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authoritative answer1) Anselm's reply shows that there was no authoritative answer available.

2) Hopefully it will draw out some authoritative answers !

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be authoritative1) Marks object %s as being authoritative.

2) Why is authoritative parenting linked with successful kids?

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clear authoritative1) She's clear, authoritative and smart as hell.

2) Dialogue is remarkably clear and authoritative, while treble is crisp and open.

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complete authoritative1) It is the most complete and authoritative treatise ever produced on Laetrile.

2) Speaking of the Scriptures, we believe they are complete and authoritative.

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comprehensive authoritative1) And the third was a comprehensive and authoritative history of the Hawaiian people.

2) Stone's account is comprehensive and authoritative, relying on an extensive exploration of court records.

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consider authoritative1) The latter of these was long considered authoritative in Commoners.

2) Bache was considered authoritative in the music of Liszt.

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authoritative directive1) Furthermore, authoritative directives are not beyond challenge.

2) When this happens the authoritative directive does make a difference.

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authoritative guidance1) It is not intended to provide authoritative guidance .

2) There is remarkably little authoritative guidance on how this all operates in practice.

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authoritative guide1) It remains today the authoritative guide of correct conduct for every cultivated Chinese.

2) No chemistry department can afford to purchase software without reference to this authoritative guide .

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independent authoritative1) Establishing an independent, authoritative compliance function isn't cheap.

2) Plus benefit from independent, authoritative and accurate news and analysis of environmental policy and legislation.

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authoritative interpretation1) authoritative interpretations also can be found in the works of Abdul-Baha's successor, Shoghi Effendi.

2) Only a handful of Christian organizations claim complete and authoritative interpretation of the typically symbolic and prophetic biblical sources.

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authoritative literature1) This linkbase associates concepts with citations of some body of authoritative literature .

2) Of course these were fundamentally toys, and when they were produced there was not nearly the quantity of accessible yet authoritative literature that can be found today.

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authoritative pronouncement1) This edition has been modified to include certain changes necessary due to issuance of authoritative pronouncements .

2) I must also caution the reader that this paper is not an authoritative pronouncement .

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authoritative reference1) Some require that the expert admit it is an authoritative reference .

2) The paper generally considered to be the authoritative reference for AOP.

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authoritative server1) A set of authoritative name servers has to be assigned for every DNS zone.

2) In theory, authoritative name servers are sufficient for the operation of the Internet.

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single authoritative1) There is no single authoritative MLS, and no universal data format.

2) There is no single, authoritative text which tells the entire events of the war.

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authoritative source1) The most common recommendations from reasonably authoritative sources are presented below.

2) His life is known to us from authoritative sources .

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authoritative statement1) There is no striving towards an authoritative statement .

2) The remedy is not to work towards more accurate authoritative statements .

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authoritative teaching1) Especially odd to contemporary ears is the notion that a community has real, authoritative teaching .

2) We are easily drawn to a false autonomy and the temptation to reject even legitimate authoritative teaching .

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authoritative text1) For the authoritative text, please consult the standard.

2) I discussed my opinion with several scholars and consulted authoritative texts .

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authoritative tone1) The authoritative tone is a stage performance.

2) McConkie's works in general are characterized by their authoritative tone .

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authoritative voice1) He returned our greeting in a loud authoritative voice .

2) Nit addresses the gods in a very authoritative voice .

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authoritative account1) This is a detailed and authoritative account...outstanding and informative.

2) Few authoritative accounts of Basayev's life after Abkhazia exist.

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authoritative document1) It remains the most authoritative document on Scottish heraldry.

2) Cambodia contended the map showing the temple as being on Cambodian soil was the authoritative document.

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authoritative figure1) Until such time no current, authoritative figures exist in this regard.

2) She was considered as an authoritative figure of a manor in middle ages.

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authoritative information1) The lack of authoritative information results from many factors.

2) This site provides authoritative information and analysis of the Scottish labour market.

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authoritative manner1) Once more she began to resent his authoritative manner, and he seemed to read her thoughts.

2) He writes in a straight forward, authoritative manner, and has a personal tone toward the reader.

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authoritative parent1) Why is authoritative parenting linked with successful kids?

2) Or are kids better off having at least one authoritative parent?

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authoritative style1) Moore's authoritative style of play soon brought him to the notice of the England management.

2) Compared to children raised using the authoritative style, preschool girls raised in permissive families are less assertive.

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authoritative1) He was seven years older and authoritative.

2) Marks object %s as being authoritative.

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