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authentication algorithm1) The impact will vary with authentication algorithm used and other factors.

2) Both supported message authentication algorithms are of the HMAC family.

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allow authentication1) This calls a script that returns 0 is authentication is allowed or any other code for deny.

2) This allowed a single user authentication to NDS to govern access to any server in the directory tree structure.

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base authentication1) In an internet scenario, we should always use "Forms based authentication".

2) Having alternative solutions such as token based authentication or using secret form fields to detect suspicious submissions.

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biometric authentication1) biometric authentication will identify only legitimate users.

2) Finally, there is great user resistance to biometric authentication.

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certificate authentication1) This occurs prior to client certificate authentication.

2) Does TLS client certificate authentication mitigate this?

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client authentication1) This certificate is used for client authentication.

2) This occurs prior to client certificate authentication.

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authentication code1) Message authentication code (MAC) is used for data integrity.

2) Message authentication codes (MACs) are often built from block ciphers.

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authentication credential1) Encrypt communication fully, including authentication credentials .

2) This data could include extremely sensitive information such as private encryption keys and authentication credentials .

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do authentication1) You can also do authentication and authorization using Mason components.

2) The ssh login does the authentication.

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enable authentication1) This option is used to enable smartcard authentication in general.

2) For instance, you could disable anonymous authentication or enable Windows authentication.

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factor authentication1) Two factor authentication is useless in its current state .

2) A single ASP completely bypassed all security and two factor authentication .

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HTTP authentication1) HTTP Digest authentication with an IE flavor.

2) For 401 response codes (authentication required), basic HTTP authentication is performed.

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identity authentication1) Specifically, aspects of HealthCare.gov relating to digital identity authentication were assigned to Experian.

2) While ultimately unsuccessful, the scheme exposed the need for much stricter identity authentication where such large dollars are at stake.

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implement authentication1) To realize accounts synchronization, we implemented account authentication by intercepting API function through plug-in.

2) You implicitly use cookies if you use session state and if you implement forms authentication.

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authentication information1) Change of user controlled authentication information shall be supported.

2) Returning authentication failure information may aid intruders in cracking the authentication system.

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Kerberos authentication1) This is required to support Kerberos authentication.

2) Later, Kerberos authentication was also added.

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authentication key1) The size of the private authentication key (the secret) is 16 octets.

2) The associated secret key is the user's secret authentication key (authKey).

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authentication mechanism1) There are many protocols that need to support stronger authentication mechanisms .

2) Sharing of passwords with multiple authentication mechanisms .

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authentication method1) The authentication method is not configured correctly.

2) This authentication method uses SSL client certificates to perform authentication.

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authentication module1) The composition of various authentication modules should be carefully examined.

2) In this RFC we discuss the architecture and design of pluggable authentication modules .

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multi authentication1) Biometric authentication also satisfies the regulatory definition of true multi-factor authentication.

2) In addition to deployment costs, multi-factor authentication often carries significant additional support costs.

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origin authentication1) It provides encryption and data origin authentication.

2) AH guarantees connectionless integrity and data origin authentication of IP packets.

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password authentication1) Any email program can use normal password authentication.

2) Normal password authentication uses your standard password to open the mailbox.

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perform authentication1) This authentication method uses SSL client certificates to perform authentication.

2) Contains information required to perform the authentication and encryption services.

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authentication procedure1) Are the user authentication procedures bullet-proof ?

2) If the authentication Code is non-zero, then the corresponding authentication procedure is invoked.

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authentication process1) Human factors are a crucial part of the authentication process .

2) ARP packets are most commonly transmitted during an authentication process .

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authentication protocol1) To be acceptable, authentication protocols must tolerate lost packets.

2) HTTP digest authentication protocol as defined in RFC 2617.

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provide authentication1) In addition, this certificate provides client authentication.

2) The basic DNS protocol does not provide authentication or integrity assurance.

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require authentication1) Both issues require authentication with advanced privileges.

2) The game also requires authentication via Steam.

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authentication scheme1) Each forum requires its own user authentication scheme .

2) The classical communication channel must be authenticated using an unconditionally secure authentication scheme .

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secure authentication1) Your skin sets the transaction in motion, ensuring secure user authentication.

2) SSPI is a Windows technology for secure authentication with single sign-on.

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server authentication1) With RSA, key exchange and server authentication are combined.

2) It supports several different encryption protocols, and provides client and server authentication.

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authentication server1) The security of authentication servers is often neglected.

2) Add any authentication servers on your network.

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support authentication1) The VPN feature itself does not support personal authentication.

2) PGP supports message authentication and integrity checking.

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authentication technology1) Computers malfunction, and authentication technology is not perfect.

2) The XSSO shall be authentication technology independent.

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authentication token1) Some manufacturers deploy physical authentication tokens in the form of a flash drive.

2) Expose the authentication token as a property of the Identity object.

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two authentication1) Many popular websites and services support two-factor authentication.

2) Transactions are kept secure through two-factor authentication and a security certificate .

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Two authentication1) Two-factor authentication is often confused with other forms of authentication.

2) Two-factor authentication adds a second level of authentication to an account log-in.

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user authentication1) It handles local security policy and user authentication.

2) Q4: What is user authentication?

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use authentication1) This type of authentication is typically used in workplace networks.

2) Connect to a host without password using public key authentication.

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authentication1) This certificate is used for client authentication.

2) A digest or "authentication tag".

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