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become backer1) Does becoming a backer of Broken Age sound like something that interests you ?

2) On his return to China, Zhang became an early financial backer of Chiang Kai-shek.

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big backer1) I care that the Waltons are big time charter backers.

2) So shaky that even his biggest backers seem to be deserting him .

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backer board1) Cut and test-fit the backer board first.

2) Tile backer board forms a waterproof layer for a long-lasting countertop.

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corporate backer1) The initiative's other corporate backer is brewer Molson Coors.

2) In recent months corporate backers of factory farming are trying harder than ever to pass ag-gag bills .

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early backer1) Among their early backers was Garage.com.

2) Confirmed by the early backers who have a dev console .

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financial backer1) Her top financial backer has waved off donors.

2) I was one of Dick's financial backers.

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find backer1) They assume they will find backers with just concept art.

2) So far, however, Nelson is struggling to find backers for his ideas.

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foreign backer1) All political brakes were destroyed both by the Assad side as well as the foreign backers of the rebellion.

2) Their details, including one foreign backer, will be provided "in confidence" to the Electoral Commission.

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backer include1) International backers please include $15 shipping and handling.

2) Its backers included powerful local business and political figures.

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international backer1) This reward tier is open to international backers.

2) international backers please include $15 shipping and handling.

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key backer1) A key Gillard backer said he was not sure if Gillard still had majority caucus support .

2) Myers is one of the two key financial backers of Virginia Tech's Myers-Lawson School of Construction.

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Kickstarter backer1) Thanks to Kickstarter backers for covering travel and equipment costs .

2) Units started to ship to Kickstarter backers on March 28, 2013.

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main backer1) Iran is the main backer of Assad's regime.

2) Tzara and Janco were probably the publication's main financial backers.

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major backer1) Perks and sometimes jobs for the party's major financial backers.

2) Most major backers of LTE preferred and promoted VoLTE from the beginning.

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other backer1) other backers were brought together, and the plan was expanded.

2) The initiative's other corporate backer is brewer Molson Coors.

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backer pledge1) More than 400 backers pledged funds and placed orders and are testing their new laser lights.

2) But by December 1, she had 156 Kickstarter backers who had pledged £12,621.

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potential backer1) Many of our potential backers stopped it after a few seconds.

2) The audience, including potential backers, was indifferent and walked out.

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principal backer1) Shackleton named it Caird Coast, after his principal backer.

2) James u0026 John Chambers along with William Finke remained the principal private backers.

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backer say1) The bill's backers say the regulations will help attract resource development and jobs.

2) A key Gillard backer said he was not sure if Gillard still had majority caucus support .

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strong backer1) South Vietnam was seen as losing a strong backer.

2) Lieberman is "among the strongest backers of Israel on Capitol Hill.

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backer want1) Hall and his backers wanted to make aluminum a common metal.

2) The backers wanted to end Danbury's isolation.

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wealthy backer1) What if the "content, services, and applications" we "demand" aren't owned by wealthy backers?

2) What was essential, however, was that consumers, Southern as well as Northern, subsidise Republicans' wealthy backers.

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backer1) This reward tier is open to international backers.

2) International backers please include $15 shipping and handling.

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