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ascribe authorship1) The Talmudic tradition ascribes late authorship to all of them.

2) As a result, virtually all early foundational works pseudepigraphically claim, or are ascribed, ancient authorship.

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attribute authorship1) The obituary's authorship was universally attributed to Owen by every geologist.

2) Its authorship is attributed to Harivarman, a third-century monk from central India.

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claim authorship1) Feel free to contact me to claim authorship.

2) Brecht only claimed authorship of the song texts.

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joint authorship1) Works of joint authorship have separate moral rights for each author.

2) It speaks of joint authorship, and of memory.

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question authorship1) Why is questioning traditional authorship so controversial?

2) Some scholars have questioned the Eusebian authorship of this work.

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unknown authorship1) Some are of unknown authorship and could be by Shakespeare.

2) It is a pseudepigraphic text of an uncertain date and unknown authorship.

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authorship question1) This essay will not answer the authorship question.

2) Their ideas are discussed as the Shakespeare authorship question.

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authorship1) The medical field defines authorship very narrowly.

2) Its authorship has been disputed by several scholars.

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