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authorized agent1) The government conducts its business through authorized agents called contracting officers.

2) We agreed that the authorized agent may be an apartment manager.

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authorized biography1) Armstrong's authorized biography ," ", was published in 2005.

2) It was alleged in the authorized biography of Pfc.

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authorized capital1) Nominal share capital is like an authorized share capital .

2) The authorized capital was about 26.2 million dollars.

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authorized dealer1) This limited edition limousine is available through authorized Lincoln Continental dealers .

2) Did you purchase from an authorized dealer ?

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authorized distributor1) Olive is available world-wide through a network of authorized distributors .

2) The Our global network of dedicated authorized distributors fully supports every sale.

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only authorized1) A role-based security function restricts system access to only authorized users .

2) Access to the storage facility should be restricted to only authorized personnel.

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authorized person1) The authorized accountable person for the facility should sign the certificate.

2) Some authorized persons can also be assigned as ward heads.

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authorized personnel1) This laboratory can only be used by authorized personnel .

2) Access to the site is restricted to authorized personnel only.

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authorized representative1) The complaint may be filed by an authorized representative .

2) Each party has signed this Agreement through its authorized representative .

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authorized reseller1) My little authorized reseller here has some 400 backorders .

2) Notify sells its mobility products directly and through authorized resellers internationally .

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authorized retailer1) The drives are available immediately from authorized retailers .

2) Be careful that you buy refurbished iPod devices from authorized retailers .

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authorized strength1) The regiment's authorized strength was 1,000 men.

2) The authorized strength of the department is 293 full-time members.

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authorized transportation1) An attendant authorized transportation under par.

2) C3025 for the authorized commercial transportation for the official ordered travel distance. 4.

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authorized travel1) The employee is authorized separation travel to the actual residence.

2) R\u0026R travel Combined with other authorized travel .

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authorized unauthorized1) Antiquities displayed in Israeli museums come from authorized and unauthorized excavations.

2) The inability of Internet users to distinguish between authorized and unauthorized distributors was considered irrelevant.

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authorized user1) Are they joint account holders or authorized users ?

2) The custodian normally issues this equipment to authorized users .

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authorized Version1) Most major English Versions follow the authorized Version .

2) The text is the authorized King James Version .

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authorized signatory1) Letter requesting change of name signed by the authorized signatories.

2) E.J. Homberger was the only authorized signatory, Haenggi and Vogel were directors.

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Authorized Version1) Latino had stated that it was an Authorized version.

2) Most major English Versions follow the Authorized Version.

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authorized1) Officially authorized age is eighteen years old.

2) A reduced per diem rate is authorized under par.

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