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a strain of bacteria1) All the patients were infected with a strain of bacteria called Salmonella typhimurium.

2) Mine involved cellulolysis and a strain of bacteria that I forget the name of now.

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attack bacteria1) Some viruses attack bacteria, others attack body cells.

2) Hydrogen peroxide producing enzymes: attack bacteria. 7.

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bacteria bed1) Once you have clean healthy water you will have a health bacteria bed established.

2) Medications tend to affect the bacteria bed and screw everything up so I try and Medicate in a separate aquarium.

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bacteria1) The complex mechanisms controlling such bacteria tissue associations are obscure.

2) So humans are basically oversized bacteria buses.

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beneficial bacteria1) It is neither a beneficial bacteria nor enzyme product.

2) Naturally occurring beneficial bacteria in the soil die off.

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dangerous bacteria1) Lab tests showed that the medicine had been contaminated with a dangerous bacteria.

2) But are they better than cotton-based bills at keeping dangerous bacteria at bay?

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destroy bacteria1) It has the property of destroying bacteria in the skin.

2) In 1898 Samuel Prescott showed that radiation destroyed bacteria in food.

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fight bacteria1) Our bodies are built to fight bacteria and other small invaders.

2) Bright hot conditions can degrade the preservatives used to fight bacteria.

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get rid of bacteria1) In general cooked food is recommeded, in order to get rid of bacteria.

2) It may seem to get rid of bacteria - chlorine bleach does do that - but at great expense to your long-term health: tissue and organ damage, compromised immunity, and possibly cancer.

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harmful bacteria1) Avoid spreading harmful bacteria in your kitchen.

2) These undercooked meats and processed meats might contain harmful bacteria.

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healthy bacteria1) It feeds healthy bacteria in your gut .

2) Frozen yogurts don't always carry the healthy bacteria you need.

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kill bacteria1) Mouth washes which kill bacteria are helpful.

2) Other treatments open clogged pores and kill bacteria.

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