Expressions - Collocations of the word " back "

" back "Collocations - Expressions
bring back1) It fully may bring back vision problems.

2) We are bringing back our popular "theme baskets" raffle.

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come back1) The producers came back saying "much better shorter.

2) The system was definitely coming back under proper control.

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cut back1) The news department was significantly cut back.

2) It seems that everyone is cutting back.

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date back1) Our electronic documents date back to late 1998.

2) The town dates back over 1200 years.

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fall back1) The surviving monks fall back within the inner walls.

2) I was already falling back in love.

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fight back1) Taylor fought back before ultimately being defeated 7–6.

2) But the grass roots is fighting back.

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get back1) Some babies need help getting back to sleep.

2) And wolf recovery has got back on track .

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go back1) It is going back towards third edition .

2) Now everyone goes back to normal life.

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head back1) They headed back towards the club house.

2) The van was clearly headed back towards the exit.

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hold back1) hold back those staggering towards slaughter".

2) The barrier has held back both sides.

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look back1) The positive dog training movement has never looked back.

2) The team has barely looked back since .

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move back1) Is inflation moving back toward 2 percent?

2) Labor needs to move back towards socialism.

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push back1) They advance 300 meters before being pushed back.

2) A formal vote was pushed back until next week.

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send back1) The shipments were either destroyed or sent back.

2) The train sends back an acknowledgement telegram.

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turn back1) Each assault was turned back in close fighting.

2) He slowed down and almost turned back.

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abdominal back1) Unexplained abdominal or back pain is the most common complaint.

2) Second, it is important for those with herniated discs to begin strengthening their abdominal and back muscles.

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acute back1) acute back pain could flare up suddenly.

2) During acute back pain, exercise may be difficult or too painful.

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be back1) A definite member favorite Tara is BACK!

2) She was back, safe and sound.

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back burner1) What keeps getting pushed to the back burner or rushed through?

2) That put any promotion aspirations on the back burner .

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back catalogue1) He even takes a swipe at his own back catalogue .

2) Dancing on the millions from her back catalogue .

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chronic back1) His mobility was limited by chronic back problems.

2) What are examples of chronic back pain?

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back cover1) I assume the back cover is off.

2) The back cover was manipulated to fit your monitor.

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defensive back1) defensive back coach Rod Perry, from Carolina Panthers.

2) Traded for Ex-Titan defensive back Adam "Pacman" Jones.

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back door1) The back door was the safest entrance.

2) The pigs were being driven towards the back door .

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back end1) The differences are in the back end .

2) It's the back end of 2013.

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entire back1) The entire back seam of my Theory pants popped.

2) The entire back end of the stage was covered with LED panels .

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failed back1) So we looked at 31 consecutive failed back pain patients from my practice.

2) How would you characterize the current science on treatments for failed back surgery?

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far back1) The PRICE vowel has a very far back starting-point, and can be realised as .

2) More lounges for general use towards the far back right and a cloakroom there as well.

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back foot1) His back feet are a size smaller.

2) When throwing this punch pivot off your back foot .

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front back1) Moral careers, escape attempts and front and back regions.

2) There are three stages: front, back and outside.

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back garden1) Where the back gardens aren't particularly accessible.

2) The back garden is mostly shady and filled with native plants .

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back home1) Today was a long trip driving back home .

2) I was wounded and sent back home .

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back injury1) A back injury effectively ended his career seven years ago.

2) A back injury prevents active participation in sport at present.

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left back1) By Seth Vertelney 0 Portland adds a well-known name to help shore up its left back position .

2) Ever since Ashley Cole signed for Chelsea, he has pretty much nailed down the left back spot as his own.

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low back1) What are uncommon causes of low back pain?

2) low back pain results in large economic costs.

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middle back1) I screwed wheels under it and put middle and back wall in their places.

2) However most of his paintings have a classical fore, middle and back ground.

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back pain1) Exercise is very important for treating back pain .

2) He suffered severe back pain throughout his short life.

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back pocket1) The back mesh pocket is nicely sized for drying items.

2) The athletic director is in his back pocket .

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back ready1) He does emphasize they be back, ready to hit.

2) Description: Chesty's back and ready to explode!

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right back1) She was dead lame having injured her right back hock.

2) This depends on the right back situation of course.

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Romance back1) You need to check out the Text The Romance back system as soon as possible .

2) Yakuza gangster usually draw their Text The Romance back scam identity towards others by their tattoo for look significance and identity sign.

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back row1) Everyone, especially the back row played tough.

2) I watched from the back row on closing night.

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back seat1) Super heroes had taken a back seat .

2) The cargo version is completely devoid of back seats .

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severe back1) He suffered severe back pain throughout his short life.

2) He sneezed very violently, causing severe back pain.

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upper back1) upper back problems can also result from incorrect posture during nursing.

2) A lot of upper back pain occurs from bunched-up arms.

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very back1) Interesting that he liked the very back line of the batter's box.

2) Mining industry The mine industry forms the very back bone of Africa's economy.

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back wall1) Side walls and back walls are desirable.

2) I reached the back wall rather quickly.

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welcome back1) A friend has a welcome back party at Verandah.

2) welcome back everyone to another episode of Final Fantasy Union.

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back yard1) The venue was the back yard shed.

2) A chain link separated our back yard .

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ache back1) She became aware of her aching back and had to sit down.

2) His aching back won the argument.

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arch back1) Try not to arch the back during this exercise.

2) Do not arch the back and do not jerk.

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bare back1) His bare back was fully relaxed now.

2) Quickly she spreads it over his bare back.

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bend back1) Her twisted legs are shrunken and her back is bent .

2) Do not bend the back and do not sway.

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break back1) Upon closer inspection, 3 of the backs were broken .

2) He suffered 40 per cent burns and a broken back .

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camel back1) Any number of individual cues may finally break the camel's back.

2) Senator Hollings was the straw that broke camel's back.

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centre back1) We need much better centre backs though.

2) So we have four good centre backs .

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back chest1) His back and chest were on fire.

2) It may also spread to the back or chest .

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curve back1) The curved back shows that this fish died under stress.

2) The Lifetime folding chair has a curved back and seat.

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back front1) Photograph her whole nude body, back and front .

2) In our terms, there are no backs and no fronts .

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back give1) Then, at training on August third the back just gave out.

2) The key on the back gives a full list of facilities for each Beefeater.

more back give sentences
back guarantee1) Our money back guarantee stands behind every piece.

2) Go beyond the standard "money back guarantee ".

more back guarantee sentences
back hip1) Bones of lower back and hips slightly protruding.

2) Great for a tired lower back and tight hips too!

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horse back1) Cos there's seven pound off horse's back.

2) Did you ride on the horse's back?

more horse back sentences
back leg1) The back and legs are left unclipped.

2) She suffered burns to her back, legs and head.

more back leg sentences
neck back1) The neck, back and shoulders are well-muscled and strong.

2) This massage focuses directly on the neck, upper back, and shoulder area.

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back neck1) It strengthens and firms the back, neck, abdomen and legs.

2) Available with hands, feet, shoulders, backs, necks and knees.

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opponent back1) Pennant is also able to use skill to beat opponents' full backs.

2) The wrestler then pulls back stretching the opponent's back, neck, and knee.

more opponent back sentences
back porch1) My grandfather sitting on that old back porch .

2) The home features both front and back porches .

more back porch sentences
pull back1) Members of the opposing team pulled Newton back.

2) The greatest Irish ritual is the pulling back of the hair.

more pull back sentences
round color: rgb(69, 209, 209);>round back1) Note : Some bones have rounded bamboo backs.

2) So I says round the back or something.

more round back sentences
rub back1) I know a lot of nurses rub patient's backs.

2) I rub the backs of my knees really hard through my pants.

more rub back sentences
running back1) Star running backs burn bright and short.

2) Joining the quarterback in the offensive backfield are two running backs.

more running back sentences
run back1) Buccaneers running backs nevertheless combined for 204 yards.

2) These are dark financial days for running backs.

more run back sentences
scratch back1) He scratched the back of his neck.

2) I nodded, scratching the back of my neck uncomfortably.

more scratch back sentences
seat back1) Map pockets were standard in the front seat backs.

2) Additionally, seat backs were designed to fold forward.

more seat back sentences
back shoulder1) Proper landing technique is on the back or shoulders .

2) Exercise your back, shoulders, and legs.

more back shoulder sentences
back side1) Favoured woods are spruce tops and maple backs and sides .

2) One for front, back and sides .

more back side sentences
sore back1) Many a horse will present with a sore back.

2) During spring training, Galarraga developed a sore back.

more sore back sentences
back turn1) She was surprised that his back was still turned .

2) I switched glasses when your back was turned !

more back turn sentences
while back1) They had some Ethiopian Harrar a while back that was fantastic .

2) I read a statistic a while back that said 500,000 guns are stolen every year .

more while back sentences
back away1) He ties up and recovers before backing away .

2) It will often back away and float free.

more back away sentences
back band1) He has also recorded solo albums with backing bands .

2) Palladino has toured in the backing band for Joe Walsh.

more back band sentences
back campaign1) Other victims of drink driving have backed the new campaign .

2) Popular newspapers backed the campaign enthusiastically and praised the workers behind it.

more back campaign sentences
back candidate1) The "Tribune" has previously backed independent candidates .

2) The band refused to back a presidential candidate during their interviews.

more back candidate sentences
back claim1) His wife and crew chief backed these claims .

2) He has family experience to back this claim .

more back claim sentences
back coup1) Then the president backed the military coup against Mr. Morsi last year.

2) That would actually be useful to promoting human rights rather than US backed coups .

more back coup sentences
currency back1) This is the true value of a gold backed currency .

2) Russia accelerates plans to back an Eurasian currency with gold.

more currency back sentences
back down1) Obama backed down at the last minute.

2) The militia men backed down after a few heated seconds.

more back down sentences
back due1) The pressures and temperatures used then backed downward somewhat due to safety.

2) Yet, innocent people are dying one hundredfold today compared to back then due to drunk drivers.

more back due sentences
back loan1) These easy government backed student loans are correlated to rising costs .

2) The loans were backed by the federal government.

more back loan sentences
mortgage back1) In 1989, the federal government began backing the reverse mortgage .

2) Save with a government backed fha mortgage refinance.

more mortgage back sentences
back off1) The protesters backed off and scattered down side streets .

2) The creators always seem to back off .

more back off sentences
back out1) NBC quickly backed out of the arrangement.

2) ATV backed out rather than risk being pulled into litigation.

more back out sentences
back proposal1) Republican governors are backing proposals in Louisiana and Indiana.

2) Still, some are backing Obama's proposal .

more back proposal sentences
back rebel1) U.N. experts accused neighbouring Rwanda of backing the rebels .

2) Qatar is backing the rebels in Syria's civil war.

more back rebel sentences
back track1) All of the participants are performed to backing track .

2) Wilson dubbed several backing vocal tracks at Hudson's request.

more back track sentences
back up1) This research backs up our own findings.

2) The traffic was soon backed up for miles.

more back up sentences
aching back1) He stood up slowly, holding his aching back.

2) Now and again I stopped to stretch my aching back.

more aching back sentences
around back1) Just drive around back and park in the rear!

2) Suppose this clown had been around back before they discovered nuclear fusion?

more around back sentences
around the back1) Dogs start screaming from around the back.

2) Bring the left hand around the back of the stock.

more around the back sentences
at the back1) the long lip was at the back!

2) A tool house at the back provides additional storage space.

more at the back sentences
back a bill1) I was looking for a fellow to back a bill for me no later than last week.

2) Windschitl also backed a bill that would legalize the sale and use of novelty and consumer fireworks, but he said it came up too late in the session to reach consensus and move it forward.

more back a bill sentences
back a candidate1) The Kefaya Movement will not back a candidate.

2) He became involved in politics when he backed a candidate for the local federal PC nomination in 1984.

more back a candidate sentences
back a motion1) The gathering backed a motion which included calls to build "a broad solidarity alliance of unions and communities under threat".

2) In 2006, all party groups backed a motion in the Foreign Affairs Parliamentary Committee calling on the Iranian government to respect the rights of the Bahá'ís in Iran.

more back a motion sentences
back a proposal1) The top law officer of the United States is backing a proposal to cut jail terms for people caught dealing drugs.

2) backed a proposal last year to impose tougher sanctions on Iran in December if its nuclear program negotiations with the White House broke down.

more back a proposal sentences
back ache1) Next comes vigorous brushing and checking for back aches.

2) It is effective at relieving pain associated with back aches.

more back ache sentences
back across1) The reservation form comes back across the counter.

2) Head back across the three pink elastic plants.

more back across sentences
back action1) They set back action on climate change by a decade.

2) But if you think that means Christie will back action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, think again.

more back action sentences
back alley1) The mentally ill suffer in its back alleys.

2) A third used the back alley as a playground.

more back alley sentences
back and fill1) Then he came back and filled the Flame-thrower with petrol.

2) Come back and fill us in if you do find out !

more back and fill sentences
back and forth1) back and forth action took place between both teams.

2) back and forth has the buck passed.

more back and forth sentences
back and to1) Dean finally approached with Sam several steps back and to one side.

2) You can imagine the loneliness until I got back and to work again.

more back and to sentences
back arch1) Don't let your back arch; keep hip slightly tucked.

2) Her head tilted back and her back arched.

more back arch sentences
back away from1) There is no backing away from this.

2) Observers noticed Hutton backing away from the fast bowlers.

more back away from sentences
back bacon1) Most bacon consumed in the United Kingdom is back bacon.

2) Loin: This can be cured to give back bacon or Canadian-style bacon.

more back bacon sentences
back bay1) The back bay is especially good for bird watching.

2) The filling of present-day back bay was completed by 1882.

more back bay sentences
back bedroom1) He began searching the back bedroom where Charlie had been found.

2) As if they'd never shared that back bedroom.

more back bedroom sentences
back bench1) Minority representation would be through influential back bench committees.

2) Small wonder the back benches look so dull.

more back bench sentences
back bend1) Ana is locked hard into a back bending custom made metal bondage device.

2) The drum major is best known for the back bend performed during pregame.

more back bend sentences
back bill1) Can I get GA to help pay back bills?

2) Where are we, with regards to bringing back Bill.

more back bill sentences
back boiler1) Cos our back boiler's about had it.

2) Central heating but it's a back boiler.

more back boiler sentences
back break1) It is non stop back breaking hard work!

2) It was a really back breaking hard job.

more back break sentences
back breaking1) It is non stop back breaking hard work!

2) It was a really back breaking hard job.

more back breaking sentences
back bumper1) New dual round taillights were integral with the back bumper.

2) Frank, meanwhile, is hanging from the back bumper.

more back bumper sentences
back car1) As a result, you may notice that the back cars are closed.

2) Episode 10 She sniffed a few times before opening the back car door and stepping out of it, mad.

more back car sentences
back catalog1) Both of these back catalog albums are highly recommended.

2) Will 69 cents become the norm for back catalog material?

more back catalog sentences
back channel1) We build new back channels to communicate unencumbered.

2) The number coming from the back channel now is $2 trillion.

more back channel sentences
back check1) According to others, Embiid's back checked out fine during a rigorous workout.

2) Yesterday I went to the dermatologist to have a mole on my back checked.

more back check sentences
back copy1) All back copies are available for download.

2) After reading through my back copies of MKM I have an idea.

more back copy sentences
back corner1) Then run out across the roof to the back corner.

2) His eyes were on me in the back corner by myself.

more back corner sentences
back country1) back country travelers should never travel alone, especially in winter.

2) back country users should be prepared to handle their own emergencies.

more back country sentences
back crawl1) Includes front and back crawl of 25 yards, butterfly and breaststroke of 15 yards, allowing for turns while swimming.

2) As the program progresses past beginner stages, students will be taught five swim strokes including front crawl, back crawl, breast stroke, elementary back stroke, and sidestroke.

more back crawl sentences
back dated1) It'll have to be back dated after Christmas.

2) Having it repealed and back dated I believe was part of his motivation for entering politics.

more back dated sentences
back deck1) back decks overlook beautifully landscaped communal or private courtyards.

2) Our wood is stored on our back deck .

more back deck sentences
back dive1) She has been working on her back dives and front flips.

2) She opened with a piked one and a half that she scored 34.0 points on, second to the 34.85 she earned on the back dive.

more back dive sentences
back emf1) This opposing electric field is called "counter-electromotive force" (back EMF).

2) The concern is the "back EMF" generated in that circuit after the flash has fired.

more back emf sentences
back entrance1) Two armed men lounged near the back entrance.

2) There is also a back entrance on Anderson Boulevard.

more back entrance sentences
back exit1) With that, a back exit from the library opens.

2) Jon and I made our way to the back exit.

more back exit sentences
back fence1) I've seen dogs struggle with ducks at the back fence.

2) Miter Saw Hold stock firmly against back fence of saw.

more back fence sentences
back financially1) A recent car accident has set her back financially .

2) North East was backed financially by Granada Television.

more back financially sentences
back float1) All adown her back floated tresses of ruddy gold, with a slender jeweled circlet confining them at the brow.

2) A Sea Otter will groom and eat while on its back floating along, in large groups called 'rafts'.

more back float sentences
back focus1) The design also offers very little back focus.

2) They came back focused and completely different .

more back focus sentences
back formation1) It is not unknown for people to say "forward backslash" and even "reverse backslash" as back formations.

2) Several hundred polar bears that migrate through this area every year to the ice back formation along the coast of the Hudson Bay.

more back formation sentences
back forty1) Bet nobody in this world's gonna win back forty pence.

2) However, he earned back forty of them.

more back forty sentences
back four1) I got it back four days later.

2) The back four has been very, very solid.

more back four sentences
back fully1) And the guy just turns his back fully around to Kevin.

2) Move bobbin winder shaft back fully to left.

more back fully sentences
back gate1) They are entering the compound through the back gate.

2) I got in through the back gate without being challenged.

more back gate sentences
back gear1) These gears were called "back gears".

2) Clamp knurl in lathe chuck and rotate slowly in back gear.

more back gear sentences
back green1) Long story short, batteries are what is holding back green technology.

2) The burn grew back green as a billiard cloth.

more back green sentences
back half1) We're going back half past four alright?

2) The history of crash tests goes back half a century.

more back half sentences
back hastily1) He stretched out a hand and she stepped back hastily.

2) Claudia stepped back hastily, her hands held out in front of her.

more back hastily sentences
back heel1) back heel boots have grown to be extremely popular presently.

2) Sometimes spelt "back heel".

more back heel sentences
back hurriedly1) She backed hurriedly from the chamber and along the passageway.

2) She blinked them back hurriedly and forced herself to look across at Josey.

more back hurriedly sentences
back hurt1) After all back hurting is nothing new.

2) So...now my lower back hurts.

more back hurt sentences
back immediately1) The prepared transaction is rolled back immediately.

2) Federer broke back immediately for 2–4.

more back immediately sentences
back in the day1) back in the day, video games were simple.

2) Horror movies were cool back in the day.

more back in the day sentences
back in1) Each assault was turned back in close fighting.

2) A horrified nation sat back in disbelief.

more back in sentences
back initiative1) This fostered the National Drug Take back Initiative.

2) The Giving back initiative for this event is in partnership with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida.

more back initiative sentences
back instinctively1) Someone came and stood behind her, and she glanced back instinctively, her cheeks immediately flushing.

2) But one look at the wall of guitars on this bunch of cutesy college kids and memories of Chapterhouse flood back instinctively.

more back instinctively sentences
back into1) Its historical precedents reach back into antiquity.

2) back into the 70s through next weekend.

more back into sentences
back is turned1) The god's back is turned to the viewer.

2) The moment his back is turned.

more back is turned sentences
back issue1) back issues are available to view online.

2) This publication has links to back issues.

more back issue sentences
back judge1) It adds the back judge to the four-official system.

2) With the back judge, he rules whether field goal attempts are successful.

more back judge sentences
back kitchen1) Quigley beat me through into the back kitchen.

2) The back kitchen used to store the wet batteries used for telephones.

more back kitchen sentences
back lane1) Their back lanes are dotted with some cool street art.

2) The shop was round the corner in back Lane.

more back lane sentences
back lawn1) The back lawn (Right) was not.

2) She got out the mower to cut the back lawn.

more back lawn sentences
back lean1) The seat and chair back leaned forward.

2) Mousse and Shampoo were on the floor next to each other, their backs leaning against the wall.

more back lean sentences
back legislation1) Muñoz Marín backed legislation to limit the amount of land a company could own.

2) The company finally changed its tune and will now back legislation to make manufacturers responsible for recycling all batteries.

more back legislation sentences
back light1) Subject in direct sun with back light.

2) Hair gets back lit, everyone is highlighted – no wind.

more back light sentences
back load1) Each back loaded with Provia 400X, Portra 800, Delta 3200.

2) Every time he went abroad with the company he came back loaded up with western goods.

more back load sentences
back lot1) It sure brings back lots of memories.

2) back lots were $50, Green said.

more back lot sentences
back massage1) And a back massage or belly rub is always appreciated.

2) Do you need a firm back massage?

more back massage sentences
back matter1) Standing up and fighting back matters.

2) Additionally, back matter may contain the following types of matter within the element.

more back matter sentences
back move1) Roll back moves with " UNDO"!

2) Do not let your back move.

more back move sentences
back muscle1) They really support and cradle tired back muscles.

2) The back muscles mustn't fall away from his spine.

more back muscle sentences
back muscles1) They really support and cradle tired back muscles.

2) The back muscles mustn't fall away from his spine.

more back muscles sentences
back mutation1) A back mutation is postulated as the origin of this new phenotype.

2) Note that the remaining Old English diphthongs were due to other processes, such as breaking, back mutation and i-mutation.

more back mutation sentences
back nervously1) Roman's eyes gleamed and she pulled away, backing nervously until stopped by a bed.

2) Although there's no telling how long you've been here." She glances back nervously.

more back nervously sentences
back nine1) The back nine is quite a different story.

2) His back nine was a little more consistent .

more back nine sentences
back number1) At 86 he is far from a back number.

2) The UK was effectively a back number from that moment.

more back number sentences
back of beyond1) The reference to the back of beyond had upset Celia considerably.

2) Nice little cottage that, but Pook's Common is really the back of beyond.

more back of beyond sentences
back of the envelope1) back of the envelope calculations are surprisingly robust.

2) Good back of the envelope analysis, Fred.

more back of the envelope sentences
back of the neck1) Smaller animals are killed by biting the back of the neck.

2) Look straight ahead; looking downward strains the back of the neck.

more back of the neck sentences
back office1) What is hedge fund back office support?

2) A superb agent with fantastic back office support.

more back office sentences
back on the rails1) He was back on the rails, and moving again.

2) Spruce put the conversation back on the rails.

more back on the rails sentences
back order1) Several items I ordered online have been back ordered.

2) The other 4 are on back order.

more back order sentences
back out of1) NBC quickly backed out of the arrangement.

2) His owner immediately backed out of harm's way.

more back out of sentences
back page headline1) Front and back page headlines would have screamed about our success and momentary dominance.

2) Drug-associated killings became so frequent that by 2008 Mexican newspapers like La Jornada grouped daily execution and assassination reports under a single back page headline.

more back page headline sentences
back page1) For prices of tickets etc. see back page.

2) Use the order form on the back page.

more back page sentences
back part1) Some Long Island conservatives backed parts of the plan.

2) He is asleep in the back part of his house.

more back part sentences
back pass1) How many goals have been given away with faulty back passes?

2) The miles back pass quicker than the miles headed out.

more back pass sentences
back passage1) The dogs followed me along the back passage.

2) With more subdued smiles, they melted away down the back passage.

more back passage sentences
back pat1) It sucks for YOU and your bunch of back patting friends .

2) Indian men may engage in friendly back patting merely as a sign of friendship.

more back pat sentences
back patting1) It sucks for YOU and your bunch of back patting friends .

2) Indian men may engage in friendly back patting merely as a sign of friendship.

more back patting sentences
back pay1) An arbitrator reinstated one worker with back pay.

2) The awarding of liquidated damages can double back pay damages.

more back pay sentences
back pedal1) Then back pedaled and said it will not be that bad .

2) Many ended up back pedaling because it was a huge hit to patronage .

more back pedal sentences
back pedalling1) Sounds to me that they were caught short and are back pedalling.

2) back pedalling, mustn't you?

more back pedalling sentences
back pressure1) The exhaust system is designed for low back pressure.

2) back pressure–the differential pressure between the inlet and outlet pressures.

more back pressure sentences
back problem1) back problems is an extremely typical condition.

2) She was disabled due to back problems.

more back problem sentences
back projection1) The band also used back projections for added effect.

2) Filtered back projection (FBP) has been frequently used to reconstruct images from the projections.

more back projection sentences
back quickly1) Caroline stepped back quickly as the heavy velvet curtain descended.

2) He looks out and comes back quickly.

more back quickly sentences
back reform1) One of the concerns is whether political uncertainty will pull back reforms push.

2) Let's take back reform and revive, rally, and recover public schools.

more back reform sentences
back regime1) I certainly do not have fantasy about Western backed regime change bringing material benefits to the masses.

2) American policy was to discourage humanitarian support to the ten month old Vietnamese backed regime in Phnom Penh.

more back regime sentences
back rent1) Their landlord visited them at the flat to recover back rent.

2) Worse case scenario is the landlord sues the tenant for back rent.

more back rent sentences
back rest1) back rests of chairs may not exceed shoulder height.

2) I really enjoyed the plush seat and back rest.

more back rest sentences
Back River1) We gave chase, but he succeeded in making his escape by swimming Back River.

2) The Powwow River bisects the town, joined by the Back River near the town center.

more Back River sentences
back road1) We fled along back roads and through fields to avoid checkpoints.

2) It was a back road with residential houses.

more back road sentences
back room1) In the back room sat three pool tables.

2) The back room also has a simple geometric mosaic.

more back room sentences
back rub1) Describe giving a back rub. 6.

2) And Erin Andrews gives me a back rub.

more back rub sentences
back run1) The CPU backs run for realistic averages.

2) back running around 20 mins and still recovering from an ABI.

more back run sentences
back scheme1) Sixty million carry-out bags were saved by JS customers last year through the Penny back Scheme.

2) The Penny back scheme and using recycled plastic in our carrier bags saved five million gallons of oil.

more back scheme sentences
back score1) David Villa was back in the forward line and back scoring .

2) Coughlan is pleased to be back scoring: I went through a bit of a barren patch.

more back score sentences
back scratch1) He loves treats and getting his back scratched .

2) He is happy and playful and loves to have his back scratched.

more back scratch sentences
back scratcher1) Sometimes scratching relieves isolated itches, hence the existence of devices such as the back scratcher.

2) Its my back that I have to buy a back scratcher and use usually 2x a day..upon rising and going to bed.

more back scratcher sentences
back scratching1) Also watched the lady in back scratching her neck with gloves on .

2) This process is purer: no lobbying, no fundraising, no elbow rubbing, no back scratching.

more back scratching sentences
back seat driver1) The analogy I toy with is that the conscious wordy mind is like a back seat driver.

2) Outgoing Scottish Conservative leader Annabel Goldie also offered congratulations, pledging 'not be a back seat driver' and was 'confident that she is more than equal to taking on Alex Salmond'.

more back seat driver sentences
back shift1) I don't like the back shifts.

2) The wings on her back shift, lower ones branching out while the upper two sets fold down.

more back shift sentences
back slapping1) I tire easily of the standard thank yous and back slapping.

2) You go round back slapping as if superfast speed is coming for everyone .

more back slapping sentences
back slowly1) She came back slowly towards the house.

2) Her attitude is to come back slowly.

more back slowly sentences
back spasm1) Gonzalez has already had minor back spasms this spring.

2) The touted prospect had been sidelined by back spasms .

more back spasm sentences
back spin1) The reason for lower lofted driver heads is to greatly reduce back spin.

2) Flying spins may go from a forward spin to a back spin.

more back spin sentences
back stabbing1) Who is a disgruntled back stabbing wanna be?

2) You win games with team spirit not back stabbing .

more back stabbing sentences
back staff1) In local news: the University of Toronto is considering cutting back staff because it lost $400 million because of poor stock market investments.

2) backstaff The back staff or back Quadrant is an navigational instrument that was used to determine latitude by measureing the altitude of the sun in the sky.

more back staff sentences
back stair1) Two hundred pounds worth of equipment down the back stairs.

2) So it's straight up the back stairs.

more back stair sentences
back staircase1) The back staircase collapsed a few weeks later.

2) back staircase and storage areas were also specified for attention.

more back staircase sentences
back stairs1) Two hundred pounds worth of equipment down the back stairs.

2) So it's straight up the back stairs.

more back stairs sentences
back step1) They got long poles on the back step.

2) That your personal success had to take a back step.

more back step sentences
back story1) The back story provides a few question marks.

2) Cyrus narrates each ghost's back story.

more back story sentences
back straight1) Make sure you keep the back straight.

2) This will help keep your back straight.

more back straight sentences
back straighten1) backs straightened, nodding heads shot up.

2) His back straightened as much as it could, and he leaned forward, his hands gripping his chair arms.

more back straighten sentences
back street1) A mysterious place on a back street.

2) An excellent find in a quiet back street.

more back street sentences
back stretch1) The back stretch has a two-degree banking.

2) This rule eliminated the inherent disadvantage of pitting on the back stretch.

more back stretch sentences
back stroke1) Ron Finley won the 100m back stroke in 1977 with a time of 54.15.

2) Push hesitation holds the pusher plate in the back stroke, allowing the cake to build up on itself.

more back stroke sentences
back strongly1) West pushed back strongly against the accusations.

2) The ice cream van one comes back strongly too.

more back strongly sentences
back support1) Optional back supports provide positioning and support.

2) back supports are recommended when employees are aligning tombstones.

more back support sentences
back talk1) This time the surveys are coming back talking about jobs .

2) But she's back talking to her mum.

more back talk sentences
back tax1) back taxes usually accrue one of three ways .

2) All taxpayers must add back tax preference deductions in computing AMTI.

more back tax sentences
back teeth1) There was also a noticeable space between the back teeth.

2) The rounded upper projections of the back teeth are cusps.

more back teeth sentences
back the wrong horse1) They keep backing the wrong horse, time u0026 time again.

2) Yes BBB you back the wrong horse again.

more back the wrong horse sentences
back to back promotions1) Get those Thompson twins in the starting 11 ..... No statues being considered today.... But hopeful of back to back promotions!

2) In League Two Crawley Town won back to back promotions to League One with a 2–1 victory at Accrington Stanley.

more back to back promotions sentences
back to back1) They replaced run down back to back houses.

2) The shapes are" back to back".

more back to back sentences
back to basics1) The down economy has brought many folks back to basics.

2) The government therefore launched a "back to basics" programme.

more back to basics sentences
back to front1) The chambers were stacked back to front.

2) The pads were pressure gradient from back to front.

more back to front sentences
back to nature1) Such language glances back to nature worship.

2) His cry was "back to nature" and its simplicity.

more back to nature sentences
back to square one1) The donors were almost back to square one.

2) She really is back to square one.

more back to square one sentences
back to the drawing board1) the designers were ordered back to the drawing board.

2) back to the drawing board, folks!

more back to the drawing board sentences
back to1) back to writing that long awaited book!

2) Most are linked back to political failure.

more back to sentences
back tooth1) There was also a noticeable space between the back teeth.

2) The rounded upper projections of the back teeth are cusps.

more back tooth sentences
back trail1) She went to the wings, and came back trailing a broom.

2) All a casual but effective smokescreen, neatly blurring our back trail.

more back trail sentences
back trouble1) back troubles sent Larry Bird into retirement .

2) There was a recurrence of earlier back trouble and more operations.

more back trouble sentences
back tyre1) Rear mud flaps rest on back tyres wearing them out .

2) She reached her hand across the big back tyre and gripped Rory's.

more back tyre sentences
back up copy1) Allow back up copies of music on a hard drive.

2) You are advised make back up copies prior to changing formulae or any changes.

more back up copy sentences
back up for1) The traffic was soon backed up for miles.

2) Interstate 105 was backed up for miles at a standstill.

more back up for sentences
back up generator1) The back up generator will need fuel, what then?

2) All electrical tank equipment is on a back up generator which functions automatically within less than 7 seconds in the event of a power failure.

more back up generator sentences
back up light1) back up lights were now standard.

2) back up lights were now standard equipment and were incorporated in the taillights.

more back up light sentences
back view1) back view, removed blanking plate to increase airflow.

2) back view of some well trained lions and tigers.

more back view sentences
back vowel1) The high back vowels () are often rather unrounded.

2) Loaned vowels are considered to be back vowels.

more back vowel sentences
back wage1) The firm paid Goshima back wages, both sides say.

2) back wages would be a remedy.

more back wage sentences
back water1) But paddling in back waters was allowed.

2) There are 10 major back waters in the district.

more back water sentences
back wheel1) The child's weight is carried on the back wheels mostly.

2) They can balance your back wheels though don't they?

more back wheel sentences
back window1) A bigger back window improved rear visibility.

2) In its back window sat my hat.

more back window sentences
back wing1) His back wings enable him to fly short distances.

2) A back wing will house the family's two horses.

more back wing sentences
back winner1) Johnson became the second three-time winner, and the first back–to–back winner of the 400.

2) At Newmarket, Desert Shot was almost as impressive when a heavily backed winner of the Colemans Mustard Maiden.

more back winner sentences
back1) A "place" brown backed sign.

2) The show pits six wide receivers against six defensive backs.

more back sentences
bad back1) I am 57 yrs young with a bad back!

2) No "bad back 9" this time!

more bad back sentences
behind back1) Duck Waddle in crouched position, palms together behind back.

2) The crease midfielder moves only slightly to find the lane behind backing up defensemen.

more behind back sentences
behind her back1) her left hand was concealed behind her back.

2) her arms are bound together behind her back.

more behind her back sentences
behind his back1) With both hands tied behind his back.

2) John's hands were tightly tied behind his back.

more behind his back sentences
behind my back1) You're going behind my back again.

2) I put my hands behind my back.

more behind my back sentences
behind your back1) Now, put your hands behind your back.

2) Or wedge a pillow stuffed with tennis balls behind your back.

more behind your back sentences
bent back1) The defensive line had been bent back not broken.

2) Some of them got bent back and actually cracked pins.

more bent back sentences
bite back1) It is men biting back after being cornered.

2) Lindsey bit back a sigh of impatience.

more bite back sentences
broad back1) broad back in the wickets - three now .

2) Guptill c u0026b broad 59 broad back on.

more broad back sentences
broken back1) He suffered 40 per cent burns and a broken back .

2) A broken back in a dream means fear, distress and sorrow.

more broken back sentences
call back1) This whole campaign has been filled with great call backs.

2) It was another hour before they were called back.

more call back sentences
claw back1) He warned that conservatives were trying to claw back power.

2) It appears too short to claw back such a deficit .

more claw back sentences
commute back and forth1) Two sisters commuted back and forth from St Joachim's Parish in Frankford to teach.

2) The President will now commute back and forth to the Kremlin using a Soviet-designed Mi-8 helicopter.

more commute back and forth sentences
die back1) If environmental stresses become too much they may die back.

2) All of my live plants keep slowly dying back.

more die back sentences
down the back1) Some had darker horizontal stripes down the back and tail.

2) Two hundred pounds worth of equipment down the back stairs.

more down the back sentences
draw back1) Only draw back is smoking is allowed.

2) He sat down without drawing back the curtains.

more draw back sentences
drop back1) drop back down onto the tenth ledge.

2) Graham lost 71 yards being tackled while dropping back to pass.

more drop back sentences
flat on your back1) Lie flat on your back and close your eyes.

2) Lie flat on your back and bend the knees.

more flat on your back sentences
hunch back1) Driving rain pounded into her hunched back and shoulders.

2) I will attend when I'm hunch backed and wearing orthopedic shoes.

more hunch back sentences
hurt back1) Member slipped and fell on wet floor hurting back and knee.

2) This is our first edition of the jj watt, he was hurt back.

more hurt back sentences
in back1) But paddling in back waters was allowed.

2) It is cut longer and fuller in back.

more in back sentences
in my back1) Basic stone wall in my back yard.

2) I've been busy in my back yard.

more in my back sentences
in the back1) in the back room sat three pool tables.

2) I felt safe staying in the back room.

more in the back sentences
injure back1) Anaheim Ducks defenseman Sheldon Souray was injured back in mid July during a freak workout accident .

2) Hetfield was icing down a recently injured back while Hammett, Newsted and Ulrich performed.

more injure back sentences
laid back1) The song is laid back while still heavy"".

2) Nails laid back and made himself comfortable.

more laid back sentences
lean back1) I leaned back against the tree trunk.

2) Many ex girlfriend said happy birthday lean back and relax.

more lean back sentences
lie back1) She lay back comfortably while her hair was brushed.

2) Dorothy lay back against her pillow exhausted.

more lie back sentences
lower back1) Her lower back and abdomen were badly infected.

2) lower back disorder referring onto the hip.

more lower back sentences
months back1) Their marriage had nearly ended a few months back.

2) I had a miscarriage a few months back.

more months back sentences
muscular back1) She noticed his broad shoulders and muscular back.

2) On land the Indians traveled on foot and carried burdens on their muscular backs.

more muscular back sentences
on your back1) Lying on your back is also OK.

2) You've got a web sack on your back.

more on your back sentences
out back1) The qualifications were worked out back then.

2) out back the lines are no less unique.

more out back sentences
pace back and forth1) Ranma, bruised but awake, is pacing back and forth.

2) She paced back and forth all day around the remains.

more pace back and forth sentences
pat back1) Then a beamer that the startled Watling pats back down the pitch .

2) His volleying style was novel at the time, a forceful shot instead of merely a pat back over the net.

more pat back sentences
pat on the back1) Good writing deserves a pat on the back.

2) You need a pat on the back.

more pat on the back sentences
rock back and forth1) He's rocking back and forth now.

2) He's rocking back and forth while smoking a cigarette.

more rock back and forth sentences
rotate back and forth1) It has a very effective brushing action - rotating back and forth 2800 times per minute.

2) Assigned to a patriot battalion in Fort Bliss, Texas, his platoon rotated back and forth between Texas and South Korea.

more rotate back and forth sentences
sit back1) A horrified nation sat back in disbelief.

2) I sit back down and finish eating.

more sit back sentences
slap on the back1) That same mechanic received "a grateful slap on the back".

2) Tyler gives Angel Face a hearty slap on the back.

more slap on the back sentences
small of your back1) Press the small of your back into the floor.

2) A hot water bottle in the small of your back should help.

more small of your back sentences
stiff back1) But that was before his stiff back acted up .

2) Aside from my stiff back, I felt great!

more stiff back sentences
straight back1) His straight back and determined walk were commanding.

2) I was taken straight back to our house.

more straight back sentences
straighten back1) He straightened back up and went to the officer.

2) And over the period of the day it will straighten back up vertically.

more straighten back sentences
stretch back1) The current streak stretches back to March 1993.

2) There is a long tradition of football games stretching back centuries.

more stretch back sentences
stroke back1) Lynn University, its closest competition, finished 34 strokes back.

2) She stroked back her baby's hair.

more stroke back sentences
strong back1) Beautiful straight strong backs and unusual grace.

2) A fit and strong back will promote a healthy standing posture.

more strong back sentences
support back1) So should we, by supporting the worldwide movement and receiving support back from it.

2) The BJP protested these implementations, and took its support back, following which he resigned.

more support back sentences
sway back and forth1) The heavy engine sways back and forth as gravity takes hold .

2) The fight swayed back and forth.

more sway back and forth sentences
swept back1) De Gaulle was swept back to power.

2) He swept back the curtain above his bunk.

more swept back sentences
swing back and forth1) Hold Forward to swing back and forth, gaining height.

2) The two tiny hands clasped together swung back and forth with excitement.

more swing back and forth sentences
switch back and forth1) The ability to switch back and forth instantly is incredible.

2) Don't switch back and forth between titles.

more switch back and forth sentences
there and back1) It was a three-hour trip there and back.

2) The journey there and back though looks chancy.

more there and back sentences
to the back1) And it gives protection to the back four.

2) He wheeled his bike round to the back.

more to the back sentences
toward the back1) the abdominoplasty incision extends across the lower abdomen toward the back.

2) Immediately to your left or toward the back?

more toward the back sentences
towards the back1) the pigs were being driven towards the back door.

2) Ness was pretty much kept towards the back wall.

more towards the back sentences
travel back and forth1) travelling back and forth through familiar territory is simply not time-consuming.

2) The anxiety of travelling back and forth was nightmarish.

more travel back and forth sentences
try to back1) Lucien stood up, tried to back away.

2) I tried to back away from my levity.

more try to back sentences
turn your back on1) You can't turn your back on your nature.

2) Don't turn your back on it.

more turn your back on sentences
watch your back1) Dating your boss: watch your back!

2) This creature appears randomly, so watch your back .

more watch your back sentences
write back1) He quickly wrote back and said "sure".

2) I was shocked that you had written back.

more write back sentences
years back1) He himself had stopped fishing thirty years back.

2) I murdered someone a few years back.

more years back sentences

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