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actually backfire1) The whole plan actually backfired, after all.

2) Persistence can actually backfire and distract from more important goals.

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backfire badly1) A decade later came another breakthrough attempt, which backfired badly .

2) Let's hear it for trades that backfire badly !

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move backfire1) The move backfired, and inspired a 26 percent one-day stock collapse.

2) The move backfired, and ratings for the TBS broadcasts declined sharply.

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often backfire1) Physical punishment is not necessary and often backfires.

2) All he does well is play power games, and even those often backfire.

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plan backfire1) The whole plan actually backfired, after all.

2) However, this plan backfired on the Uruguayans.

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scheme backfire1) Fortunately, the schemes invariably backfire–often quite spectacularly.

2) With Black Panther's help, Klaw's scheme backfired.

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sometimes backfire1) Why may building up levees to prevent floods sometimes backfire?

2) Another major problem with fear is that it can sometimes backfire.

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backfire spectacularly1) But every now and then a money-saving tip can backfire spectacularly .

2) A Royal edict intended to keep peace in the family might start to backfire spectacularly .

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strategy backfire1) There are a few notable exceptions where this strategy has ostensibly backfired.

2) Real 9ja That is right but the strategy is backfiring.

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tactic backfire1) I am glad to say that these tactics backfired.

2) CNN : Has the leadership's tactic backfired?

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ultimately backfire1) In Pennsylvania, though, a pro-Obamacare campaign could ultimately backfire.

2) That ultimately backfired on them and we show that in the film.

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backfire on1) The policy has backfired on everyone who has tried it .

2) Attempts at control usually backfire on the organisation.

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backfire1) Of course such arguments may well backfire.

2) Her late father's intentions were backfiring.

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