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authorization bill1) Votes on the defense authorization bill are also possible.

2) The Congress could do this through annual appropriations and authorization bills .

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authorization card1) Can I still use the work authorization card to travel?

2) B) What percentage of Hyper-Tech employees signed authorization cards ?

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authorization code1) I need to form an authorization code .

2) The COTR shall establish authorization codes for controlling purchases.

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congressional authorization1) Several memorials were close to losing their congressional authorization in 1994.

2) New weapons programmes cannot proceed without congressional authorization.

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authorization document1) What Should the User authorization document ?

2) A United States citizenship and immigration services employment authorization document or refugee travel document.

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employment authorization1) Those who demonstrate their eligibility will be given temporary employment authorization.

2) employment authorization for dependents of employment-based nonimmigrants.

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explicit authorization1) They may not be used in other Internet or non Internet publications without explicit authorization.

2) Jackson had invaded Florida during the First Seminole War without explicit public authorization from Calhoun or Monroe.

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export authorization1) To what types of export authorizations do the terms of ยง 126.18 apply?

2) As a result, access to USML items by such employees must be specifically authorized under the relevant export authorization.

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express authorization1) Make a payment out of your account without your prior express authorization.

2) No general grant of authority for rulemaking shall be considered as express authorization.

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authorization form1) Include a fax number to send credit card authorization form .

2) They are also sending credit card authorization forms to accelerate cash collections.

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get authorization1) The rep gets the authorization and returns.

2) Or you can't get further authorizations from a dead company?

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give authorization1) Cheney again gave the authorization to engage.

2) On 8 January Hitler admitted defeat and gave authorization to withdraw.

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grant authorization1) What data should contain the document granting authorization?

2) On October 8, 1947 the authorization was granted .

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include authorization1) A sample authorization is included for your review.

2) Can the authorization be included with other documentation?

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issue authorization1) The number of such authorizations issued for this election exceeded anything known before.

2) SBA relies on representations in the loan application and supporting documents in issuing the Authorization.

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judicial authorization1) The government entered homes without judicial authorization.

2) Four weeks later she asked for judicial authorization to terminate the pregnancy.

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legislative authorization1) Additionally, many public authorities have the power to create subsidiary authorities without additional legislative authorization.

2) The legislative authorization and Executive agency capacity for such a round-up of dissidents remains operational.

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authorization letter1) The functional manager will provide an authorization letter .

2) Sample of authorization letter to bank for collecting cheque.

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marketing authorization1) What must be included in the marketing authorization?

2) European marketing authorization was granted for Kuvan in 2008.

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need authorization1) Again, he made no mention of needing congressional authorization.

2) Do I need a physician's authorization for your services?

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authorization number1) There is no need to call for a Return authorization number .

2) The PRC government research authorization number granted to this project was 99-118.

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obtain authorization1) We have been successful in obtaining insurance authorization for services provided.

2) What is the process for obtaining authorization of medical treatment?

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prior authorization1) Do not return merchandise without prior authorization.

2) The truth is that prior authorization never died.

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authorization process1) This is simply an extra step in the authorization process .

2) It allows external modules to plug-in the authorization process .

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proper authorization1) Copies of software should be made only with proper authorization.

2) Don't allow users to install a modem line without proper authorization.

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provide authorization1) Tree ordinances simply provide the authorization and standards for management activities.

2) EJB provides authorization using the Java security model.

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receive authorization1) The county treasurer receives authorization to collect taxes.

2) A few moments later he receives an authorization.

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authorization request1) We have yet to receive that authorization request .

2) When submitting authorization requests for Visa, you must enter the address and zip code fields. 4 295 The amount of this request was only partially approved on the given prepaid card.

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request authorization1) For the more recent files, it is necessary to request an authorization.

2) The State may request authorization on this basis only in very unusual circumstances.

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authorization requirement1) In these examples, the question of the authorization requirement has to be asked.

2) In recent years, this authorization requirement has been considerably expanded to include many new products and destination countries.

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require authorization1) Prior authorization is required on all returns.

2) Some medicines require authorization from your healthcare professional.

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return authorization1) Company credit account denial for unfavorable report request for return authorization.

2) A return authorization will be issued. 2.

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revoke authorization1) Can i revoke authorization on payday loan debits.

2) Tomorrowsworld.com reserves the right to revoke this authorization at any time.

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seek authorization1) We have to show cause and seek authorization.

2) We should not, however, seek U.N. authorization for the military measures.

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sign authorization1) Have the homeowner sign an authorization to release form.

2) Horowitz handed him the authorization signed by Evans.

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statutory authorization1) This freedom may only be encroached upon through statutory authorization.

2) But another court held that punitive damages against a municipality cannot be awarded without statutory authorization.

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authorization system1) All Manage components incorporate databases and access authorization systems .

2) In this manner, any authorization system can be very easily connected within the framework.

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travel authorization1) The government often failed to respond to requests for travel authorization.

2) Two copies of dependent travel authorization if issued. 3.

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authorization vote1) The Republic pilots recently held a strike authorization vote .

2) A strike authorization vote is not a vote to strike .

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work authorization1) Will the firm also assist my spouse in obtaining work authorization?

2) I have work authorization in connection with the F-1 status.

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write authorization1) We recommend that you keep written authorization on file, just in case somebody questions your submission.

2) The release of any animal is prohibited, without written authorization of the landowner or primary land manager.

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written authorization1) No other use is permitted without our prior written authorization.

2) Receive written authorization from SSA to collect a fee.

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ask for authorization1) We're now asking for authorization to intensify our studies for these dams.

2) They will ask for authorization from the Brazilian Research Ethics Committee which should take between 6 to 8 months.

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authorization for1) authorization for interception of communications in certain terrorism related offenses.

2) We have been successful in obtaining insurance authorization for services provided.

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authorization from1) Some medicines require authorization from your healthcare professional.

2) The engagement had no advance authorization from the nascent government.

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authorization1) The government entered homes without judicial authorization.

2) Do not return merchandise without prior authorization.

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formal authorization1) A formal authorization process shall be defined and followed for provisioning of user IDs.

2) This policy was necessary because formal authorization documents could not keep pace with the rapidly changing situation.

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have authorization1) Any locality that has authorization to establish charter schools may have local law governing the process.

2) He didn't have authorization from Congress because he was out of touch with Congress.

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official authorization1) As far as I know, that's all the official authorization he ever had.

2) The government requires that religious groups receive official authorization before they can meet, even in private homes.

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with authorization1) Among other matters, it dealt with authorization for surgery.

2) School groups traveling with authorization letters may be admitted through an AOG.

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without authorization1) What types of marketing communications are allowable without authorization?

2) Someone has removed the tree without authorization.

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