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avid amateur1) London was a boxing fan and an avid amateur boxer.

2) I'm also an avid amateur photographer, and relax as an archer shooting at paper targets.

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avid collector1) He had since become an avid art collector .

2) He was also an avid stamp collector .

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avid cyclist1) He was an avid cyclist who enjoyed good health.

2) Lombardi said Clements was an avid cyclist who also enjoyed fishing .

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avid fan1) Pan is an avid basketball fan since young.

2) I love being outdoors and am an avid college football fan .

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avid fisherman1) In his younger years he was an avid fisherman .

2) Kandholhudhoo residents were avid fishermen who were popular throughout the country.

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avid follower1) Naturally, we are avid followers .

2) Well I have been an avid follower of the rave scene since 1988.

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avid gamer1) Of course candidates are going to tell you they 're avid gamers !

2) These five key principles were the things that developers wanted – they 're avid gamers too.

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avid gardener1) I am an avid gardener and love working outdoors.

2) A. I am a very avid gardener and garden club member .

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avid golfer1) Doe was an avid golfer and masterful bridge player.

2) Murray is an avid golfer who often plays in celebrity tournaments.

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avid hiker1) As an avid hiker, Nick enjoys practicing responsible camping.

2) This is sad .... being a once avid hiker and rafter.

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avid hunter1) We are avid hunters and fishermen ourselves.

2) Malone is an avid hunter and fisherman.

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avid outdoorsman1) He has been an avid outdoorsman from an early age.

2) He was an avid outdoorsman, enjoying fishing and hunting.

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avid reader1) You quickly became an avid reader and writer?

2) Annie is an avid reader and follows global politics.

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avid sportsman1) He is an avid sportsman, activist and environmentalist.

2) Edge was an avid sportsman who enjoyed fishing and hunting, especially hunting quail.

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avid supporter1) Both are avid community supporters and active volunteers.

2) Kirby is an avid supporter of the arts.

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avid watcher1) Some avid sky watchers may be viewing with binoculars .

2) See what avid wildlife watchers – members of VirtualTourist.

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avid believer1) The heads of the program were avid believers in eugenics and frequently argued for their program.

2) Yet even avid believers have difficulty conjuring up more than vague images of halos, harps, and wispy angels in flowing robes.

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avid interest in1) The resulting avid interest in the journal was not anticipated.

2) Hans Frank took an avid interest in chess.

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avid interest1) The resulting avid interest in the journal was not anticipated.

2) Hans Frank took an avid interest in chess.

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avid listener1) He finds an avid listener in his cousin Tapesh.

2) After moving to Georgia, he became an avid listener of Atlanta's first talk radio station.

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avid photographer1) Davis was an avid photographer who enjoyed shooting family and acquaintances.

2) Garcetti is an avid photographer, jazz pianist and composer.

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avid player1) Cuomo is an avid player of fantasy baseball.

2) Kenneth himself was an avid player of the piano.

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avid sailor1) He was an avid sailor and pilot.

2) He is also an avid sailor.

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avid student1) I am most certainly an avid student of that region of the world.

2) Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890) was an avid student of color theory.

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avid traveller1) And this small pamphlet has been an avid traveller around the world.

2) I've been a avid traveller to thailand for many years.

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avid user1) Regular and avid users usually enjoy writing.

2) Rob was also an avid user of my cleansing products.

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avid viewer1) I was a guest many times on that show and an avid viewer .

2) I was never an avid viewer, I just caught scenes here and there.

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avid1) The producers were typically avid game players.

2) Both are avid community supporters and active volunteers.

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