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austere beauty1) The surrounding desolate landscape evidences a stark, austere beauty .

2) Bertrand Russell described mathematics as having an austere beauty like sculpture.

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austere environment1) TransApps provides Soldiers with a number of secure mobile applications that function within a broad range of austere environments .

2) Tactical units within SAD are also capable of carrying out covert political action while deployed in hostile and austere environments .

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austere life1) No, it was rather an austere life .

2) They were expected to lead austere, dedicated lives, beyond reproach.

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simple austere1) Inside, the layout and execution are simple and austere.

2) As a leader, 'Umar was known for his simple, austere lifestyle.

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austere style1) Its compact cardboard box is designed in an austere style .

2) The adoption of the austere Renaissance style did not catch on well in Portugal.

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austere time1) Q Can quality be maintained in austere times ?

2) In austere times, The Horrors remain unwavering advocates of escapism.

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very austere1) These monasteries were built very solid with thick walls and very austere.

2) This architectural style is very austere.

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austere1) The main cell block stands amidst the austere parade grounds.

2) His wife was tall and austere and wore smoked pearls.

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