Expressions - Collocations of the word " baby "

" baby "Collocations - Expressions
aborted baby1) The first 26 aborted babies were unaffected.

2) What happens to those souls that are the aborted babies?

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abort baby1) They do not understand why Daphne did not abort the baby.

2) The video causes him to reconsider about aborting the unborn baby.

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baby adult1) Five thousand babies and ten adults meant treat the house and the yard.

2) Today, it is given to around 30,000 patients per year, both babies and adults .

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baby alive1) During their search they found a baby still alive .

2) It is a sign that the baby is alive .

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baby arrive1) The baby has arrived since he left for school.

2) Some babies arrive looking up, called face presentation.

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baby asleep1) Hey, the baby's asleep and covered.

2) Suzuki and the baby are asleep, but Butterfly remains standing and waiting.

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baby bear1) A baby is born with sensory perception.

2) This means sometimes the babies are born alive.

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baby blue1) InaTrap is now available in baby blue and pastel purple .

2) May we suggest using baby blue or baby pink cover for homemade baby books ?

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baby boomer1) The baby boomers are starting to retire.

2) The oldest baby boomers often ended up retiring young.

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baby boom1) The borough is also experiencing a baby boom .

2) First, the baby boom is over.

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baby bottle1) I drank more from my baby bottle .

2) Mentally imagine how baby bottles are gently warmed.

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baby boy1) Their baby boy is born in the morning.

2) They are still yet to name their baby boy .

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breast baby1) Allergies are less common in breast-fed babies.

2) For the exclusively breast-fed baby, it could be any food.

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breastfeed baby1) These include breastfeeding, baby wearing and shared sleep.

2) She was subsequently sent to prison along with her breastfeeding baby.

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baby breathe1) Do you worry if baby is still breathing ?

2) After delivery, the baby was not breathing .

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baby bump1) Most people wit big bum doesn't ve big baby bump .

2) Unlike Lima, the baby bump was hardly noticed.

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baby child1) Does less than 35 include babies and children ?

2) This is mostly performed with newborn babies or children .

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baby clothes1) It wears baby clothes and is patient.

2) The bear is dressed in baby clothes .

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baby conceive1) Perhaps initially only one baby was conceived -- a girl.

2) The first baby conceived by this process was born in August 2012.

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baby crawl1) When a baby's crawling how does it hold its feet?

2) Not all babies crawled : some shuffled on their bottoms.

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crying baby1) Parents of crying babies are in so much pain.

2) A Jordanian soldier holds a crying baby in his arms .

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cry baby1) Sorry to sound like a cry baby, just irritated.

2) More still are you a cry baby in God's kingdom?

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baby cry1) Normal physical development requires that babies cry .

2) Your 10-month old baby is crying .

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cute baby1) A cute little naked baby is grinning at the camera .

2) This cute baby always make noise, sound weird.

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baby daughter1) My baby daughter fell off my bed too!

2) His wife and their baby daughter watched the car drive off.

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baby dead1) However, the baby was already dead .

2) Doctors declared the baby dead after resuscitation efforts appeared ineffective .

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dead baby1) The dead babies were both under three months old.

2) The result is still a dead baby.

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deliver baby1) In addition about thirty babies are delivered .

2) No man has ever delivered a baby.

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baby die1) How many babies have died unnecessarily worldwide?

2) A baby died later from unknown causes.

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baby doll1) This baby doll provides coverage without covering too much.

2) Each cake contains a small hidden baby doll .

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baby due1) The 15th week before the week baby due .

2) A neighbour asks when the baby is due .

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baby elephant1) The baby elephants would be especially seriously affected.

2) baby elephants have a tendency to wander off.

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expect baby1) Downs was expecting another baby by then.

2) Three different friends told me they were expecting babies .

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feed baby1) It feeds some babies while taking the lives of others.

2) It is being borne away to feed the eagle's babies.

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baby fine1) I delivered naturally and my baby was fine .

2) Luckily, mother and baby were fine .

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baby formula1) They are still giving baby formula and table foods.

2) Exceptions were made for approved baby formula and prescription medication.

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baby girl1) My baby girl turned one years old!

2) She is my latest full body baby girl .

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baby grand1) Yundi was playing a baby grand behind a white screen .

2) I bought a Classenti GR1i digital baby grand .

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baby grow1) They both had pink baby grows on.

2) Milk makes a baby grow big and strong.

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harm baby1) Can marijuana use during pregnancy harm the baby?

2) Alcohol and drug abuse during pregnancy can harm babies.

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baby healthy1) The next day, Vorilhon claimed that the baby was healthy .

2) How badly do you wish to see your baby healthy and happy?

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healthy baby1) Early prenatal care helps ensure a healthy baby.

2) Simply put, healthier women have healthier babies.

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baby hungry1) The baby is usually quite hungry and eats or nurses eagerly.

2) babies are hungry all of the time.

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baby infant1) Can I book a reserved seat for my baby or infant ?

2) Originally educated in Ghana, she loves treating babies and infants .

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baby Jesus1) The birth of baby Jesus, the significance, the fulfillment of a promise.

2) Oh sweet baby Jesus, I will RUN to my car if it'll count.

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baby kid1) Will definitely share with my friends with babies and kids .

2) Even you are able to get the clothing for your babies or kids .

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kidnap baby1) Additionally, the public suspected that someone was kidnapping babies.

2) Niall Bradley, 19, pleaded guilty to kidnapping the baby.

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kill baby1) The practice of killing unwanted babies was common.

2) The missionaries falsely claim they regularly kill newborn babies.

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kiss baby1) The academic equivalent of kissing babies, I suppose.

2) Good luck and kiss the baby for me!

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baby learn1) Is baby talk designed to help babies learn speech?

2) And doing is how babies learn and grow.

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baby likely1) But older babies are also likely to experience night wakings.

2) During fussy moments, babies were less likely to eat.

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month baby1) I am father of 4 months old baby.

2) Your six month old baby under those sorts of pressures.

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baby mother1) Each set came with 5 babies and a mother .

2) Most cesarean births result in healthy babies and mothers .

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Muppet baby1) To say this rips off the " Muppet babies" is an understatement.

2) Miss Piggy on Muppet babies.

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baby need1) Or when that baby needs neonatal care?

2) A baby needs to visit a doctor regularly.

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newborn baby1) The missionaries falsely claim they regularly kill newborn babies.

2) Perhaps a relinquished or removed newborn baby.

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new baby1) It seems that nature is new and beautiful like new-born babies.

2) The issue for consideration is the selective treatment of disabled new-born babies.

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baby nurse1) Many mothers find they become very thirsty while the baby is nursing .

2) One mother opened up her blouse to sing while baby nursed .

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nurse baby1) Then nurse the baby more often and longer.

2) Beautiful color illustrations show Mama nursing the new baby.

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baby parent1) Which comes first–the unhappy baby or the unhappy parent ?

2) The pain of vaccinations can be distressing for babies and parents alike.

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premature baby1) It is less common in premature babies.

2) Many premature babies die within few days of birth.

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baby ready1) Then the baby is finally ready to walk.

2) When a baby is ready for discharge depends on many factors.

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royal baby1) Q u0026A: What happens once the royal baby is born?

2) Never ask to cuddle the royal baby, says Mr Hanson.

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baby safe1) Make sure your baby is safe first.

2) Your priority is to keep baby safe and comfortable.

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baby shower1) Water baby showers is recurrent tub areas.

2) Any baby shower is incomplete without games .

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baby sick1) Some plants can poison or make your baby sick .

2) But now his baby was sick .

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baby sister1) He loved his parents and his baby sister .

2) No one beats up my baby sister .

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baby sitter1) Most school districts are high priced baby sitters .

2) The 2011 hit "Rio" was a baby sitter .

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baby sit1) I already do baby sit every week.

2) It prepares children for their baby sitting role.

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baby sleep1) The baby slept peacefully in its cradle.

2) Many animals and young babies sleep many times during the day.

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baby stillborn1) Nina was led to believe the baby was stillborn .

2) Rose of Sharon's baby is stillborn .

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stillborn baby1) Mothers of stillborn babies must still give birth.

2) Mary had a stillborn baby in the hospital.

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baby survive1) More babies were surviving their precarious first twelve months.

2) Yet the baby survived a successful operation and is alive today.

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throw baby1) Too much baby thrown out with the bathwater.

2) Pharaoh then orders them to throw the babies into the river.

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tiny baby1) There's a tiny baby in the photo.

2) I assume she has tiny babies growing inside her little belly now.

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baby toddler1) What vaccines are recommended for babies and toddlers ?

2) It's perfectly normal behavior for babies and toddlers .

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unborn baby1) This works best for scanning unborn babies.

2) Her unborn baby had been cut from her womb.

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baby wake1) My 9 month old baby woke up covered in spots.

2) It's not your fault baby wakes up.

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want baby1) All my life I wanted a baby.

2) I felt upset because I wanted the baby.

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baby weigh1) The baby weighs 1 pound 4 oz.

2) A baby weighing more than 9 pounds.

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baby wipe1) Paper towels are probably better left home since baby wipes will suffice.

2) I know I've got baby fresh wipes .

more baby wipe sentences
baby young1) Sunscreen should not be applied to babies younger than six months.

2) The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends regular head repositioning of babies younger than six months.

more baby young sentences
A bonny baby1) Isn't she A bonny baby now, Miss Rose?

2) The club also held A puck fAdA and cic fAdA competition, A bonny baby competition, penalty competition.

more A bonny baby sentences
abandon baby1) The CHIJMES building has commemorative plaques for these abandoned babies.

2) A social worker finds an abandoned baby in the New York subway .

more abandon baby sentences
abandoned baby1) The CHIJMES building has commemorative plaques for these abandoned babies.

2) Workhouses took in abandoned babies, usually presumed to be illegitimate.

more abandoned baby sentences
adopt baby1) Many couples are eagerly willing to adopt babies.

2) After being unable to get pregnant, they adopt baby Ned.

more adopt baby sentences
anchor baby1) Also we need to stop anchor babies now .

2) And right behind Cruz is " anchor baby" Marco Rubio.

more anchor baby sentences
baby alarm1) It is just like a baby alarm.

2) No I haven't got a baby alarm either.

more baby alarm sentences
baby babble1) But when babies babble, what are they doing?

2) When your baby babbles, don't be embarrassed to babble right back.

more baby babble sentences
baby bath1) The old baby bathing tub is the perfect size .

2) baby bath Time babies seldom get very dirty (apart from in their nappies!

more baby bath sentences
baby be born1) A baby is born with sensory perception.

2) This means sometimes the babies are born alive.

more baby be born sentences
baby be due1) A neighbour asks when the baby is due.

2) The baby is due November 21 st, 2013.

more baby be due sentences
baby be sick1) But now his baby was sick.

2) The young woman who arrived today talks about falling ill while her baby was sick.

more baby be sick sentences
baby beef1) For a limited number of products (baby beef, sugar, and wine), annual import quotas remain in effect.

2) The menu features fine local fare with an innovative twist in the form of Vodka and Beetroot Marinated Salmon, and baby beef Escalopes with Atlantic Shrimps and Cottage Cheese.

more baby beef sentences
Baby Bell1) AT u0026T would not be the first Baby Bell to sell off rural landlines.

2) In 1984 the Bell System broke up into the various Baby Bell operating companies and AT u0026T.

more Baby Bell sentences
baby bird1) Mother bird is sharing food with baby bird indicates sharing.

2) The baby bird yields less meat than fat and bone.

more baby bird sentences
baby blue eyes1) Probably the biggest change is Frodo's giant baby blue eyes.

2) Then she turned around and looked Little John in his baby blue eyes.

more baby blue eyes sentences
baby blues1) Even his signature baby blues seem dull and demonic.

2) Are you struggling with the baby blues after recently giving birth?

more baby blues sentences
baby bond1) baby bonds are senior unsecured obligations of General Electric Capital Corporation.

2) They are called baby bonds because of the small minimum denomination of $25.

more baby bond sentences
baby bonus1) baby bonuses are an awful approach.

2) In 2001, the Singapore government started its baby bonus scheme.

more baby bonus sentences
baby book1) Madeleine had recorded it in the baby book.

2) Alison's baby book starts at three and a half.

more baby book sentences
Baby bouncer1) Don't put Baby bouncers on tables or work surfaces and use a harness to keep them strapped in a high chair.

2) When your Baby is ready for some new sensations and more fun in his life, you may begin to develop his sight, hearing, touch and movements with a Baby bouncer.

more Baby bouncer sentences
baby broccoli1) A cross between broccoli and Chinese kale, sweet baby broccoli has a sweeter flavor than ordinary broccoli.

2) Ocean Mist Farms added sweet baby broccoli to its product line in order to meet growing consumer demand for the vegetable, said Joe Feldman, vice president sales and marketing.

more baby broccoli sentences
baby broker1) baby brokers are known for denying this.

2) baby brokers are hired by desperate infertile couples to hunt down other women's children.

more baby broker sentences
baby brother1) My baby brother was killed in a single car accident.

2) My baby brother is leaving for basic training in 3 weeks.

more baby brother sentences
baby buggy1) Incidentally, the baby buggy was also stolen in Los Angeles.

2) But first, would your baby buggy pass an MOT test?

more baby buggy sentences
Baby Buggy1) Incidentally, the Baby Buggy was also stolen in Los Angeles.

2) But first, would your Baby Buggy pass an MOT test?

more Baby Buggy sentences
baby bust1) This resulted in lower fertility rates, causing the baby Bust.

2) I still believe the global baby bust might just solve Piketty capital versus wages issue.

more baby bust sentences
baby car seat1) ALMOST 11,000 baby car seats are being recalled amid fears lap belt guides could break.

2) Once you get baby's car seat, call your local police or fire department.

more baby car seat sentences
baby carriage1) One of two baby carriages each 31⁄2 inches long.

2) Then comes Jenna pushing a baby carriage .

more baby carriage sentences
baby carrier1) This completes our journey through basic design of baby carrier site.

2) So "My Favorite baby Carrier" it was.

more baby carrier sentences
baby daddy1) Is he "baby daddy" material?

2) The love triangles and whose the baby daddy is getting old.

more baby daddy sentences
baby face1) People sometimes said he had a baby face.

2) No he's got a baby face.

more baby face sentences
baby faced1) John was a blond haired baby faced centre that opposition players often underestimated.

2) A stroll through a park, calm walk around the block, baby faced out.

more baby faced sentences
baby farm1) Legislation to control baby farms in Britain was not introduced until 1872.

2) There, across the fields, was the 'baby farm'.

more baby farm sentences
baby fat1) Are you wondering how to burn baby fat?

2) One distinctive feature of June is her additional "baby fat".

more baby fat sentences
baby feed1) babies fed soy milk tend to have a deficiency of copper.

2) babies feed differently with artificial nipples than from a breast.

more baby feed sentences
baby food1) The donated baby food always is provided free of charge .

2) The ship brought baby food and bottled water.

more baby food sentences
baby grow up1) Those are only acquired as the baby grows up and travels through life.

2) One comes year after year and I get to to see the babies grow up.

more baby grow up sentences
baby gurgle1) The baby gurgled and smiled and Ruth's heart tore in two.

2) At the back of the hall a handicapped woman sat quietly in a wheelchair and a man paced up and down, a tiny Down's syndome baby gurgling in his arms.

more baby gurgle sentences
baby is born1) A baby is born with sensory perception.

2) It disappears after the baby is born.

more baby is born sentences
baby is due1) A neighbour asks when the baby is due.

2) The baby is due November 21 st, 2013.

more baby is due sentences
baby kick1) Laney has been on a baby kick lately.

2) It was a baby kicking its feet and squealing with delight.

more baby kick sentences
baby lotion1) Every night I take off my make-up with baby lotion then I tone it and put moisturizer on.

2) But the next thing we knew he was all kitted out in a blue and white sailor suit, smelling sweetly of baby lotion and with not a wet patch to be seen.

more baby lotion sentences
baby milk1) Mrs Patti Rundall, Policy director, baby milk Action.

2) About four years ago Chinese were buying a particular baby milk powder from Japanese market.

more baby milk sentences
baby monitor1) A similar baby monitor ordeal shocked the nation last August.

2) Voice applications, such as baby monitors, are becoming common.

more baby monitor sentences
baby move1) Then I felt my baby move down.

2) When will I start feeling my baby move?

more baby move sentences
baby oil1) Mineral Oil: baby oil is 100% mineral oil.

2) She wears nothing but thigh high stockings, heels and baby oil.

more baby oil sentences
baby powder1) What comes loose looks like black baby powder.

2) But the secret here is baby powder !

more baby powder sentences
baby rabbit1) Do you know anybody wanting baby rabbits?

2) baby rabbits take one month to grow to adulthood.

more baby rabbit sentences
Baby Ruth1) Baby Ruth - for the student who loves baseball 8.

2) Chocolate said in Sloth voice: No Baby Ruth's here.

more Baby Ruth sentences
baby scream1) For two years, babies scream: "HEY!

2) She's always sick,' Samy shouts above the baby's screams.

more baby scream sentences
baby seat1) Some baby seats can be converted into car seats for older children.

2) Can Booster and baby seats be fitted?

more baby seat sentences
baby sling1) The other thing that was a waste was the baby sling.

2) Still, the baby sling was a lifesaver for me.

more baby sling sentences
baby son1) She loved life and was devoted to her baby son.

2) Fergie's baby son has started talking.

more baby son sentences
baby spit up1) Almost all babies spit up to some degree.

2) Introducing, Mommy Bib the ultimate protection from baby spit up drool.

more baby spit up sentences
baby step1) The answer is to take baby steps.

2) I still needed to take baby steps.

more baby step sentences
baby stroller1) Country full of happy "baby stroller pushers".

2) I love the rain boots, and the vintage baby stroller.

more baby stroller sentences
baby suck1) Ten percent of babies suck their left thumb.

2) Mums found their babies sucking the studs after pulling them off.

more baby suck sentences
baby take his1) It's like watching a baby take his first hesitant steps.

2) The film begins with a baby taking his first steps on a beach supported by his father.

more baby take his sentences
baby talk1) Is baby talk designed to help babies learn speech?

2) Why does baby talk grab the attention?

more baby talk sentences
baby teeth1) The baby teeth prepare the arch, prepare the bone.

2) She still has her baby teeth and is teething.

more baby teeth sentences
baby tooth1) The baby teeth prepare the arch, prepare the bone.

2) She still has her baby teeth and is teething.

more baby tooth sentences
baby unit1) Holloway mother and baby unit is disgusting.

2) And they're always collecting for babies unit.

more baby unit sentences
baby wail1) babies wailing, car alarms, coughing, the things anyone would have sworn theyd never miss.

2) Now and then they passed a baby wailing outside a peeling front door in a battered pram.

more baby wail sentences
baby walk1) Kokila and Ratnan with the baby walks out of the house.

2) There was a little baby walking around in the parking lot the other day.

more baby walk sentences
baby walker1) baby walkers were a particular concern.

2) Do you walk with him or do you put him in a baby walker?

more baby walker sentences
baby weight1) She was very successful losing extra baby weight.

2) The babies' weights and measurements were not recorded.

more baby weight sentences
baby1) But is "baby sign language" helpful?

2) Water baby showers is recurrent tub areas.

more baby sentences
babying1) Just common sense, not babying myself.

2) He wasn't babying him or anything.

more babying sentences
battered baby1) They call them battered babies now, I don't think we did then.

2) And when you watch a person die And hear a battered baby cry, Then do you think that you can be All these things you ask of me?

more battered baby sentences
be expecting a baby1) I believe er Christine is expecting a baby?

2) She and Sam are expecting a baby.

more be expecting a baby sentences
be left holding the baby1) And Rex was left holding the baby.

2) the difference is that you were left holding the baby.

more be left holding the baby sentences
beautiful baby1) She had sent pictures of her beautiful baby girl.

2) Nearly 21 weeks later we had a beautiful baby boy.

more beautiful baby sentences
big baby1) Most people wit big bum doesn't ve big baby bump.

2) I lost my big baby girl, to cancer.

more big baby sentences
blue baby1) She was what was known as "a blue baby".

2) I'm gonna be true blue baby, I love you.

more blue baby sentences
bonny baby1) Isn't she a bonny baby now, Miss Rose?

2) The product was sold under the slogan "Glaxo builds bonny babies" from 1908.

more bonny baby sentences
bottle fed baby1) Secondly, bottle fed babies suffer more health problems do they?

2) Is this study showing more bottle fed babies die the first year than breast fed babies a correlative study?

more bottle fed baby sentences
bouncing baby1) Like Leonard, Larry was a big and bouncing baby.

2) A bonny, bouncing baby Falk was her heart's desire and joy.

more bouncing baby sentences
breastfed baby1) Can alcohol abuse affect a breastfed baby?

2) Some breastfed babies will refuse a rubber nipple.

more breastfed baby sentences
care for baby1) They take turns caring for baby Mario.

2) How are you supposed to use these to care for babies?

more care for baby sentences
carry baby1) All around town, people are carrying babies.

2) They carry babies on their backs in the streets.

more carry baby sentences
change baby1) Where do you change baby's nappy?

2) The Morlocks had been in conflict over a plan to change babies into mutated forms.

more change baby sentences
colicky baby1) colicky babies don't cry more frequently than other babies do.

2) Anyone with a colicky baby can attest to that fact.

more colicky baby sentences
conceive baby1) The study comes as C-section rates are skyrocketing, with nearly one-third of ... Related News Naturally conceived babies have higher IQs than those delivered by cesarean, a new study has claimed.

2) If the hip region of a woman is too narrow, this task becomes difficult, and her ability to conceive babies suffers.

more conceive baby sentences
contented baby1) If it is quiet, I sleep like a contented baby.

2) Achieving a perfect birth, a contented baby or a streamlined schedule can give rise to a smug self-satisfaction.

more contented baby sentences
cradle baby1) In 1992, her government introduced the "cradle baby Scheme".

2) It is not a safe method of cradling baby while on the boat.

more cradle baby sentences
Darling baby1) My Darling baby fell from the bed just few hours ago.

2) Jimmy use two hands for that Darling baby girl ....

more Darling baby sentences
designer baby1) So is science creating so-called designer babies?

2) Where do you draw the line to avoid "designer babies" ?

more designer baby sentences
full term baby1) Pre-term babies are more sensitive to painful stimuli than full term babies.

2) I n September 1996 we lost a perfectly healthy full term baby boy to vasa previa.

more full term baby sentences
give birth to a baby1) Two years later I gave birth to a baby girl.

2) She had given birth to a baby of flames.

more give birth to a baby sentences
give birth to baby1) Rachel gives birth to baby Emma in the season finale.

2) She gave birth to baby Molli in 2011 .

more give birth to baby sentences
good baby1) The best baby crib attributes are not always safe these days.

2) He is doing amazingly well and is such a good baby.

more good baby sentences
growing baby1) It protects the uterus and growing baby from bacterial infection.

2) They also need extra iron for their growing baby and placenta.

more growing baby sentences
have a baby1) They married last summer and recently had a baby.

2) We had just had a baby 4 weeks before.

more have a baby sentences
have baby1) Women are having babies later in life.

2) It's having babies without feeding hay.

more have baby sentences
hold baby1) Brent was then able to hold baby Rebecca.

2) Mothers holding babies; what could be more ordinary?

more hold baby sentences
illegitimate baby1) In 1890, Dyer cared for the illegitimate baby of a governess.

2) illegitimate babies are stoned to death in Pakistan for committing the crime of illegitimacy.

more illegitimate baby sentences
jelly baby1) Eating five sweets, such as jelly babies.

2) Er, you had a jelly baby.

more jelly baby sentences
little baby1) A bad place for poor little babies–decidedly.

2) This woman took took this little baby chicken.

more little baby sentences
look after baby1) They can stay home by themselves and look after babies and toddlers.

2) Boyfriend Jason, 20, looks after baby Owen, now nearly 20 months old.

more look after baby sentences
lose baby1) The mother cows cry out and search for the lost babies.

2) Mourning Mommies - A place for mommies who have lost babies to anencephaly.

more lose baby sentences
lovely baby1) Opening it, they found a lovely baby.

2) He was a pale lovely baby with a defective liver and dubious kidneys.

more lovely baby sentences
low birthweight baby1) However, the overall rate of very low birthweight babies in the US is increasing.

2) low birthweight babies, in particular, should not be overfed in a bid to help them catch up.

more low birthweight baby sentences
make baby1) Polycarbonate plastics are sometimes used to make baby bottles.

2) Which color makes babies cry more?

more make baby sentences
name baby1) She has a granddaughter named baby Blotter .

2) Pavone presides over service to name babies found in Philadelphia clinic.

more name baby sentences
normal baby1) The quilt is beautiful and not the normal baby set blanket.

2) I hope they have a normal baby name choice !

more normal baby sentences
perfect baby1) She saw her perfect baby injured and suffering and ultimately dying from those injuries.

2) Hemani thinks of Nikki as the perfect baby, being cute and all that.

more perfect baby sentences
play with baby1) playing with baby is becoming increasingly interactive.

2) play with babies and young children.

more play with baby sentences
preterm baby1) A common problem in preterm babies is respiratory disease.

2) This injury is more likely in preterm babies.

more preterm baby sentences
produce baby1) And I suspected that the long-term intention was to produce babies.

2) Scientists are able to produce babies who will fit their future job exactly.

more produce baby sentences
rock baby1) The other potential problem concerns rocking babies to sleep in cradles.

2) We are still rocking baby Led Weaning.

more rock baby sentences
Rosemary's Baby1) I read the VC article about Rosemary's Baby last night.

2) I mentioned Rosemary's Baby and other demonic movies that are alarming.

more Rosemary's Baby sentences
screaming baby1) We can't believe this is our wet screaming baby on my tummy.

2) Civilians sat on benches joking and playing cards and rocking screaming babies to sleep.

more screaming baby sentences
sleep like a baby1) I slept like a baby down here.

2) Fifteen minutes later Travis was sleeping like a baby.

more sleep like a baby sentences
sleeping baby1) She held a sleeping baby in her arms.

2) Drive over, get a sleeping baby, drive home.

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small baby1) I small baby quilt measuring 15"x15".

2) Her dark hair was incredibly thick for such a small baby.

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swaddle baby1) swaddled babies are wrapped in cloths or blankets that restrict movement.

2) NEVER put a swaddled baby on her tummy.

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take baby1) The answer is to take baby steps.

2) I still needed to take baby steps.

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test tube baby1) The first test tube baby was born in 1978.

2) test tube babies, exactly, yes.

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throw the baby out with the bath water1) Perhaps, however, there is a risk of throwing the baby out with the bath water.

2) But the scope-of-the-patent approach "throws the baby out with the bath water," the majority said.

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unwanted baby1) The practice of killing unwanted babies was common.

2) unwanted babies, parentless children are the real victims here.

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war baby1) Larry L. Ruth, "war Baby!

2) This team went down in Tide history as the "war babies".

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young baby1) But are young babies really that emotionally mature?

2) And experiments suggest that very young babies are interested in dialogue.

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