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Australian batsman1) The Australian batsmen remained at the crease throughout the afternoon session.

2) That should be standard fare for other Australian Test batsmen .

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Australian captain1) It was the 20 th such instance for an Australian captain .

2) However, the Australian captain refused to consider doing so.

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Australian citizen1) Australian citizens are issued the visa free of charge.

2) Australian citizen concerned about justice for all.

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Australian colony1) Some were also tried locally in other Australian colonies .

2) Postal services grew throughout the Australian colonies as they were established.

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Australian division1) The Australian federal electoral division of Menzies.

2) To the north, Australian 9th division continued its attacks.

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Australian dollar1) Australian dollar is ridiculously strong against USD .

2) The Australian dollar is a fully convertible currency.

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European Australian1) European and Australian releases were announced on later dates.

2) European and Australian surgeons have had experience using the band since 1994.

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Australian football1) This page is a glossary of Australian rules football .

2) Australian rules football was introduced to Russia in 2011.

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Australian Force1) The Australian Defence Force has a number of domestic responsibilities.

2) The Australian Air Force was formed on 31 March 1921.

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Australian government1) The Australian government pledged $10 million in immediate aid funding.

2) The Australian government is currently seeking to introduce mandatory data retention.

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Australian Open1) Her next stop was the Australian Open .

2) Her next tournament was the 2014 Australian Open .

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Australian outback1) Solar powered vehicles start race across the Australian outback .

2) The random spot is in the Australian outback .

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Australian Prix1) Berger later recounted further events before the 1990 Australian Grand Prix .

2) Gardner won a race at the Australian Grand Prix .

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Australian team1) Australian national cricket team from 1996 through 2007.

2) Australian national cricket team from 1945 through 1953.

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Australian Territory1) The Australian Capital Territory has no equivalent position.

2) This exclusive economic zone does not include the Australian Antarctic Territory .

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Australian tour1) In that Australian tour he took 25 wickets.

2) Hines was well received and an Australian tour followed.

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Australian bush1) The best kept secret about Australian bush foods is their nutritional value.

2) He warned against the visibility of new aerodromes cut into the Australian bush.

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Australian continent1) The Australian continent has an unusually generous mineral endowment .

2) Eventually the level of the whole Australian continent rose.

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Australian Aborigine1) Macquarie is regarded as having been ambivalent towards the Australian Aborigines.

2) Only the Australian Aborigines appear as a unique group.

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Australian Alps1) The modern experiment is not supported for the Australian Alps.

2) Snow falls on the Australian Alps and parts of Tasmania.

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Australian Antarctic Territory1) This exclusive economic zone does not include the Australian Antarctic Territory.

2) It led to the establishment of the Australian Antarctic Territory.

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Australian ballot1) Dunn supported the Australian ballot system, which helped to eliminate vote buying.

2) In 1892, Grover Cleveland became the first president elected in part with Australian ballots.

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Australian Capital Territory1) The Australian Capital Territory has no equivalent position.

2) A similar scheme applies in the Australian Capital Territory.

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Australian cattle dog1) Most Australian cattle dogs love the water and are excellent swimmers.

2) An Australian cattle dog can excel in obedience competition.

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Australian crawl1) He was replaced in Australian crawl by Bill McDonough.

2) Australian crawl were associated with surf music and sponsored a surfing competition in 1984.

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Australian doubles1) Australian doubles and the I-Formation are variations of up-and-back strategy.

2) Both Australian doubles and the I-Formation are poaching formations that can also be used to start the point for serve-and-volley doubles.

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Australian kelpie1) It is possible that the Australian kelpie is descended from dingoes too, however that has not been proven.

2) The Australian kelpie sheepdog is widely believed to be the result of crossing dingos with English herding dogs, but this (the dingo blood) is not upheld by breed documentation.

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Australian pine1) Flanking Bridge Street is Coquina Beach; a 96 acre Australian pine shaded oasis of beauty.

2) Florida, Brazilian Pepper and Australian pine have invaded and taken over...the Aust.

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Australian Rules football1) This page is a glossary of Australian Rules football.

2) Australian Rules football was introduced to Russia in 2011.

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Australian Rules1) Australian Rules also has a nominal but growing international audience.

2) This page is a glossary of Australian Rules football.

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Australian silky terrier1) The RSPCA Purple Cross Award was first awarded to an Australian silky terrier named Fizo on 25 September 1996.

2) A popular companion dog, the Yorkshire terrier has also been part of the development of other breeds, such as the Australian silky Terrier.

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Australian tea tree1) The Aromatherapy Trade Council of the UK and the Australian tea tree Association have published rebuttals.

2) We went on to become the first company to introduce Australian tea tree Oil to the United States market.

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Australian1) Australian interest rates bank interest rates australia money interest.

2) Australian initiatives are therefore worth closer inspection.

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