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aerobic bacterium1) Some aerobic bacteria, which need oxygen to live, increased.

2) It has been shown to work against certain aerobic Gram-positive bacteria.

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anaerobic bacterium1) Conversely, oxygen is fatal to many kinds of anaerobic bacteria.

2) anaerobic infections are caused by anaerobic bacteria.

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antibiotic bacterium1) Public health experts observed antibiotic-resistant bacteria growing in these animals .

2) Why are antibiotic-resistant bacteria such a risk to public health?

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beneficial bacterium1) It is neither a beneficial bacteria nor enzyme product.

2) Naturally occurring beneficial bacteria in the soil die off.

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cause bacterium1) Can help prevent bacteria causing an infection.

2) MAC is a serious disease caused by common bacteria.

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coliform bacterium1) No significant coliform bacteria or hydrocarbon contamination was found.

2) coliform bacteria and fecal matter may also be detected in runoff.

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coli bacterium1) Isn't the e coli bacteria a real treasure of design?

2) E. coli bacteria have also been found in fish and turtles.

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bacterium consume1) Heterotrophic bacteria consume autotrophs or other heterotrophs. 9.

2) Several studies suggest that bacteria has consumed a part of oil in the sea.

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bacterium convert1) The bacteria converts the fish waste into usable plant food .

2) For example, bacteria convert the bile salt cholic acid to deoxycholic acid.

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culture bacterium1) Culturing bacteria is easy and almost universally understood.

2) The bacteria are cultured, washed and pelleted.

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destroy bacterium1) Blue light of low intensity destroys this bacterium.

2) The radiation destroys the bacteria that are keeping the aliens unconscious.

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disease bacterium1) These antibodies are specific for disease-causing bacteria and viruses .

2) His dissertation focused on different aspects of toxicity in disease-causing bacteria.

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engineer bacterium1) These specially engineered bacteria are thousands of times more efficient than natures bacteria.

2) E. Chromi saw collaboration between designers and scientists working in the field of Synthetic Biology to engineer bacteria .

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bacterium enter1) This is where clogged pores and bacteria enter the picture.

2) Did a bacteria enter an area where a virus already resided?

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bacterium evolve1) Help us unravel how bacteria evolve to cause disease .

2) Bacteria evolve to survive threats to their existence.

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bacterium feed1) The process involves bacteria feeding on hydrocarbons and excreting hydrogen and CO2.

2) They let the bacteria feed, multiply, and compete with one another.

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Gram bacterium1) Gram-negative bacteria surround themselves with two membrane layers.

2) This compound is only present in Gram-negative bacteria.

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bacterium grow1) It should be noted that these bacteria typically grow very slowly.

2) The number of bacteria grows exponentially, doubling each day.

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gut bacterium1) And which gut bacteria in particular are the culprits?

2) Fevers can kill off benign gut bacteria.

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harbor bacterium1) All of these lesions harbor bacteria and are infectious.

2) Old products can harbor bacteria and break out your skin .

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infect bacterium1) Each bacterium was infected with a seed that covertly replaced most of the nucleus.

2) Finally, the unfortunate bacterium bursts and releases millions of viruses that infect new bacteria.

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bacterium infect1) How did the bacteria infect the humans?

2) Seven other children under seven were infected by the deadly bacteria.

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ingest bacterium1) Why do ingesting tuberculosis bacteria make immune cells sick?

2) Symptoms usually appear 24 to 48 hours after the bacteria are ingested .

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inhibit bacterium1) At higher concentrations they inhibited bacteria and algae.

2) Typical ingredients of curing agents that inhibit anaerobic bacteria include nitrates and nitrates.

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intestinal bacterium1) Human intestinal bacteria as reservoirs for antibiotic resistance genes.

2) By contrast, many anaerobic intestinal bacteria deconjugated this compound.

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bacterium invade1) How does the bacteria invade other tissues?

2) This necrotic tissue is usually invaded by bacteria.

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invade bacterium1) Normally, B cells mount an early defense against invading bacteria.

2) Invading bacteria can also be attacked by existing bacteria using chemical warfare.

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bacterium isolate1) The bacteria was first isolated and grown in the laboratory in 1886.

2) Consider a very large colony of bacteria isolated in a drop of solution.

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kill bacterium1) Mouth washes which kill bacteria are helpful.

2) Other treatments open clogged pores and kill bacteria.

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lactic bacterium1) Of special interest are lactic acid bacteria (LAB).

2) lactic acid bacteria produce the antimicrobial nisin which further enhances preservation.

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bacterium live1) Fortunately some bacteria live in hot springs.

2) Anaerobic bacteria living in swamps and garbage dumps produce methane.

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bacterium multiply1) Septicemia - Bacteria actually multiply in the blood.

2) Sometimes bacteria multiply so rapidly they crowd out host tissues and disrupt normal function.

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nitrify bacterium1) The medication probably affected the good nitrifying bacteria.

2) As they rot they are turned into nitrates by nitrifying bacteria.

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occur bacterium1) Naturally occurring beneficial bacteria in the soil die off.

2) During this time the cream would sour slightly through naturally occurring bacteria.

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pathogenic bacterium1) The problem is that antibiotics may remove beneficial as well as pathogenic bacteria.

2) The skin acts as a barrier to deter the invasion of pathogenic bacteria.

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bacterium produce1) The waste products bacteria produce become soil organic matter.

2) The bacteria produce them in much milder conditions.

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resistant bacterium1) Who is responsible for antibiotic resistant bacteria?

2) But antibiotic resistant bacteria became more and more common .

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bacterium secrete1) The bacteria secretes an enzyme called subtilisin through the cell wall.

2) Many bacteria secrete extracellular polymers outside of their cell walls called glycocalyx.

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spread bacterium1) When both bacteria are spread, serious health conditions arise.

2) Avoid spreading harmful bacteria in your kitchen.

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bacterium spread1) The bacteria have spread throughout the body.

2) And these strains of bacteria are spreading fast .

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bacterium thrive1) Many bacteria thrive there as well as algae and flora.

2) Outbreaks of MRSA are usually limited to hospitals, where various bacteria thrive .

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transmit bacterium1) Vibrio cholera bacteria are transmitted through contaminated water.

2) The bacteria are usually transmitted to humans by eating foods contaminated with animal feces.

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virus bacterium1) Some viruses attack bacteria, others attack body cells.

2) It includes viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungal pathogens.

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bacterium1) The complex mechanisms controlling such bacteria tissue associations are obscure.

2) So humans are basically oversized bacteria buses.

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