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auspicious beginning1) From this auspicious beginning came many more triumphs.

2) Despite its shortcomings the flame thrower had made a fairly auspicious beginning .

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consider auspicious1) Buying new home or vehicles is considered auspicious.

2) It is also considered auspicious in Indian households .

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auspicious date1) Need that lucky number or an auspicious date ?

2) Three "special ceremonies" performed on "auspicious dates " are recommended by MVA.

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auspicious day1) Mondays and Thursdays are considered especially auspicious days for fasting.

2) It should also be an auspicious day .

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auspicious debut1) The He 219 had an auspicious combat debut .

2) It was not, in all honesty, an auspicious debut .

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auspicious event1) Yet this auspicious event ended in tragedy.

2) The most auspicious event for the temple is the Navarathri festival.

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auspicious moment1) My translator takes this auspicious moment to arrive.

2) At this auspicious moment a knock sounded at the kitchen door.

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auspicious occasion1) Marriage is a highly auspicious occasion in the Indian culture.

2) On auspicious occasions the place of honor is on the left.

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auspicious sign1) There were many auspicious signs of accomplishment appeared when he died.

2) There were many unusual and highly auspicious signs at that time.

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auspicious start1) It is not exactly an auspicious start !

2) We were off to an auspicious start .

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auspicious symbol1) A traditional silver and copper traveling gau with auspicious symbols .

2) Various auspicious symbols and lotus petals also make up the scene.

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auspicious time1) It's an auspicious time to have fortunes told.

2) Diwali is the most auspicious time for investment purpose .

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auspicious1) From this auspicious beginning came many more triumphs.

2) This vase is decorated with popular auspicious images.

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