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American author1) American author wrote both poetry and prose, including novels.

2) American author noted for his pessimistic and satirical novels.

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anonymous author1) The sources on which the anonymous author drew were twofold.

2) It's said to have had an anonymous author.

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award author1) He is the award-winning author of several books.

2) Shannon Cain is a multiple award-winning fiction author.

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best author1) Now the best-selling author is turning to television.

2) Bob is the best-selling author of over 40 books.

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bestsel author1) Michael Kramer has narrated over 100 works for many bestselling authors.

2) Paul Jarvis is a Web designer and bestselling author.

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be author1) Royal is the author unless otherwise noted.

2) This week's theme is local authors.

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book author1) A book author starts writing a manuscript.

2) That means being cited by book authors .

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cite author1) Citing the author alone is often not sufficient.

2) The authors were cited as being at Leipzig.

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contact author1) Please contact the authors for further information.

2) Each subsequent club must contact the author to get permission.

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contribute author1) All authors contributed to and approved the final manuscript.

2) The project is open to new initiatives and contributing authors.

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credit author1) All chosen footage authors are credited as co-directors.

2) On 20 of the plays, the author is not credited .

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famous author1) Many famous authors were rejected numerous times!

2) Do you enjoy live poetry reading from the famous authors themselves?

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favorite author1) Who are your favorite authors and mentors?

2) He has become my favorite author, hands down.

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fiction author1) The show used a few established science fiction authors.

2) Many mystery and science fiction authors use this technique.

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interview author1) She also interviews children's authors for Write On!

2) Also available, a CD of the author interviewed about the book.

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invite author1) authors are invited to submit one-page abstract in English.

2) authors are invited to submit a feature-length cinema or TV film treatment.

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know author1) We are featuring three nationally known authors and historians.

2) We knew more authors would provide greater challenges.

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lead author1) She is the lead author of this joint response.

2) Clark is a lead author of AR5.

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author list1) Does it list the author's position within this group?

2) Are all authors listed and in the correct order?

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note author1) Both authors are noted public speakers on corporate culture and management.

2) Several noted authors also live in the valley.

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principal author1) principal author - the member introducing and sponsoring a measure.

2) Preferences are given to the principal authors of the papers.

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prolific author1) A prolific author of more than 50 books.

2) She was a prolific author and actress thereafter.

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publish author1) This self published author never lets his readers down.

2) Sixty per cent of authors published papers related to their thesis.

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quote author1) He is an often quoted author and sought after public speaker.

2) To quote the author of this blog.

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report author1) This document outlines common problems and solutions encountered by report authors.

2) The report authors have a good pedigree for this research .

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self author1) Another interesting option for self-published authors is Kindle.

2) That makes Kindle a very interesting option for self-published authors.

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study author1) study authors called it the highway from hell.

2) It is recommended for children, the study authors said.

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unknown author1) So dang, the unknown author was perfectly correct.

2) Orkneyinga saga was written around 1200 CE by an unknown Icelandic author.

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well author1) Each passage also included the name of a well-known author.

2) Of well-known authors only old Alexander Ostrovsky was present.

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author argue1) The author argues that they are inseparable.

2) The authors argue that society holds largely negative views of youth.

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author article1) No discource here in regards to the authors article above.

2) It illegally sold hundreds of thousands of copies of authors' articles without their permission from 1978-94.

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author asserts1) The author asserts that the individual athlete bears no responsibility in the essondon case .

2) The jihadis, the author asserts, also reject pluralist societies and democracy for this reason.

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author biography1) A selection of author biographies and portraits are also made available.

2) Also includes author biographies and bibliographies for further research.

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author book1) Excellent book like all this author's books.

2) I will continue to more of this authors books.

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author cites1) As the book suggests, the author cites five lessons to be learned.

2) Orlog the author cites as the first layer of events in our life.

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author conclude1) The authors concluded that high quality research was required.

2) The author concludes with advice for researchers considering adopting the method.

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author note1) American author noted for his pessimistic and satirical novels.

2) What attracted me was the author's note.

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author of1) The authors of funny captions were remembered better too.

2) A prolific author of more than 50 books.

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author paper1) In 2009 a number of unpublished novels were discovered among the author's papers.

2) Out of 118 two author papers, he was first author of 80.

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author suggest1) The authors suggest some culturally more appropriate approaches.

2) Other authors suggest that the dimensions may vary independently.

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author write1) The authors writing style is very fun and fast paced.

2) I really liked this authors writing style.

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author1) The author is juggling many threads here.

2) Many famous authors were rejected numerous times!

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authoring1) No existing DVD authoring experience is required.

2) Opera has published Web content authoring guidelines to assist authors.

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authors concluded1) The authors concluded that high quality research was required.

2) The authors concluded that effectively treating depression before surgery might help improve outcomes.

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authors1) Many famous authors were rejected numerous times!

2) The authors caution against drawing hasty conclusions.

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best selling author1) Many of our contributors are best selling authors .

2) Haynes is a freelance writer and pulished best selling author.

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children author1) I'm thrilled to be hosting a childrens author!

2) Today I'd like to welcome the very first childrens' author to my blog!

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contributing author1) This article was written by a contributing author.

2) The project is open to new initiatives and contributing authors.

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favourite author1) Reading your favourite author was never so easy.

2) AC: Lovecraft is one of my favourite authors.

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joint author1) The most outrageous concerns one of its joint authors.

2) Only one prize is awarded and will be share among between joint authors.

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published author1) This self published author never lets his readers down.

2) Susan is a published author and poet.

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read author1) He is continually listed among the most read authors by Christian audiences.

2) She is a must read author.

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senior author1) He is senior author of the new study .

2) First, the senior author has an extraordinary conflict of interest.

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sole author1) Waters is the sole author of the album's lyrics.

2) Joseph Smith as the sole author, without intentional assistance.

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well known author1) This time one written by the well known author on AFVs Michael Green.

2) well known authors promoting creative writing and reading, based at the Midlands Arts Centre.

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