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as authentic1) The collection is regarded by the Shi'a as authentic.

2) It is over forty years old and as authentic as Elvis himself.

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be authentic1) I concluded is was almost certainly authentic .

2) A judge ruled the statement was authentic.

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completely authentic1) It was a completely authentic moment.

2) The local farming village we visit is completely authentic, traditional houses where you will meet local farmers.

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consider authentic1) Only legislation published in editions of official journals is considered authentic.

2) Messages without recent time indicators are not considered authentic.

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authentic costume1) The money was raised by giving displays in full authentic western costumes .

2) We had location shooting rather than cheap studio backdrops, and very authentic costumes .

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authentic cuisine1) The kitchen will offer authentic Jamaican cuisine with fresh seafood specials .

2) Expert guides, authentic cuisine, genuine accommodation, insurance included.

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authentic depiction1) In the main, it was a documentary type of novel which aimed to be an authentic depiction of a particular environment, and as such it tended to continue the tradition of nineteenth-century realism.

2) This assumption, however, contradicted what many believe to be the most authentic depiction : the face seen in the image on the famous – some say infamous – Shroud of Turin.

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authentic dish1) Local families host visitors and prepare authentic dishes for them.

2) In need of an excellent, authentic Mexican dish ?

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document authentic1) I believe that the witnesses and the documents are authentic.

2) Witnesses fully qualified to testify on the subject stated their opinions that the Trawniki documents were authentic.

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equally authentic1) They considered all the ancient historians as equally authentic.

2) As is customary in UN conventions all 6 languages are equally authentic.

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authentic expression1) They are looking for authentic expressions as the experiences unfold.

2) But the struggle for and possibility of authentic expression is never obsolete.

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authentic feel1) All the locations have a very authentic feel .

2) Engraved gems are used for an authentic medieval feel .

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feel authentic1) It felt authentic, but almost solemn.

2) Certainly the emotions articulated in many of the poems feel authentic.

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authentic flavor1) Auvergne's fish is also well-known for its authentic flavor .

2) With high imaginativeness we enjoyed the authentic oriental flavor of Arabian Nights .

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genuine authentic1) Ensure your experiences are genuine, authentic and true.

2) True in the sense of real, genuine, authentic.

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authentic handbag1) Beginning in the 1990s, all authentic Chanel handbags were numbered.

2) LuxeDH, America's choice for authentic preowned designer handbags .

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authentic happiness1) Can teachers help students find authentic happiness ?

2) The prayer of parents is therefore profoundly important for authentic family happiness .

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authentic jersey1) You are authentic cheap jerseys my hero!

2) The disappointing play of the authentic nike jerseys .

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authentic leadership1) Developing the moral component of authentic leadership .

2) Toward an identity based model of authentic leadership .

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look authentic1) The thumb safety lock and grip safety look authentic as well.

2) Wheels looked authentic, but were hard black plastic and not rubber.

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only authentic1) The museum says that it is the only authentic portrait of Crazy Horse.

2) This is the only authentic record of the KTP Appendant degree rituals.

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seem authentic1) Every item has been well sculpted and seems authentic.

2) He seems authentic, his rivals seem stiff.

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authentic self1) To remain always with authentic self and blessed with divine order.

2) Only such a static, to discover the most authentic self .

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so authentic1) so authentic in fact, that it didn't warrant any pictures.

2) I enjoyed reading your essay that it's so authentic and positive.

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sound authentic1) Dialogue needs to sound authentic, and characters need to be individuals.

2) The Mountie's impressive presence dominated the whole place and he sounded undoubtedly authentic.

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truly authentic1) A spacious toy box with a truly authentic look.

2) Are the holy Scriptures truly authentic and divine?

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very authentic1) The Thai menu is extensive and very authentic.

2) All the locations have a very authentic feel .

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authentic voice1) Spaces where authentic voices are prized over agency ones.

2) His authoritarian position invalidated my authentic inner spiritual voice .

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authentic Vuitton1) It Cheap authentic Louis Vuitton is off white patent leather.

2) An authentic Louis Vuitton won't have logo's cut in half by a seam or stitching.

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authentic document1) There are other advantages to having an authentic document.

2) The latter were, almost universally, made up of authentic documents.

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authentic experience1) The authentic experience may be impossible to recapture.

2) They need authentic experiences outside the university in schools.

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authentic expression of1) Reclaiming oneself and embodiment allow for a more authentic expression of self.

2) By all appearances, the attack on the Halabja Monument was an authentic expression of popular rage.

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authentic flavour1) Such mechanisation produces very consistent results throughout the year, but the cheeses often lack the authentic flavour of handmade varieties.

2) GOVERNIG BOARD The Governing Board endorses the quality of the grapes and wines produced to guarantee that each bottle holds the authentic flavour.

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authentic folk1) Theocritus may have drawn on authentic folk traditions of Sicilian shepherds.

2) The Göncöl Orchestra also gives individual concerts based on authentic folk music.

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authentic food1) Glad to finally have a real Thai restaurant with authentic food here.

2) I was able to get authentic food and a lot of seafood.

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authentic recipe1) Well, that is the authentic recipe.

2) This unique cookbook provides authentic recipes in historical contexts, adding flavor to learning.

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authentic style1) All dressed in authentic style with period equipment and period skills being demonstrated.

2) Quintessential moments of personal space reveal meanings which produce an authentic style of weave.

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authentic taste1) Real ingredients, simple cooking, authentic tastes .

2) Which is closest to the authentic taste of Gose?

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authentic touch1) This Graded Hammer technology also enables the instrument to provide authentic touch in a lightweight instrument.

2) These button at the waist for closure and have working pockets in the front while ties in the back add an authentic touch.

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authentic1) Most reproduction helmets lack authentic metal liner bands.

2) I concluded is was almost certainly authentic .

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