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augmented app1) augmented augmented reality The Internet of Things would also make augmented reality apps more accurate .

2) Instead, it's an augmented reality app that is capable of recognizing just about anything.

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augmented chord1) Look out for the augmented chord I used at the bridge.

2) Are augmented chords found in minor keys, or are they strictly a Major phenomenon?

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augmented display1) This is a form of augmented reality display .

2) The virtual images are merged with the real view to create the augmented display .

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augmented experience1) Create cutting edge augmented reality gaming experiences .

2) Webcams have been used for augmented Reality experiences online.

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augmented glass1) Project glass is Google's attempt to create augmented reality glasses .

2) Project glass is an effort from Google to develop augmented reality glasses .

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augmented matrix1) Upon completion of this procedure the augmented matrix will be in row-echelon form and may be solved by back-substitution.

2) Because these operations are reversible, the augmented matrix produced always represents a linear system that is equivalent to the original.

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augmented reality1) It features augmented reality in the gameplay.

2) That is the aim of augmented reality .

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augmented system1) This is not acceptable for an augmented reality system .

2) An augmented reality system could be considered the ultimate immersive system.

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augmented technology1) The TruTV Holiday Card mobile app uses augmented reality technology .

2) SIMNET, a distributed war games simulation system, is also embracing augmented reality technology .

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augmented interval1) What about the augmented intervals?

2) But on paper you can see that you're intending it as a an augmented interval.

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augmented sixth1) The augmented sixth family of chords exhibits certain peculiarities.

2) The augmented sixth chord usually appears in chord notation as its enharmonic equivalent, the seventh chord.

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augmented1) Create cutting edge augmented reality gaming experiences .

2) The melody features the augmented octave scale.

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