations.

2) With seven choirs total, the Chantilly Choral program features both award winning show choirs and concert ensembles.

more award winning show sentences
award winning writer1) Bonnie Silva is a multiple award winning writer and producer.

2) We have award winning writers in Tasmania.

more award winning writer sentences
award winning artist1) Grammy award winning artists are currently being indicated.

2) And like most award winning artists, Andrew works from experience.

more award winning artist sentences
award winning author1) Chris Judge is an award winning author and illustrator from Dublin.

2) He is an award winning author.

more award winning author sentences
award winning chef1) Exciting new eating house with that rarity - an award winning chef.

2) The Inn at Round Barn Farm and our award winning Chef, Charlie Menard!

more award winning chef sentences
award winning documentary1) An award winning documentary film on the history and historical architecture of Famagusta.

2) In July 1970. the award winning documentary The World of Charlie Company was broadcast.

more award winning documentary sentences
award winning film1) This JPFO award winning film details the Second Amendment like no other.

2) An award winning film showing the number of journalists being arrested for merely reporting the news.

more award winning film sentences
award winning poet1) Crime writer Jim Kelly and award winning poet Wendy Cope currently live in the city.

2) The list of influential or award winning poets who read at Red Sky Poetry Theatre is extensive.

more award winning poet sentences
award winning restaurant1) award winning restaurant servicing superior cuisine.

2) Superb dining is on offer in their award winning restaurant "La Cascade".

more award winning restaurant sentences
award winning series1) Previously, Ms. Fogel cast five seasons of HBO's award winning series THE WIRE.

2) Sally Reeves is a noted writer and historian who co-authored the award winning series New Orleans Architecture.

more award winning series sentences
award winning1) The award winning magazine has been published continuously since 1875.

2) The young chefs produced award winning dishes.

more award winning sentences
award1) Only select institutions are awarded such status.

2) These awards recognize marketing excellence among construction industry professionals.

more award sentences
awards banquet1) The Moot closes with an awards banquet following the final argument.

2) The awards banquet takes place on Friday evening.

more awards banquet sentences
awards ceremony1) The awards ceremony immediately follows the final race.

2) The awards ceremony included many international and local guests.

more awards ceremony sentences
awards dinner1) He will join six other business finalists at the awards dinner.

2) In December 2007 the NZRL held its annual awards dinner.

more awards dinner sentences
awards luncheon1) There will also be a breakfast and awards luncheon.

2) The video will be released in September at an awards luncheon.

more awards luncheon sentences
awards programme1) The British Travel awards is the largest consumer voted awards programme .

2) Full details of scholarships are given in the University awards programme .

more awards programme sentences
be up for an award1) In the first book, "Getting Experienced", Nadia experiences the utter joy of going to the Academy awards (since her father was up for an award).

2) Asda pair are up for an award TWO Asda workers are out to prove that their store is more than just a supermarket.

more be up for an award sentences
bestow award1) The Nazis attempted to achieve a close connection to Hedin by bestowing awards upon him.

2) Vanguard was bestowed awards for the most excellent game in both Elementary School and General categories.

more bestow award sentences
bravery award1) The Grand Cross was not a bravery award.

2) Abdul Latief has been selected for bravery Award.

more bravery award sentences
cash award1) Five top entries were given cash awards.

2) Only complete submissions are eligible for full cash award.

more cash award sentences
citation award1) They received the 2012 ICU Design citation Award.

2) The recently completed Finn Lofts rounded out the recipients, with a citation Award.

more citation award sentences
compensation award1) Examples are more direct incentive compensation awards and financial statement insurance approaches.

2) The Executive will be eligible for discretionary annual incentive compensation awards.

more compensation award sentences
compensatory award1) But it upheld multimillion-dollar compensatory awards on behalf of two smokers.

2) The girl's mother sued the store and received a $75,000 compensatory award.

more compensatory award sentences
council award1) A revolutionary type of microlight aircraft has won a design council award.

2) In March 1943, the Air council awarded Churchill honorary wings.

more council award sentences
coveted award1) Since 1988, 72 organizations have received the coveted award.

2) The coveted awards are given out by TripAdvisor .

more coveted award sentences
damages award1) The damages awarded were thus increased substantially.

2) The original punitive damages award was $20 million.

more damages award sentences
deserve award1) Arch entered many competitions and collected many well deserved awards.

2) I am pleased to present Kristina with this most deserved award.

more deserve award sentences
design award1) In 2009, 6 faculty members received design awards.

2) Won Red dot design award – among others .

more design award sentences
discretionary award1) Hon. Members must recall that these are, after all, discretionary awards.

2) They can, however, apply for a discretionary award from their local education authority.

more discretionary award sentences
earn award1) Those who win at internationals earn awards and college scholarships.

2) Members can earn awards appropriate for their age level.

more earn award sentences
Emmy Award1) The cartoons have won an Emmy award.

2) The show received four Emmy Award nominations in 2008.

more Emmy Award sentences
film award1) The documentary was shortlisted for an international film award.

2) film criticism was prohibited and a national film award established.

more film award sentences
garner award1) The series has garnered awards and consists of six main games.

2) His most recent work should garner awards rather than sackings .

more garner award sentences
get award1) The two releases got awards for their packaging and success.

2) This one's got awards written all over it.

more get award sentences
go to award1) I'm going to award the Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich from Arby's four stars.

2) The Tallinn University is going to award V. Adamkus with the title of the "Honourable Doctor".

more go to award sentences
grant award1) The grant award amount is $5,000.

2) grant awards range from $500 to $3000.

more grant award sentences
hand out award1) They even hand out awards.

2) They even hand out awards.

more hand out award sentences
highest award1) He received the highest award in genetics .

2) Her grades in mathematics and physics were the highest awarded.

more highest award sentences
jointly award1) In 2009, they were jointly awarded the BAFTA Fellowship.

2) Soon after, they were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway.

more jointly award sentences
judge award1) The judges awarded 65 points, highest among all soloists.

2) The crowd loved it and the judges award 64 points.

more judge award sentences
jury award1) A jury awarded the family nearly $3 million.

2) The jury awarded her an undisclosed damage award.

more jury award sentences
libel award1) This judgement significantly reduced the level of subsequent libel awards.

2) Scholar wins libel award.

more libel award sentences
lifetime achievement award1) The lifetime achievement award has been presented annually since 1999.

2) He is honored with lifetime achievement award in January 2012.

more lifetime achievement award sentences
literary award1) It received several literary awards and many favorable reviews.

2) He has received a number of literary awards.

more literary award sentences
major award1) The Broadway production picked up several major award nominations.

2) Many films introduced at our festival win major awards and accolades.

more major award sentences
make award1) The Downs Fellowship Committee makes awards based on merit.

2) Moreover, the administrative cost of the procedure for making awards is high.

more make award sentences
malpractice award1) Now what about putting limits on malpractice awards ?

2) One personal injury client sued Fagan, and won a $3.2 million malpractice award.

more malpractice award sentences
merit award1) He came third and won a merit award.

2) No merit awards or athletic scholarships are offered by Pomona.

more merit award sentences
national award1) The film was acclaimed and won prestigious national awards.

2) He received various international and national awards.

more national award sentences
nominated for an award1) She was nominated for an award in New York.

2) It was also nominated for an award at the Australian Film Institute.

more nominated for an award sentences
Obie Award1) The circus also received an Obie Award that year.

2) The play won Off-Broadway's Obie Award for Best New Play.

more Obie Award sentences
pay award1) Next item is the city hall pay awards.

2) The first category all relates to er related pay awards.

more pay award sentences
pick up an award1) There's been lots of publicity surrounding this accessible website and it even picked up an award.

2) In 2011 the group progressed to their third successive VF-UK final and picked up an award for Outstanding Musicality.

more pick up an award sentences
posthumously award1) He was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross.

2) He was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart.

more posthumously award sentences
present award1) The judges presented awards for technical contents, communication and originality.

2) Here they presented awards to the children.

more present award sentences
prestigious award1) These are highly competitive and prestigious awards.

2) The single won many prestigious awards throughout 1998 and 1999.

more prestigious award sentences
receive award1) Financial institutions with winning products receive award certificates.

2) Students select shows to receive awards in categories.

more receive award sentences
referee award1) The referee awarded the win to Flair.

2) For more serious misdemeanors the referee awards a penalty.

more referee award sentences
scheme award1) OAB's volunteer home visiting scheme awarded accreditation by the Mentoring and Befriending Association.

2) For example, most schemes award a pension equal to some proportion of 'final salary'.

more scheme award sentences
special award1) Applicants with suitable experience in industry may qualify for special awards.

2) And another thing why did MTV give that special award?

more special award sentences
sponsor award1) Other sponsored awards were received in advance of the ceremony.

2) It is simply not enough to sponsor awards for good companies.

more sponsor award sentences
teaching award1) It has won several national excellent teaching awards.

2) He has won numerous teaching awards and distinctions.

more teaching award sentences
Tony Award1) The production itself later received nine Tony Award nominations.

2) The acclaimed show received 10 Tony Award nominations .

more Tony Award sentences
top award1) Khrushchev personally approved giving the top award to the American musician.

2) They took top awards by downing all opposition.

more top award sentences
win award1) He twice won awards for teaching excellence.

2) Remember, graphic novels win awards too.

more win award sentences
winner award1) The band were named "Best New Group of 1965" at the 1966 "New Musical Express" Poll winners awards.

2) Hendra has scooped the Overall winner award at the Cornwall Sustainability awards 2011, held last Friday (December 9th), after also winning the Best Large Managed Company Award.

more winner award sentences

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