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avoidance behavior1) These avoidance behaviors can often have serious consequences.

2) The unfamiliar stimuli may lead to increased arousal and increased avoidance behaviors .

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avoidance behaviour1) The biological basis for this avoidance behaviour is unclear.

2) Secondly, adults are likely to have responsibilities that make avoidance behaviour difficult.

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collision avoidance1) collision avoidance also saves billions of dollars that auto accidents cost the economy.

2) collision avoidance is the process of controlling spacecraft to try to prevent collisions.

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complete avoidance1) complete avoidance of electromagnetic fields presents major practical difficulties in modern society.

2) complete avoidance is often very difficult, but fortunately it is rarely necessary.

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conflict avoidance1) Researchers emphasize that even between groups, conflict avoidance is generally adopted.

2) conflict avoidance among rhesus monkeys: coping with short-term crowding.

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corporate avoidance1) Even increased transparency does not change the effectiveness of corporate tax avoidance.

2) corporate avoidance is software designed to help you avoid the hassle and free yourself from work without rousing the corporate beast.

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cost avoidance1) The Bureau of Medical Collections' primary goal is cost avoidance.

2) The relatively minimal cost of implementing CM is returned many fold in cost avoidance.

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avoidance doctrine1) Cases construing the prudential component of the standing doctrine have relied on the avoidance doctrine .

2) Another justification for the avoidance doctrine is the "paramount importance of constitutional adjudication in our system.

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food avoidance1) Certain foods may trigger flashbacks of abuse, resulting in food avoidance.

2) A different form of temporary food avoidances involves the rules of fasting.

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avoidance measure1) Are the Government's tax avoidance measures working?

2) Solutions: Evidence is not strong enough to justify extreme or expensive avoidance measures .

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obstacle avoidance1) Research further indicates their electroreceptors may also serve as a navigational aid to mediate obstacle avoidance.

2) Box jellyfish also display complex, visually guided behaviors such as obstacle avoidance and fast directional swimming.

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predator avoidance1) The Spicebush Swallowtail's major form of predator avoidance is through mimicry.

2) However, the primary method of predator avoidance is crypsis, whereby it hides.

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avoidance response1) In deletion, the avoidance response removes the scheduled aversive event.

2) This contrasts metals, which elicits an avoidance response in fish.

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risk avoidance1) The natural human temptation is to suffer risk avoidance.

2) risk management is about controlled decision making rather than risk avoidance.

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avoidance scheme1) Apple has found the holy grail of tax avoidance schemes .

2) And we will name and shame the promoters of tax avoidance scheme .

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avoidance strategy1) This is true of many tax avoidance strategies .

2) So an avoidance strategy is dangerous all round.

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avoidance system1) Phage avoidance systems are now standard equipment when exploring Builder artifacts.

2) Evidently the failure was a result of the avoidance system being disabled.

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tax avoidance1) Nor does it mention tax avoidance and evasion.

2) A simple progressive tax would also discourage tax avoidance.

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avoidance technique1) The malware is more dangerous as it uses more advanced infection and avoidance techniques .

2) Modern networks use congestion control and congestion avoidance techniques to try to avoid congestion collapse.

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uncertainty avoidance1) uncertainty avoidance – The degree to which people prefer structured over unstructured situations. 5.

2) Exploratory measures were also included in this study, examining unrealistic optimism, individualism, and uncertainty avoidance.

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avoidance measures1) Are the Government's tax avoidance measures working?

2) Solutions: Evidence is not strong enough to justify extreme or expensive avoidance measures.

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avoidance mechanism1) AIS includes a deadlock avoidance mechanism using null messages.

2) The alpine vegetation community in Tasmania has generally adopted stress tolerance rather than stress avoidance mechanisms.

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avoidance of conflict1) E) avoidance of conflicts with foreign powers.

2) Starting with self-assessment facilitates avoidance of conflict.

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avoidance tactic1) Other species deploy more spectacular'set piece' avoidance tactics.

2) Painful experience taught you when to use an avoidance tactic.

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avoidance1) Such trials are called "avoidance trials.

2) The best form of treatment is avoidance.

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