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awake again1) When he awoke again it was seven.

2) When he awoke again, it was with a pounding headache.

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awake day1) From the moment they awake each day, their thoughts are with their children.

2) The grizzly bear rescue reported that Lucy was home and awake the day after her trip.

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awake early1) They had a late night and awoke early !

2) He awoke early after a disturbed sleep.

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finally awake1) When Alex finally awoke she confirmed Rachel's story.

2) Budu finally awakes, despite being blind and unable to communicate.

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awake hour1) Sam awoke a few hours later, grimacing.

2) Denyakin awoke roughly an hour later and began pounding on the door.

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man awake1) man awoke being dragged across the grass.

2) The young man awoke from surgery ready to go home.

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awake morning1) Marion awoke the next morning feeling totally ecstatic.

2) When she awoke next morning it was raining.

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awake night1) My legs kept me awake all night long.

2) Heavy winds keep the engines awake all night .

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suddenly awake1) As sometimes happened she awoke equally suddenly .

2) Harry awoke very suddenly on Christmas Day.

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then awake1) Borman eventually fell asleep but then awoke feeling ill.

2) However, they were then awoken by Galvatron.

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awake from sleep1) Ultrabooks also must awake from sleep mode in less than seven seconds .

2) The other is the Wi-Fi does not work after awaking from sleep mode.

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awake from1) The young man awoke from surgery ready to go home.

2) I awoke from a bad dream this morning.

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awake late1) I awoke late from a heavy sleep and read my magazines .

2) When she awoke late in the morning, Belov wasn't there.

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awake slowly1) Claudia came awake slowly, the smell of coffee tantalising her nostrils.

2) They awoke slowly and very stupidly.

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awake suddenly1) He has a tendency to throw a random punch when awoken suddenly.

2) In the night I awoke suddenly and a strange shout escaped from my mouth.

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awake1) The soldiers were either awake or asleep.

2) I wish more kids my age were awake.

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barely awake1) She was clearly exhausted and barely awake.

2) Now, I was barely awake too.

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be awake1) I wish more kids my age were awake.

2) One falls asleep after having been awake.

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come awake1) Culley came awake in the instant before the phone rang.

2) Muller stands alone in that group and shows signs of coming awake .

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fully awake1) That thought nearly shocked Fox fully awake again.

2) Now fully awake, fright overcame her.

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half awake1) Only Alex seemed more than half awake.

2) Again, I spent the night half awake and half asleep.

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jerk awake1) Pavel is jerked awake; he sees a uniform.

2) I jerked awake, startled by some unfamiliar noise.

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jolt me awake1) It jolted me awake and made beating this column's deadline tonight much easier.

2) An instant later, it seems, the buzz from my alarm clock jolts me awake.

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keep awake1) Neighbours were being kept awake by the noise.

2) But sometimes you need to keep awake .

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lay awake1) They lay awake in bed afterwards talking.

2) We lay awake all night startled by strange sounds.

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lie awake1) They lay awake in bed afterwards talking.

2) Do you never lie awake at night creating more situations?

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only half awake1) They were talking in Spanish and I was only half awake.

2) I was only half awake when I listened to the World Service.

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remain awake1) The patient will remain awake and fully aware.

2) We must remain awake, and keep our eyes open.

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shake me awake1) A few hours later Benjamin shook me awake.

2) The next morning Benjamin shook me awake.

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stay awake1) It helps us stay awake and upbeat.

2) That made it harder to stay awake.

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still awake1) I am still awake at night, asking "how"?

2) Some may describe this state as "sleeping while still awake".

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wide awake1) He was always wide awake and eagerly waiting.

2) You must be wide awake and alert.

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