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acutely aware1) I am acutely aware of a further objection.

2) He was acutely aware of his scalp.

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become aware1) And suddenly become aware of something painful.

2) People are starting to become more aware.

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be aware1) You are highly aware of defamation laws.

2) People were aware that devil spirits did affect mankind negatively.

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consciously aware1) Revelation – Becoming consciously aware of hidden things.

2) Since ancient times humans have been consciously aware of stress inside materials.

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constantly aware1) He lives his life constantly aware of race .

2) You're constantly aware of your own need.

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dimly aware1) He seemed dimly aware that his attitude might raise a few eyebrows.

2) She was dimly aware that she had been treating her friends badly.

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environmentally aware1) I am not very environmentally aware person .

2) The most environmentally aware age group was under 24 or between 35 and 44.

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feel aware1) Let yourself feel aware of all the energies.

2) I feel so aware, so peaceful, so alive!

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fully aware1) Being fully aware and awake takes constant vigilance.

2) The patient will remain awake and fully aware.

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grow aware1) Banks grow more aware of the risks.

2) Rather, it is to grow more aware of it.

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increasingly aware1) Americans are increasingly aware that marijuana has medicinal properties.

2) They are increasingly aware of their heritage.

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keenly aware1) China is keenly aware of that fact.

2) Critical thinkers become keenly aware of their assumptions.

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keep aware1) Raleigh hospitals were notified and kept aware of pending patient needs by Command.

2) And then keeping aware over time .

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make aware1) I was made aware of my purity.

2) Staff are made aware of the achievement data surrounding disadvantaged pupils.

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painfully aware1) As small business owners, we are painfully aware of this.

2) Now I was so painfully aware of this fact.

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aware people1) If everyone were more aware, more people might choose to be vegetarians.

2) There is hope when aware people act as socially conscious citizens, I tell myself.

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perfectly aware1) Today we are perfectly aware of being on our feet.

2) What was more, Rune was perfectly aware of that fact.

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politically aware1) They are well informed and politically aware .

2) Many of these activists became politically aware during the abolitionist movement.

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remain aware1) They simply remain acutely aware that the fear is extreme.

2) I remain aware of the chain between my bare breasts.

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seem aware1) Simon officials seem aware of the challenge.

2) He seemed less aware of the risks his supporters ran.

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aware server1) Such Bad data is not retained at a security aware server .

2) Security can also be provided through non-security aware DNS servers in some cases.

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socially aware1) A subculture rejected this kind of socially aware lyrics.

2) Finally, being socially aware means going outside of yourself.

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stay aware1) One great tip is to always stay aware of the competition .

2) However, staying aware of the bigger picture is more important.

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uncomfortably aware1) But everyone was uncomfortably aware of last night's scene.

2) He was uncomfortably aware that Auguste was wrong.

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vaguely aware1) I was vaguely aware that my death was imminent.

2) She noticed the newspaper headlines and was vaguely aware of advertisements.

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well aware1) The devil is well aware of his defeat.

2) The police were well aware of him.

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as far as I am aware1) as far as I am aware the emirates debt Is not yet paId.

2) as far as I am aware not a single person on thIs lIst Is black.

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aware of1) You are highly aware of defamation laws.

2) And suddenly become aware of something painful.

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aware that1) People were aware that devil spirits did affect mankind negatively.

2) The athletic director is aware that cuts were made.

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aware1) Cross platform network aware virtual file system.

2) The whole world is becoming more aware and honest.

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barely aware1) He was barely aware of the feeling.

2) Today's passengers are barely aware that trains have windows.

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hardly aware1) The local population is hardly aware anymore of this history.

2) He was hardly aware of his audience.

more hardly aware sentences
horribly aware1) She looked away from him, all too horribly aware of the truth.

2) She all but screamed the denial, horribly aware that it wasn't true.

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intensely aware1) I was intensely aware of my anger.

2) These unique exercises make you intensely aware of your senses and feelings.

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not really aware1) I was not really aware of myself.

2) Slowly I was coming out but I wasn't really aware of it.

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self aware1) He's a lot more self aware than I originally thought.

2) And we appreciate when people are reflective and self aware.

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so far as I am aware1) There Is no immediate prospect of such ceremony so far as I am aware.

2) She was a devout Catholic and, so far as I am aware, morally unassailable.

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suddenly aware1) He was suddenly aware of the nurse saying something.

2) He was suddenly aware of running feet behind him.

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very aware1) Your mental energies are very aware of details.

2) He was very aware of everybody watching him closely.

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very much aware1) We are very much aware of it.

2) Putin is very much aware of it.

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