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autistic adult1) She refers frequently to the autistic child, autistic children, but never to autistic adults .

2) I worked in an alternative classroom with many autistic young adults who had severe behaviors for 6 years.

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autistic behavior1) Jamie is also helping his doctors understand his own autistic behavior .

2) It also thwarts meaningful treatments by ignoring the medical causes for autistic behaviors .

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autistic behaviour1) autistic behaviours and interests are useless and wrong.

2) The world cannot do without autistic genetics, or autistic behaviours .

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autistic boy1) Parents' anger as autistic boy is expelled.

2) Nine-year-old autistic boy shows vast improvement with the help of his beloved ferret.

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autistic Canadian1) This position has had consequences for every autistic Canadian .

2) ASC, for example, claimed to represent all autistic Canadians .

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autistic child1) She has worked with autistic children for 20 years.

2) Mason was an autistic child who needed constant care .

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autistic disorder1) All of these people have autistic spectrum disorders .

2) This pattern was similar for autistic disorder but of slightly higher magnitude.

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autistic individual1) Research investigating face and emotion perception in autistic individuals is inconclusive.

2) It gives autistic individuals a way to communicate and form online communities.

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autistic kid1) She taught special autistic kids $$ 200,000 a year job.

2) That he is kind and helps with autistic kids ?

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autistic people1) Autism is particularly difficult because autistic people have problems with socialization .

2) He explains that autistic people don't have autism.

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autistic person1) We think of autistic persons being incapable of responding to human feeling and emotion.

2) The parents of autistic persons and their caregivers feel challenged in a radical, destabilising way.

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autistic savant1) His account of abilities of autistic savants has been questioned by researcher Makoto Yamaguchi.

2) Another inmate James Henry Pullen (1835–1916) was an autistic savant .

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severely autistic1) My step brother is severely autistic .

2) I have a severely autistic son .

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autistic son1) But I do speak with an autistic son !

2) They meet when she treats his autistic son, Dylan.

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autistic spectrum1) Food fads are especially common for those on the autistic spectrum .

2) We each have strong connections with people who are on the autistic spectrum .

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autistic trait1) There was no effect on individuals with high autistic traits .

2) Some autistic traits are more prominent during the acute phase of AN.

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autistic1) My oldest son is 24 and autistic.

2) It is 10 years since her son was diagnosed autistic.

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