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as authorize1) Expenses are paid by ACM staff as authorized by the organizers.

2) ACCESS: as authorized by the Nevada DOT.

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duly authorize1) All of the Active Link Preferred Stock has been duly authorized.

2) It includes a foreign corporation duly authorized to engage in business in Minnesota.

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explicitly authorize1) By 1568, wife selling was explicitly authorized by the law in several circumstances.

2) Bar owners are explicitly authorized by law to require an ID from their patrons.

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expressly authorize1) In this regard a formula fractional division is expressly authorized.

2) Q: What forms of "gambling" are expressly authorized by law?

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formally authorize1) The C.S. Congress formally authorized military administration of railroads in February 1865.

2) Political parties were not formally authorized to field candidates in small constituencies in local elections.

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hereby authorize1) The permittee shall continue the operations hereby authorized and conduct maintenance in accordance with such limitations, terms, and conditions.

2) Each recipient of a promotional gift card hereby authorizes Newsday to charge his or her credit card for any early termination fee.

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authorize issuance1) The amendment only authorizes the issuance of general obligation bonds.

2) The FCEDA adopts a final resolution authorizing the issuance of the bonds.

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legally authorize1) We are legally authorized to conduct such a review .

2) Statement on physician nonparticipation in legally authorized executions.

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newly authorize1) The more experienced men entered the newly authorized volunteer force.

2) What kinds of discoveries and experimentations a newly authorized practice of dissection brought about?

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officially authorize1) officially authorized age is eighteen years old.

2) It was officially authorized on August 5.

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only authorize1) only authorized employees may access your information.

2) only authorized officials are allowed access to the system.

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otherwise authorize1) This surplus must be returned to the Federal agency unless otherwise authorized.

2) D. PPE should not be taken home, unless otherwise authorized.

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personally authorize1) Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy personally authorized some of these programs.

2) Abrams personally authorized a preplanned strike.

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previously authorize1) Some calls were claimed when a previously authorized broadcaster or other station expired.

2) Users may opt-out of third-party promotional programs which they have previously authorized.

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properly authorize1) Accounts payable is responsible for the sample employee cash advance form payment of properly authorized invoices.

2) We practice law only in jurisdictions in which we are properly authorized to do so.

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specifically authorize1) These were the first funds authorized specifically for interstate construction.

2) The federal Clean Air Act specifically authorizes California to set its own clean air standards.

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authorize detention1) The latter statute authorizes detention without trial on security grounds.

2) In reality, a superintendent or above may authorize detention for up to thirty-six hours.

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authorize expenditure1) The TARP program originally authorized expenditures of $700 billion.

2) In 1994 this legislation was modified to authorize expenditures on school-based violence prevention programs as well.

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authorize funding1) The law authorized funding to the colonize the coast of Africa with freed African-American slaves.

2) SAFETEA-LU only authorizes funding through federal fiscal year 2009, which ends September 30, 2009.

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authorize payment1) You bought and authorized payment for your purchase.

2) May be authorized payment of only expenses listed in par.

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authorize release1) It would not authorize release of casework adoption files.

2) No. California law does not authorize release of residence address for these purposes.

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authorize the use of1) Must a physician authorize the use of medical marijuana?

2) They have authorized the use of spy drones in American skies !

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authorize1) Officially authorized age is eighteen years old.

2) A reduced per diem rate is authorized under par.

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congress authorize1) congress authorized military action through a series of statutes.

2) In 1804 congress authorized two more 16 gun ships.

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law authorize1) Every state now has laws authorizing one or more forms of advance directives.

2) The law authorizes early release for good behavior but has burdensome evidentiary requirements.

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president authorize1) No one was shocked when the president authorized the man to adopt the woman's name.

2) Upon Council of Ministers recommendation, president authorizes mobilization, operation and use of Nepal Army.

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resolution authorize1) Have the Board adopt resolutions authorizing the equalizing distributions.

2) The FCEDA adopts a final resolution authorizing the issuance of the bonds.

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statute authorize1) The latter statute authorizes detention without trial on security grounds.

2) Because death resulted, each statute authorizes the death penalty, he said.

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