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" autism "Collocations - Expressions
autism advocate1) You have become a champion of children and particularly an autism advocate .

2) On the other hand, the autism cure movement advocates for a cure.

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autism awareness1) He is doing his part to spread autism awareness .

2) Students are invited to wear blue for autism awareness .

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cause autism1) No one is sure what causes autism.

2) Moreover, no one knows what causes autism.

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autism community1) Temple quickly became a much sought-after speaker in the autism community .

2) Click on the bar below to join our autism community !

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develop autism1) It may also cut a child's chances of developing autism.

2) Why do some children develop autism?

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diagnose autism1) I was reading about the guy who first diagnosed autism in 1949.

2) autism is typically first diagnosed in children between birth and 30 months of age.

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autism diagnosis1) The road to an autism diagnosis can be difficult and time-consuming.

2) Over the past several years, autism diagnoses in children have greatly increased.

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autism dog1) What does an autism service dog learn?

2) Can an autism service dog be taken everywhere?

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have autism1) Marc has autism and will soon reach adulthood.

2) And she was later revealed to have autism.

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include autism1) Mitochondrial disorders often present themselves as neurological disorders, including autism.

2) She helps children with behavior challenges including autism, ADHD and other problems.

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autism research1) The autism awareness bracelet is another means to promote autism research and awareness .

2) I now work in autism research .

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autism risk1) Some published studies have tied induced labor to autism risk .

2) Currently, the best early marker of autism risk is family history.

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autism symptom1) autism symptoms change with age and in general, improve.

2) A natural approach to sleeping for autism symptoms .

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autism syndrome1) Associated conditions, especially in younger patients include autism, developmental delay syndromes and psychiatric conditions requiring several medications.

2) OCD is a constituent of many other disorders including Autism, Tourette's syndrome, and frontal lobe lesions.

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autism treatment1) DTT is often called an "autism treatment ".

2) One of the treatments used in autism treatment is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

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treat autism1) Later studies found secretin clearly ineffective in treating autism.

2) Under the latter category, some programs attempted to positively treat autism.

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autism spectrum disorder1) Pervasive developmental disorders are also called autism spectrum disorders.

2) Understanding the frequency and trends of autism spectrum disorders.

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autism1) How much does an autism service dog cost?

2) What does an autism service dog learn?

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