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bend backwards1) Note that his right wrist is bending backwards without cocking upwards.

2) He could bend forwards, but could not bend backwards.

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backwards compatible1) It is still backwards compatible as well.

2) The new guitar controller remains backwards compatible with previous games.

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count backwards1) Once 32,000 was reached the software started counting backwards.

2) These ranks are called Kyu ranks and count backwards.

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fall backwards1) As the Toyota moves forward they fall backwards.

2) Georgia falls backwards and her skirt ends up around her waist.

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lean backwards1) He leaned casually backwards against the couch, his knees raised.

2) Easing herself gently to her feet she leaned slowly backwards.

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rock backwards1) She rocked backwards and forwards on the bench.

2) She cackled and rocked backwards and forwards.

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roll backwards1) The petals are extremely wrinkled and rolled backwards.

2) The knobbly wheels spun for a moment, and then the truck rolled backwards.

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slide backwards1) He goes sliding backwards a few feet.

2) But it is sliding ever backwards in relation to the West.

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spell backwards1) Desserts is "stressed" spelt backwards.

2) His name is "Utrom" spelled backwards.

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spin backwards1) Edwards spun backwards and went airborne.

2) Keselowski touched, and Edwards spun backwards, then went airborne.

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stagger backwards1) She was pulled from Nathan's grasp and staggered backwards.

2) Tightly holding his skull between his hands he staggered backwards.

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step backwards1) She stepped backwards and shook her head.

2) The figure stepped backwards into the darkness.

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stumble backwards1) He stumbled backwards and doubled over.

2) He pushed the defendant again and Karmer stumbled backwards and dropped two knives,.

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tilt backwards1) He wandered off into the shadow, his head tilted backwards.

2) Avoid having the head tilted backwards.

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walk backwards1) Half moved forward and half walked backwards.

2) Gale often had to walk backwards before beginning rehearsals.

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backwards and forwards1) This sentence actually reads true both backwards and forwards .

2) He started shaking it backwards and forwards.

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backwards1) The occupant thus faced backwards during travel.

2) That gets equal protection analysis exactly backwards .

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