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cultural awakening1) A national social and cultural awakening was to be found in other spheres too.

2) During this time he visited Ireland, the home of his ancestors and experienced another cultural awakening.

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great awakening1) Our nation needs a great spiritual awakening.

2) Hearing this, Huiming had great awakening.

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awakening healing1) We cause awakenings and healings with words as shared herein.

2) We arrange phone consultations in the name of awakenings and healings by your request.

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national awakening1) The iconography of national awakening was consciously modified.

2) During the 19th century a national awakening occurred in Finland.

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own awakening1) Tatum listened and shared her own spiritual awakening she had the evening she invested in jail.

2) President Obama eulogized Mandela late Thursday afternoon, describing how Mandela inspired his own political awakening.

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political awakening1) His political awakening happened during his university years.

2) This intense relationship ran alongside a political awakening.

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religious awakening1) Dylan wasn't alone in his religious awakening.

2) He also went through a religious awakening and converted to Islam.

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accidentally awaken1) However, he accidentally awakens the whole pack.

2) While doing this she accidentally awakens Olaric who brutally kills her too.

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awaken again1) He is shot by Thanatos and awakens again in Atlantis.

2) He who has many names and has awakened again, hungry for power.

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awaken awareness1) This commentary is intended to awaken awareness .

2) The Arab oil embargo awakened conservation awareness and launched interest in energy conservation despite cheap energy prices.

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awaken conscience1) An awakened conscience can discover the integral unity underlying all Vedic statements.

2) The chief function of the current Negro movement has been to awaken a nation's conscience .

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awaken consciousness1) It is born with the awakening consciousness of being a subject.

2) awakened consciousness then takes over from ego and begins to run your life.

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awaken desire1) It is global and awakens desire .

2) Lucien's quick mind and considerable skills awaken unexpected desires in Vitala.

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awaken early1) This week recruits are awakened early in the morning to prepare the rifle range for firing.

2) He was awakened early one morning by an insistent voice: "John, get up!

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awaken energy1) awaken latent energies, particularly in the higher unconscious.

2) Kundalini energy can awaken the specific energies contained within individual chakras as it passes.

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awaken feeling1) Whether you sleep 4 hours or 14 you probably will not awaken feeling refreshed.

2) Now the slow burn of his steady gaze awakened feelings within her which were scary.

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finally awaken1) But today, your magic finally awakens!

2) As they grieve, Rogue finally awakens.

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first awaken1) My interest in natural science was awakened first by this book.

2) Fraternal associations were born when man first awakened to his need of a friend.

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fully awaken1) The are the third tribe to fully awaken.

2) This country has not fully awakened to that fact.

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awaken heart1) Do you feel your heart more fully awakened by the experience?

2) Father, would You awaken hearts even today?

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awaken interest1) Such an awakened interest can then develop in more serious directions.

2) Their sympathetic interest was awakened and began to manifest itself towards them.

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just awaken1) Used to greet someone who has just awakened.

2) He just awakens her lust and greed.

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man awaken1) In truth, this man has awakened my curiosity.

2) man awakens to find out he has turned into an insect .

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awaken memory1) memory after memory awakened by the letters on this fabulous site!

2) These reports of joyous festivities struck a chord within me and awakened long dormant memories .

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awaken mind1) His academic intellect and teaching ability awakened minds .

2) The awakened mind is brave and inspired.

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awaken morning1) Montag awakens ill the next morning and stays home from work.

2) Natalie awakens the next morning to find Monk returned to his normal self.

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newly awaken1) On one of his expeditions Oromë discovered the newly awakened Elves at Cuiviénen.

2) He walked slowly towards the hall, stretching at each step like a newly awakened cat.

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awaken noise1) The entire neighborhood is awakened by the noise .

2) The noise awakens the platoon and Hartman.

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now awaken1) Eddie now awakens in a room with several doors.

2) Asleep for so many incarnations, it is now awakened.

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once awaken1) Is awakening once and for all?

2) Americans once awaken from time to time have the capacity to act.

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only awaken1) They laid down and were awakened only by the heat of the Sun.

2) Parents and students alike were disinterested, awakening only when their "chosen" performed.

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people awaken1) The people always awaken fear in me.

2) But at last it looks as if our people were awakening.

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awaken power1) She wandered alone until the day her powers awakened.

2) An awakened character's power in magic is linked to their Magic attribute.

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rudely awaken1) Booster is rudely awakened when none of these things occur.

2) The dream cannot continue – reality rudely awakens the dreamer.

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awaken sense1) A magical walk on the 2.5 mile boardwalk will awaken the senses .

2) Cruising through a beautiful landscape or an action-pack urban environment awakens the senses .

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awaken soul1) This is in contrast to the aroused and awakened soul, mentioned above.

2) Chanting this mantra awakens the soul .

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awaken sound1) Well, my mom was awakened by a sound in the hallway.

2) One night we were awakened by the sounds of scraping and fussing.

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awaken spirit1) A young girl's midnight s ance awakens a long-slumbering malevolent spirit .

2) Invoke an entity or call an awakened spirit inside a target, possessing him.

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suddenly awaken1) She started like one suddenly awakened from a sound sleep.

2) Around 2004, I had awakened suddenly from a deep sleep.

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then awaken1) The Prince then awakens in Farah's embrace.

2) then awaken him gently and present him with the bill.

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abruptly awaken1) They are abruptly awakened by a prostitute ringing the doorbell.

2) This dark intro is abruptly awakened by the sharp percussions of "A Certain Malaise", which open the doors to a more intense rhythm.

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awaken1) This commentary is intended to awaken awareness.

2) His academic intellect and teaching ability awakened minds.

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awakening1) Our nation needs a great spiritual awakening.

2) DNA activation is part of spiritual awakening.

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slowly awaken1) In a groggy state Diana slowly awakens.

2) Related News After eight centuries in a slumber, one of Cambodia's grandest monuments slowly awakens.

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