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become authoritarian1) He became authoritarian, turned off most of the populace.

2) Government became more authoritarian during Macapagal-Arroyo's term.

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authoritarian control1) They had lived under authoritarian control as rural laborers.

2) This placed trust in Clifton to develop without authoritarian control .

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corrupt authoritarian1) This poem expresses his opposition towards the corrupt authoritarian government.

2) They accused Saakashvili of heading a corrupt, authoritarian government and wanted him to be ousted democratically.

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authoritarian dictatorship1) The Republic gives way to the Spanish State, an authoritarian dictatorship .

2) In effect, an authoritarian dictatorship appeared in Russia but in parallel with parliamentary democracy.

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authoritarian government1) Around the world military means of removing authoritarian governments are declining.

2) This poem expresses his opposition towards the corrupt authoritarian government .

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hierarchical authoritarian1) The group structure is hierarchical and authoritarian.

2) Turkish society is generally hierarchical and authoritarian in nature.

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highly authoritarian1) highly authoritarian military regimes have ruled the country since 1962.

2) Legalism advocated a highly authoritarian government based on punishments and laws.

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increasingly authoritarian1) The regime became increasingly authoritarian and conservative.

2) From 1958 onward, Nkrumah's regime became increasingly authoritarian.

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authoritarian leader1) Followers are more likely to react to an authoritarian leaders .

2) Smetona suppressed the opposition and remained as an authoritarian leader until June 1940.

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authoritarian leadership1) It was characterized by Kuypers' authoritarian leadership .

2) Passages frequently used to support authoritarian leadership are evaluated in their biblical context.

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authoritarian nature1) The second facet of continuity from pre-colonial times is the authoritarian nature of most African governments.

2) The authoritarian nature of the Iranian example is typical of many literacy programmes in the Third World.

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authoritarian parent1) What happens to kids who are raised by authoritarian parents ?

2) authoritarian parents are very rigid and strict.

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authoritarian personality1) It's usually pretty effective in manipulating authoritarian personalities .

2) authoritarian personality has been associated with prejudice and intolerance.

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authoritarian political1) The alliance would sustain the authoritarian political regime.

2) Creationism and ID are effectively part of an authoritarian political system.

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authoritarian regime1) Highly authoritarian military regimes have ruled the country since 1962.

2) The alliance would sustain the authoritarian political regime .

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rigid authoritarian1) The transition from a rigid authoritarian regime to democracy was fairly peaceful.

2) Such practice appears to us now as rigid, authoritarian and unimaginative.

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authoritarian rule1) However, his authoritarian rule saw numerous human rights abuses.

2) This set the stage for 18 years of authoritarian rule .

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authoritarian ruler1) The Bey of Tunis was the traditional, authoritarian ruler .

2) Iraq's Sunni political leaders paint Mr Maliki as an authoritarian ruler who wants to destroy their community.

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authoritarian society1) Social movements occur in liberal and authoritarian societies but in different forms.

2) These were hardly "politically correct" responses to voice publicly in a largely authoritarian society .

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authoritarian state1) And authoritarian states riff off each other.

2) Uzbekistan is an authoritarian state with limited civil rights.

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authoritarian style1) The authoritarian style should normally only be used on rare occasions.

2) The authoritarian leadership style does not correspond to the guiding principle.

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authoritarian tendency1) That same brutalizing, authoritarian tendency probably underlies Western genocide, too.

2) I have not conjectured where the authoritarian tendencies come from.

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authoritarian totalitarian1) Some anti-collectivists often argue that all authoritarian and totalitarian societies are (vertically) collectivist in nature.

2) Moreover, authoritarian and totalitarian rulers often have political incentives to use famine as a means of exterminating their domestic opponents.

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very authoritarian1) It also points to Mackay being a very authoritarian figure.

2) Just because you are living in a very authoritarian state.

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authoritarian figure1) It also points to Mackay being a very authoritarian figure.

2) Chiang Kai-shek appeared to his son as an authoritarian figure, sometimes indifferent to his problems.

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authoritarian power1) Traditionally, classrooms have been organized according to authoritarian power relations.

2) The court would then almost certainly endorse Bushs claims to broad authoritarian powers.

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authoritarian system1) Blackwell: Well, Howard was a very authoritarian system.

2) Nicholas II was a deeply conservative ruler and maintained a strict authoritarian system.

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authoritarian1) The group structure is hierarchical and authoritarian.

2) And authoritarian states riff off each other.

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