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add bacon1) add bacon and reduce heat to medium.

2) I add bacon, mushrooms and Swiss cheese.

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bacon bit1) bacon bits : "That's Poe.

2) Next is the egg and oils followed by bacon bits and croutons.

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bring bacon1) He who sugars the pill brings home the bacon.

2) Yes, she can bring home the bacon!

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cook bacon1) Fresh and dried bacon is typically cooked before eating.

2) Whilst the bread is rising cook the bacon until crisp.

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crispy bacon1) My friend was very impressed with her crispy bacon.

2) They were delicious bites of crispy bacon against juicy meatball .

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eat bacon1) Instead eat bacon, ham, sausage, eggs (super versatile!

2) bacon . eating bacon in your dream means continuing prosperity in your life.

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fried bacon1) Served with fried bacon or a sausage.

2) Recently invented bacon dishes include chicken fried bacon, chocolate covered bacon, and the bacon explosion.

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fry bacon1) A scientist may prefer frying bacon for paying customers.

2) fry the bacon in whatever pot you're using.

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bacon grease1) Add 1 tablespoon of leftover bacon grease to the pan.

2) Reserve the bacon grease in the pan.

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put bacon1) Meanwhile, put the bacon in a cold frying pan.

2) Next time, I will probably put more bacon in the pancakes.

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bacon sandwich1) Cornelius ordered another bacon sandwich and a cup of tea.

2) Breakfast was simple - coffee, and a bacon sandwich .

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save bacon1) Mr Major's bacon was saved by 19 Liberal Democrat votes.

2) Causes a lot of trouble, but also saves some bacon.

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smoke bacon1) They are commonly served with Vienna sausages or smoked bacon.

2) After being brined, the bacon is smoked .

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streaky bacon1) Fry the streaky bacon in a large pan until crispy.

2) The Rees family also produce a short back and streaky bacon.

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bacon strip1) The bacon strips are then ready for consumption.

2) Cover the top with bacon strips and serve.

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bacon wrap1) The bacon wrapped ribs were given 2 coats on each side.

2) My bacon wrapped prawns were great too.

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back bacon1) Most bacon consumed in the United Kingdom is back bacon.

2) Loin: This can be cured to give back bacon or Canadian-style bacon.

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bacon and eggs1) The bacon and eggs were surprisingly welcome.

2) Can bacon and eggs really help my hangover?

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bacon butty1) I would call that a bacon butty or a bacon cob.

2) Five loads of bacon butties.

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bacon fat1) bacon fat is roughly 40% saturated.

2) bacon fat is an excellent substitute for the butter.

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bacon rind1) Add a few bacon rinds (optional).

2) Tuppe strained a bacon rind through the gap in his front teeth.

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bacon slicer1) Branches lay across the bacon slicer, ready for lopping.

2) So he took me to a butcher shoppe with a bacon slicer in it and you know it turned out that he was right aftr all.

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bacon1) bacon fat is roughly 40% saturated.

2) A scientist may prefer frying bacon for paying customers.

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bit of bacon1) And er, a bit of bacon please gov.

2) The fries are topped with bits of bacon and shaved cheddar cheese .

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crisp bacon1) Chicken cutlets are cooked with crisped bacon, sage, and a mustard cream sauce.

2) What better time to try this recipe, Roe liver with crisp bacon and buttered cabbage.

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cure bacon1) MM, tried this home cured bacon and loved it!

2) Order: Buttermilk pancakes with cured bacon and maple syrup – a truly indulgent choice of fluffy pancakes and the great salty sweet combination of bacon and syrup.

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lean bacon1) When evenly blended, stir in the parmesan cheese, pepper, mustard and lean bacon.

2) 8oz cooked, chopped, lean bacon","Class":"{col0 coll}"}],"Right":[],"TokenNum":1023864810},

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piece of bacon1) Are you putting er pieces of bacon on?

2) Wrap each wing with a piece of bacon.

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rasher of bacon1) Add the rasher of bacon and the onion and garlic .

2) To serve, place a rasher of bacon on each muffin half.

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side of bacon1) Be sure to add a side of bacon to your meal... yum!

2) The loin and belly can be cured together to give a side of bacon.

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slice of bacon1) Active suggests adding a slice of bacon to get more protein.

2) slices of bacon are also known as "collops".

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smoked bacon1) They are commonly served with Vienna sausages or smoked bacon.

2) The smoked bacon was AMAZING and the chicken was moist.

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smoky bacon1) The $30 prix fixe menu includes five courses that all feature sweet, smoky bacon.

2) They recommended a smoky bacon one, which tasted incredible with hash browns and fried onions.

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turkey bacon1) Cured turkey bacon made from dark meat can be 90% fat free.

2) turkey bacon is cooked by pan-frying.

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