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become backbone1) Farming became the backbone of the local economy.

2) Music becomes the backbone of the film.

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be backbone1) Soil health is the backbone of agriculture.

2) The shop office is the backbone of direct support maintenance.

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break backbone1) If the backbone is broken, the body cannot stand.

2) This particular one-sided ceasefire broke the backbone of ULFA.

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constitute backbone1) The equipment that ties together the departmental networks constitutes the network backbone.

2) These varieties constitute the backbone of a beautiful and hardy perennial flower garden.

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DNA backbone1) Twin helical strands form the DNA backbone .

2) The sugar moieties are nonreactive and the DNA backbone is not broken.

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economic backbone1) From the late 19th century, Muncie's economic backbone has been industry, primarily manufacturing.

2) In combination with the related logistics - and transport sector it is the city's economic backbone.

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form backbone1) These behaviors form the backbone of open source technical support.

2) Many still form the backbone of the current major roads network.

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have backbone1) Their music has a solid traditional backbone.

2) I tell you, society today has no backbone.

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Internet backbone1) This is where the Internet backbone comes in.

2) Results did not reveal any filtering carried out on the Internet backbone.

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backbone market1) Both proceedings considered the implications for the Internet backbone market .

2) However, the industry participants we interviewed generally viewed the backbone market as competitive.

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network backbone1) It is primarily used within network backbones and employs ATM.

2) The equipment that ties together the departmental networks constitutes the network backbone.

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phosphate backbone1) The other side chains shown are in contact with the phosphate backbone.

2) The negative charge of its phosphate backbone moves the DNA towards the positively-charged anode during electrophoresis.

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polymer backbone1) This polymer's backbone is just plain stiff.

2) The use of hydrophilic low-Mw polymer backbones.

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backbone provider1) These backbone providers handle the hard problems of routing traffic.

2) Merger proceeding raises concern of merging the largest Internet backbone provider with another of the largest providers.

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provide backbone1) NISN provides the data transfer backbone for space missions.

2) The grammar school system was designed to provide the countrys professional backbone.

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remain backbone1) While agriculture remains the backbone of the area's economy, pottery is important culturally.

2) Yet hydropower is and will remain the backbone of the economy for the foreseeable future.

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backbone service1) The new NSFNET backbone network service began 1 July 1988.

2) From 1987 until April 1995, Merit re-engineered and managed the NSFNET backbone service .

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sugar backbone1) They consist of a nitrogenous base attached to a sugar-phosphate backbone.

2) Counter-ions shield the charges on the sugar-phosphate backbone.

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backbone of the economy1) the temples formed the backbone of the economy.

2) the backbone of the economy was palm cultivation, fishing and pearl diving.

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backbone1) Digital cellular still uses the same backbone .

2) Their music has a solid traditional backbone.

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