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aviation accident1) Many general aviation accidents occur during the landing phase of flight.

2) It was nearly the deadliest aviation accident in history.

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aviation airport1) Two general aviation airports are located nearby.

2) The airport currently serves as a general aviation airport .

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Army aviation1) Flying Soldiers is a documentary film which dramatically presents the story of Army aviation.

2) The U.S. Army aviation began in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma prior to moving to FT.

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aviation asset1) This threw the burden of reinforcement and resupply onto the aviation assets .

2) Brigades replaced combat commands, and the division's aviation assets doubled.

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aviation biofuel1) They have for too long delayed getting into sustainable aviation biofuels .

2) One of the most exciting areas of green development in aviation is the introduction of sustainable aviation biofuels .

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British aviation1) An example of the talent later lost to British aviation.

2) In effect, he was Godfather to British naval aviation.

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aviation cadet1) He was an aviation cadet during WWII until 1947.

2) He was a naval aviation cadet during World War II.

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carrier aviation1) Those that select carrier aviation will continue to primary 2 training.

2) Previously, U.S. Naval carrier aviation had virtually no experience operating in Arctic waters.

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civilian aviation1) A quality measure of GPS performance for critical applications such as civilian aviation.

2) OAM is the world's largest civilian aviation and maritime law enforcement organization.

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civil aviation1) Both civil aviation and military aviation are represented.

2) There were also developments in civil aviation.

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commercial aviation1) This is where commercial aviation took flight.

2) His service illustrated the close ties between military and commercial aviation.

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aviation enthusiast1) Gilmour is an experienced pilot and aviation enthusiast .

2) Surely British aviation enthusiasts want to see their team doing well?

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aviation fuel1) However the application required very expensive aviation fuel .

2) aviation fuel is nowhere near hot enough to weaken building steel .

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aviation gasoline1) Her cargo included aviation gasoline and ammunition.

2) It is fueled with 100LL grade aviation gasoline .

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general aviation1) It is primarily used for general aviation.

2) This is a significant relief for general aviation.

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German aviation1) Meanwhile German aviation also proved decisive.

2) At dawn, German aviation and artillery deluged Ernage.

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aviation hub1) The country has grown into a major long-haul aviation hub .

2) The plan is to strengthen Suvarnabhumi Airport's position as a regional aviation hub .

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aviation industry1) The aviation industry is likewise sensitive to rising fuel costs.

2) The British aviation industry was experiencing rapid growth.

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international aviation1) Emission limits do not include emissions by international aviation and shipping.

2) international aviation and maritime transport 78.

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Japanese aviation1) Yamamoto was responsible for a number of innovations in Japanese naval aviation.

2) As the war progressed, the Allies found weaknesses in Japanese naval aviation.

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Marine aviation1) American naval and Marine aviation made Rabaul a frequent bombing target.

2) Together, they represent one of many transitions planned for Marine aviation.

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military aviation1) The earliest military aviation was conducted with observation balloons.

2) Both civil aviation and military aviation are represented.

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aviation museum1) Visit an aviation museum or attend an air show.

2) There is an aviation museum at nearby Narellan.

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naval aviation1) The "Luftwaffe" had also neglected naval aviation.

2) naval aviation antisubmarine warfare was beginning to prove itself in combat.

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aviation pioneer1) Some of the first aviation pioneers really were backyard designers.

2) Hugh Armstrong Robinson – aviation pioneer who was born here.

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private aviation1) Elvington is used for private aviation.

2) The nearby Letňany airport is mainly used for private aviation and aeroclub aviation.

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aviation safety1) Maintain an appropriate liaison with other bodies concerned with aviation safety .

2) Pursue the highest standards of aviation safety .

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aviation sector1) This is not a new recommendation in aviation sector .

2) The deal is the largest foreign investment proposal in the aviation sector .

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Soviet aviation1) Soviet aviation would still sustain heavy losses.

2) Soviet aviation was heavily supported by a large industry.

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aviation squadron1) There was also one aviation squadron, 333.

2) In this capacity he commanded six aviation squadrons (1914 - 1918).

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aviation analyst1) CBS News aviation analyst Mark Rosenker joins CBS This .

2) aviation analyst Geoffrey Thomas said the partnership was a sign of the times .

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aviation authority1) He successfully convinced aviation authorities of the concept's validity.

2) The Philippine aviation authority has shut down the city's airport.

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aviation badge1) In 1916, Low established an aviation badge–even before women could vote.

2) Most aviation badges were made of sterling silver or were given a silver finish, and various devices were used to attach them to uniforms.

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aviation buff1) Most people have never heard of Eugene Ely, although aviation buffs probably recognize the name.

2) Afterward, letters of support from aviation buffs, containing nearly $1 million worth of contributions, poured in.

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aviation capacity1) The study was to evaluate aviation capacity issues in the Chicago region.

2) Delaying aviation capacity improvements Successive governments have been discussing UK aviation capacity for more than three decades .

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aviation expert1) The three visual effects above are the primary concern for aviation experts.

2) But aviation expert Peter March claims pilot error may not be too blame.

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aviation history1) Local aviation history is strongly represented, too.

2) aviation history is overflowing with accidents due to pilot error.

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aviation infrastructure1) MPs call on government to rehabilitate rail, marine and aviation infrastructure.

2) Both islands have grass airstrips, but no other aviation infrastructure.

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aviation medicine1) Their specialty is aviation medicine and protocols associated with medical evacuations aboard aircraft.

2) aviation medicine was still in its infancy meaning pilots were left to solve operational problems themselves.

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aviation official1) He said aviation officials were discussing a possible engine failure.

2) The report includes a recommendation that global aviation officials track all commercial aircraft, CNN reported.

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aviation regulations1) According to general aviation regulations rules and practices considered safe.

2) The presidents discussed the issues of aviation regulations between the two countries.

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aviation security1) Sai poses no threat to aviation security.

2) Not on the basis of aviation security.

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aviation technology1) aviation technology was not always equal to the tasks to be performed.

2) The company is one of the major manufacturers of Chinese Military aviation technology.

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aviation1) The aviation world today is highly competitive.

2) This is where commercial aviation took flight.

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