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augment ability1) Some courses have special cap power-ups which augment Mario's abilities .

2) These points can be used to upgrade or augment various pre-determined abilities .

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band augment1) The band was augmented with Chris Dunne on keyboards.

2) The band was augmented by producer Ted Templeman who contributed organ to the title track.

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augment capability1) A branch formed recently to augment the land combat capabilities of SLN.

2) More controversially, medical nanorobots might be used to augment natural human capabilities .

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augment capacity1) Auxiliary storage devices will augment the memory capacity .

2) In addition to these, GAIL is augmenting the capacities of its two existing pipelines, viz.

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augment effect1) Burial of crop residue can augment the beneficial effects of crop rotation.

2) This suction augments the natural stack effect and pulls warm air out of the building.

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augment effort1) These efforts were augmented by a series of major busts in England and Europe.

2) Engagement with customers will certainly augment companies' efforts to improve online presence and build a better brand.

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augment experience1) They complement and augment the experience .

2) Many sites utilize other aspects as well, such as communities and social networking tools to augment the experience further.

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augment fleet1) The fleet is augmented by various aircraft and supply vessels.

2) These aircraft augmented an existing fleet of AN-32 and AN-26 aircraft.

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augment force1) Italian mercenaries hired with papal gold augmented the Catholic force .

2) In times of war the armed forces were augmented by peasants.

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greatly augment1) Their response was that this method had greatly augmented their income.

2) He then turned towards the Yorkshire border with greatly augmented forces.

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augment income1) That means a large and constantly augmenting income for the Trust.

2) She attended Dartmouth College on a full scholarship, her income augmented with several part-time jobs.

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augment population1) The park's native bird populations are augmented by migrant species in both winter and summer.

2) They took Lebedos driving out the Carians and augmented the Aeolian population of Teos.

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augment power1) By remaining within the nations, we augment the power of their will.

2) During this encounter, her power was vastly augmented by the alien Beyonder.

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augment resource1) augmenting resources rather than hiring permanently also saves companies costs.

2) In-house resources are augmented by an Inter-Library Loan network.

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augment strength1) In 1808, its strength was augmented to 1300 men.

2) Monroe had augmented strength and reflexes superior to that of any Olympic athlete.

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augment supply1) The power balance bracelets augment oxygen supply .

2) They will do nothing to augment supplies .

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augment1) The power balance bracelets augment oxygen supply.

2) Radar analysis is augmented by automated detection systems called algorithms.

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