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" authority "Collocations - Expressions
authority accommodation1) She would have been eligible for and would have got local authority accommodation .

2) Where a juvenile is refused bail, he is normally remanded in local authority accommodation .

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authority agency1) Local authorities and economic development agencies have become major contributors.

2) Most is common ground for local authorities and other agencies .

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alert authority1) This was kept secret until a construction worker alerted the authorities.

2) There is nothing to alert planetary authorities over.

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authority approval1) Incorporation of mutual holding company, authority, approval .

2) They have to have water authority approval for use on mains water pipes.

more authority approval sentences
approve authority1) These renovation plans were subsequently approved by the relevant authorities.

2) These arms were never approved by any higher authority.

more approve authority sentences
authority arrest1) Indian authorities arrested more than 100 Tibetan protesters.

2) After the killings, the authorities arrested six police officers.

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assert authority1) His goals were to assert the royal authority and make money.

2) This choice allowed him to assert authority over all his territories.

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authority association1) I propose to consult local authority associations on that very point.

2) My Department is working closely with local authority associations on the matter.

more authority association sentences
authority ban1) The authorities have banned relatives from holding mourning ceremonies.

2) The Taliban authorities ban female aid workers from driving.

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authority believe1) The authorities believed these developments represented poor entertainment value.

2) authorities believe was in retaliation for recent drug suspect arrests.

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authority body1) In order to cooperate with law enforcement authorities or governmental regulatory bodies .

2) Delegated power Where decision-making is moved to another authority or body .

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authority boundary1) It also breaks the figures down into local authority boundaries .

2) These are coterminous with local authority boundaries .

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authority budget1) This effectively retains their share of the total authority budget .

2) The hon. Lady ought to examine local authority budgets .

more authority budget sentences
central authority1) Frequent civil wars made central authority tenuous at best.

2) However, liberal ministers were unable to establish central authority.

more central authority sentences
challenge authority1) We need more reporters willing to challenge authority .

2) Senior staff's authority was rarely challenged during these discussions.

more challenge authority sentences
Chinese authority1) Chinese authorities only acknowledged her detention months later.

2) They asked Chinese authorities to offer evidence.

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civil authority1) civil authorities at times executed those convicted.

2) The local civil authorities weren't pleased.

more civil authority sentences
competent authority1) These bodies are sometimes referred to as competent authorities.

2) He did it without pushing and shoving but with competent authority.

more competent authority sentences
authority consider1) The hospital authority is considering preserving his brain.

2) authorities are now considering a cause of death .

more authority consider sentences
authority control1) This standardization is achieved by a process called authority control .

2) It's opting out of local authority control .

more authority control sentences
authority council1) In addition there are 46 unitary authorities and 238 district councils .

2) This is either a district council, unitary authority, metropolitan council or national park authority.

more authority council sentences
authority decide1) How do planning authorities actually decide planning applications?

2) The authorities decided to close the museum.

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delegate authority1) The local commander may delegate this authority to subordinate commanders.

2) To what extent should authority be delegated ?

more delegate authority sentences
authority deny1) The authorities frequently denied detainees access to their lawyers.

2) authorities frequently denied foreigners access to schools and university campuses.

more authority deny sentences
authority department1) Residential accommodation provided by local authority social service departments .

2) The local authority environmental health department may be able to assist.

more authority department sentences
detain authority1) It is assumed that he has been detained by authorities.

2) There, he was caught and detained by immigration authorities.

more detain authority sentences
education authority1) In addition, education authorities offered induction courses.

2) His mother wishes to consider taking proceedings against the education authority.

more education authority sentences
enforcement authority1) Both decisions locate enforcement authority in courts.

2) Our enforcement authority also includes federal maritime environmental regulations.

more enforcement authority sentences
exercise authority1) Neither authority exercised marriage under threat of law .

2) Her authority is exercised through a Mayor.

more exercise authority sentences
authority expenditure1) An additional 3% was local authority capital expenditure .

2) Local authority housing expenditure suffered most.

more authority expenditure sentences
federal authority1) State and federal authorities may still file criminal charges.

2) The man was placed under the protection of federal authorities.

more federal authority sentences
authority figure1) I trusted and believed adults and authority figures .

2) Michael warns him about getting involved with authority figures .

more authority figure sentences
authority finance1) The Government are accused of changing their mind over local authority finance .

2) A Scottish Bill was introduced in 1986-87 because the Government panicked about local authority finance for Scotland.

more authority finance sentences
government authority1) The government authorities are still planning the land acquisition.

2) This is usually done by government authorities.

more government authority sentences
authority government1) The local authority and central government were asked to provide it all.

2) How concerning is that for Australian authorities and the Australian government ?

more authority government sentences
grant authority1) Many state laws explicitly grant this authority.

2) Kaomi was granted true authority which he yielded.

more grant authority sentences
health authority1) The relationships between senior staff in health authorities has altered profoundly.

2) Some health authorities and general practitioners employ link workers.

more health authority sentences
authority housing1) Limerick has a large stock of local authority housing .

2) Local authority housing is the responsibility of the lower-tier local authorities.

more authority housing sentences
authority impose1) We still see local authorities imposing restrictions on women.

2) Can controls imposed by regulatory authorities be applied effectively?

more authority impose sentences
authority influence1) Not everyone will occupy a position of authority and influence .

2) By 1524 Mary negotiated significant authority and influence for herself.

more authority influence sentences
inform authority1) The missing man's family informed authorities of his disappearance.

2) In airport scenes, the crew would inform the aviation authorities.

more inform authority sentences
authority institution1) The Archives accumulates records of central government authorities and republic-level institutions .

2) Until now they have all been spontaneous, without any official authority or institution organizing them.

more authority institution sentences
authority investigate1) He said the municipal authorities are investigating .

2) Vick's spokesperson says authorities are investigating .

more authority investigate sentences
authority issue1) Digital certificates are issued by certificate authorities.

2) The same general considerations apply to directives issued by authorities.

more authority issue sentences
authority jurisdiction1) The position, authority, or jurisdiction of a prince; sovereignty.

2) All individual 4-H units operate under the authority and jurisdiction of their respective 4-H VMO.

more authority jurisdiction sentences
lack authority1) Security forces lacking legal detention authority often arrested and detained individuals.

2) But it lacked authority to stop violence.

more lack authority sentences
legal authority1) Ability without legal authority is de facto power.

2) They rely on three different legal authorities.

more legal authority sentences
local authority1) The circular pushed local authorities towards change.

2) The local authorities calculate this tax annually.

more local authority sentences
notify authority1) Airport security saw the teenager and immediately notified authorities.

2) The central government notified local authorities of the decision .

more notify authority sentences
authority order1) authorities have ordered the plant to be shut down.

2) Diningrooms may be ordered by local authorities.

more authority order sentences
authority organisation1) She advises local authorities, health organisations and their partners.

2) We welcome contributions from Scotland's local authorities and partner organisations .

more authority organisation sentences
planning authority1) Local planning authorities are scored against these criteria.

2) Today most planning authorities enforce fairly strict guidelines.

more planning authority sentences
authority police1) They then reported the case to the authorities and police freed her.

2) It will not change existing traffic enforcement by local authorities and police on highways.

more authority police sentences
authority power1) The distinction between authority and power is again underscored.

2) It dislikes choice and parents having authority and power .

more authority power sentences
authority prestige1) authority and prestige are not equally distributed.

2) A certain authority and prestige naturally adhered to the teaching ministry.

more authority prestige sentences
question authority1) It means questioning authority and thinking for yourself.

2) They question authority and the status quo.

more question authority sentences
recognize authority1) I recognize no human moral authority outside my existential self.

2) Edwards refused to recognize Norris's authority.

more recognize authority sentences
authority refuse1) The remaining five authorities still refuse to pay.

2) Another authority refusing to provide critical documents for examination .

more authority refuse sentences
regulatory authority1) The division has regulatory authority over prescription drugs.

2) Clinical trials are closely supervised by appropriate regulatory authorities.

more regulatory authority sentences
authority responsibility1) A close relationship between authority and responsibility should be established.

2) With this authority, responsibility is further subdivided.

more authority responsibility sentences
authority say1) authorities said three dead bodies had been recovered.

2) Saudi authorities said that nobody was injured.

more authority say sentences
authority seize1) It was immediately seized by the authorities.

2) The knife and scissors were seized by authorities.

more authority seize sentences
Soviet authority1) The Soviet authorities placed Armenians under strict surveillance.

2) The Soviet authorities made proposals to change the border.

more Soviet authority sentences
authority spending1) I repeat that we will maintain firm vigilance over local authority spending .

2) Central government is pruning local authority spending, and the cuts are being felt.

more authority spending sentences
tax authority1) Each taxing authority determines its own budget.

2) This is because no school division has taxing authority.

more tax authority sentences
authority tenant1) It has a paternalistic approach to local authority tenants .

2) Local authority tenants and those in poor health were particularly likely to lack basic skills.

more authority tenant sentences
authority trust1) Some local authorities or NHS trusts offer Multisystemic Therapy (MST).

2) Certain funds are available from Regional Art Boards, local authorities and some trusts and charities.

more authority trust sentences
undermine authority1) This mode of proceeding undermines papal authority.

2) However, factories and mills undermined the old patriarchal authority.

more undermine authority sentences
unitary authority1) In addition there are 46 unitary authorities and 238 district councils.

2) The country is broken up into 22 unitary authorities.

more unitary authority sentences
urge authority1) He urged local authorities to refrain from violence.

2) We urge the Myanmar authorities to exercise utmost restraint.

more urge authority sentences
authority vest1) Legislative authority is vested in the City Council.

2) Legislative authority is vested in the Town Meeting.

more authority vest sentences
absolute authority1) The club president has no absolute authority.

2) He possessed absolute authority over his domain.

more absolute authority sentences
accept authority1) But accepting authority is not necessarily a philosophical activity.

2) Identification is a common and often proper ground for accepting authority.

more accept authority sentences
air of authority1) That lends an air of authority to the organization.

2) He wore horn-rim glasses and had an air of authority.

more air of authority sentences
appropriate authority1) Report any suspicious activity to appropriate authorities.

2) Review hazards and accept risk by appropriate authority 8.

more appropriate authority sentences
assume authority1) A boy needs responsibility; he also needs to assume authority.

2) It urged the Council to assume authority for the entire system.

more assume authority sentences
aura of authority1) In his mid forties, he stood six feet and his aura of authority dominated the room.

2) A perspective that dominates the imagery of social realism, it bears an irresistible aura of authority, independence and defiance.

more aura of authority sentences
authority file1) The idea is to create a single worldwide virtual authority file.

2) The entire subject authority file is also available on CD-ROM.

more authority file sentences
authority of law1) I therefore find that the acts of defendant are illegal and without authority of law.

2) Article 31 provided that "No person shall be deprived of his property save by authority of law.

more authority of law sentences
authority on1) Such laws frequently confer considerable discretionary authority on public administrators.

2) authorities on occasion denied family members prompt access to prisoners.

more authority on sentences
authority to do1) He claims unilateral authority to do it.

2) And the proposed amendment gives authority to do that.

more authority to do sentences
authority1) An additional 3% was local authority capital expenditure.

2) Acting without such authority was considered piracy.

more authority sentences
cede authority1) cede authority, and he would sacrifice principle for victories.

2) As a result, Congress often cedes authority to experts at the executive branch.

more cede authority sentences
cite authority1) A few remarks may be made about citing authorities.

2) This indicates that the cited authority constitutes additional material that supports the proposition.

more cite authority sentences
civilian authority1) civilian authorities generally maintained effective control of the security forces.

2) The civilian authorities maintained effective control of the police.

more civilian authority sentences
complete authority1) B. under the complete authority of state governments.

2) The United States Congress has complete authority over Indian affairs.

more complete authority sentences
constitutional authority1) If taken seriously, it is illegal defiance of constitutional authority.

2) Because he has no constitutional authority to make such changes.

more constitutional authority sentences
contact authority1) The actor claims employees contacted authorities about possible credit card fraud.

2) The hospital delayed contacting authorities until October 2003.

more contact authority sentences
defy authority1) We are not required to defy authorities.

2) Historically protesters who defied authority were generally arrested and locked up .

more defy authority sentences
demonstrate authority1) This matters because another function of uniform is to demonstrate authority .

2) The attention to detail demonstrates importance and the emphasized high ceilings demonstrate authority.

more demonstrate authority sentences
district authority1) The Silesian district authority became an imperial office.

2) The Kancheepuram district authorities transferred the land to the forest department.

more district authority sentences
divine authority1) It has never been blessed by any divine authority.

2) The divine authority of the scriptures asserted.

more divine authority sentences
establish authority1) Enough talks about establishing authority and relationships!

2) Therefore, establish authority at the beginning.

more establish authority sentences
exert authority1) Record company representatives will also exert authority by having the signing at their office.

2) Without this internal balance, the will may give up its power to an external substance that exerts authority, providing shadow order to your life.

more exert authority sentences
foremost authority1) The search engines are seeking the foremost authority on a given subject.

2) He was considered a foremost authority of hardwood logs in the country.

more foremost authority sentences
full authority1) The body should be given full authority to discharge its duty.

2) But, they had full authority to kill him.

more full authority sentences
give authority1) Ward was given authority over many "old salts".

2) Brooks became assistant principal and was given authority over discipline.

more give authority sentences
governmental authority1) The speed limits are set by governmental authority.

2) Traffickers reportedly operate illegally in certain regions where governmental authority lacks.

more governmental authority sentences
have authority1) It dislikes choice and parents having authority and power.

2) The family has authority over the individual throughout life.

more have authority sentences
highest authority1) It was sanctioned by the highest authority.

2) There is no highest authority of Hinduism .

more highest authority sentences
housing authority1) The federal housing authorities had no powers of enforcement.

2) The city also has its own housing authority.

more housing authority sentences
I have it on good authority1) I have it on good authority that Fat Sam's pleasure Is coarsing.

2) I have it on good authority that Graham Westley Is the new manager .

more I have it on good authority sentences
immigration authority1) There, he was caught and detained by immigration authorities.

2) Mr. Pieper said all were being held for immigration authorities.

more immigration authority sentences
in authority1) Differences in authority may research improve doctors for complications.

2) Typical person in authority occupies an office.

more in authority sentences
invoke the authority1) One need not invoke the authority of the law over the defamer to justify such action.

2) V for Vendetta is a vaguely similar film where the purposefully faceless V is more explicit in invoking the authority of a yet to be constituted people to legitimise his anti-governmental acts.

more invoke the authority sentences
judicial authority1) Iranian judicial authorities use violent and lethal policies in confronting drugs.

2) The town council only remained as a judicial authority.

more judicial authority sentences
law enforcement authority1) Consequently, law enforcement authorities are concerned.

2) law enforcement authorities does not help much.

more law enforcement authority sentences
lawful authority1) The state has overstepped its lawful authority .

2) And it has no other conceivable source of lawful authority.

more lawful authority sentences
leading authority1) A number of leading authorities support only limited review.

2) Quickly become known as a trusted, leading authority.

more leading authority sentences
legitimate authority1) In another respect, however, he does not legitimate authority.

2) This was to resolve the legitimate authority of the denomination.

more legitimate authority sentences
local authority stock1) local authority stocks provide long-term funding.

2) I shall say it again: local authority stock is 2.5 per cent.

more local authority stock sentences
military authority1) In contrast local military authorities would brook no delay.

2) Those commissioned with military authority also built bridges.

more military authority sentences
moral authority1) I recognize no human moral authority outside my existential self.

2) They are both sources of social and moral authority .

more moral authority sentences
municipal authority1) He said the municipal authorities are investigating .

2) The municipal authorities left the building in 1982.

more municipal authority sentences
parental authority1) In domestic life parental authority is very strong.

2) We must also leave behind our parental authority.

more parental authority sentences
political authority1) The terms of political authority were unresolved.

2) The Army was ultimately under political authority.

more political authority sentences
port authority1) No report was obtained by the ports authority.

2) Such cases usually escape detection by the port authorities.

more port authority sentences
position of authority1) A manager is appointed to a position of authority organisation.

2) Without a beat, individuals in positions of authority delivered.

more position of authority sentences
possess authority1) He possesses authority over all flesh.

2) Hence, He possesses authority over all people on earth, even the highest of human authorities.

more possess authority sentences
presidential authority1) We took a muscular view of presidential authority.

2) Congress began threatening the Nixon administration with challenges to presidential authority.

more presidential authority sentences
proper authority1) Kids are being taught to disobey the proper authority.

2) Report all suspicious vehicles around the neighborhood to the proper authorities.

more proper authority sentences
public authority1) There are several different procedures available for public authorities.

2) By 1956, 53 public authorities had been created.

more public authority sentences
rebel against authority1) Young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations.

2) Di Giovanni started rebelling against authority at a very young age.

more rebel against authority sentences
regional authority1) The relations between the central and regional authorities were strained.

2) They were transferred to regional authorities or became independent companies.

more regional authority sentences
reject authority1) But revolutions are made by rejecting authority and asking radically new questions.

2) Anti-authoritarian doesn't mean rejecting authority just because it is authority.

more reject authority sentences
relevant authority1) The agreements are subject to approval from relevant authorities.

2) Please check with the relevant authorities before ordering.

more relevant authority sentences
religious authority1) He had both political and religious authority.

2) The local religious authorities opposed his ideas.

more religious authority sentences
respect authority1) To "honor the king" means to respect authority.

2) Asuka had always been brought up to respect authority.

more respect authority sentences
respected authority1) respected authorities now state that 85 percent of disease is caused by emotions.

2) Diébédo Francis Kéré is a respected authority in the field of architecture.

more respected authority sentences
secular authority1) This led to uneasy tensions with secular authorities.

2) He was turned over to the secular authorities.

more secular authority sentences
show authority1) Black is the color that shows authority.

2) Likewise, websites showing authority and expertise are trusted more.

more show authority sentences
speak with authority1) It does not prevent a man speaking with authority.

2) Many men and women are capable of speaking with authority.

more speak with authority sentences
statutory authority1) A local authority derives its powers from statutory authority.

2) The court found no express statutory authority for the revocation.

more statutory authority sentences
supreme authority1) The simple letter of the gospel was their supreme authority.

2) The Council is the supreme authority in these matters.

more supreme authority sentences
transfer authority1) The Soviet Union transferred authority over Crimea to Ukraine in 1954.

2) It's called the Digital Asset transfer authority -- or DATA.

more transfer authority sentences
ultimate authority1) Provincial tribunals are the ultimate authority for appeals and reviews.

2) Pharaoh was the ultimate authority in the country.

more ultimate authority sentences
under the authority1) Initial appointments under the authority may not exceed 1 year.

2) Districts are usually under the authority of a district superintendent.

more under the authority sentences
use authority1) The final subchapter in this act focuses on land use authority.

2) Unlike conventional notions of leadership, using authority is not a leadership style.

more use authority sentences
wield authority1) Flynn wielded authority over the sisters.

2) The village chief wields authority over a village on behalf of the paramount chief.

more wield authority sentences
without authority1) It is hard to conceive responsibility without authority.

2) The criminal offense of fleeing legal custody without authority or consent.

more without authority sentences
world authority1) Is a world authority a realistic goal?

2) CfBT is a world authority on school improvement and school inspection.

more world authority sentences

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