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avian diversity1) Ethiopia is a global center of avian diversity .

2) Conservation of avian diversity in North America.

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avian flu1) Officials are not sure how the individual contracted avian flu .

2) Poultry business is badly affected due to avian flu in the recent years.

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avian influenza1) Can poultry be treated for avian influenza ?

2) What is Australia doing about avian influenza ?

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avian malaria1) avian malaria can not be transmitted to people.

2) avian malaria has also been recorded.

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avian population1) The avian T cell population, like that of mammals develops in the thymus.

2) Significant changes in migratory arrival and departure dates have been demonstrated among numerous avian populations across Europe.

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avian predator1) Both adaptations may make them better at avoiding avian predators .

2) The golden eagle is the only major avian predator of adult turkeys.

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avian specie1) This unique pattern is apparent among and within avian species .

2) Various molt patterns are adopted by different avian species .

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avian strain1) Intensive farming may be creating highly virulent avian flu strains .

2) The H 7N9 avian flu strain has also reappeared in China with cases of human-to-human transmission reported.

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avian system1) The respiratory system of pigeons is an avian system .

2) The avian respiratory system is not in direct contact with the osmoregulatory system.

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avian virus1) avian influenza viruses can survive indefinitely when frozen.

2) The current avian flu virus, H5N1 fails just the final test.

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avian influenza virus1) avian influenza viruses can survive indefinitely when frozen.

2) Surveillance continues to show H5N1 avian influenza virus is not present in Australia.

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avian pox1) avian pox is a common, insect-vectored disease.

2) avian TB can also create external lesions which appear similar to avian Pox, but will not respond to the same treatment.

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avian1) This unique pattern is apparent among and within avian species.

2) What species of animals does avian influenza affect?

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