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bend backward1) Back pain sufferers need backward bending to strengthen and relieve pain.

2) backward bend, backward bend, backward bend.

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backward compatible1) Bash is backward compatible with the sh shell.

2) CI+ is backward compatible with CIv1.

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count backward1) After that, the system starts counting backward.

2) Stark counts backward from five to one.

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extend backward1) Historians date all pre-Christian events using the Julian scale extended backward.

2) Then, straighten and spread the legs with the top leg extending backward.

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face backward1) The foramen magnum (hole through which the spinal cord enters) faces directly backward.

2) Pronation is the opposite action, rotating the hand so the palm faces backward or downward.

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fall backward1) So the tendency is to fall backward.

2) She fell backward with a face full of blood.

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jump backward1) jump backward and hang from the top.

2) So this time immediately jump backward before you get smashed.

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lean backward1) It is leaning backward to offset a load in front.

2) In a seated conversation, leaning backward can also communicate dominance.

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look backward1) He says the industry is looking backward .

2) This keeps the discussion negative and backward looking .

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move backward1) The forehead moves forward while the cheek bones move backward.

2) There was a big armored vehicle moving backward and forward .

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point backward1) The ἄρα seems to point backward to the premisses; the οϋν to introduce the inference.

2) Then the wing is quickly flipped over (supination) so that the leading edge is pointed backward.

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remain backward1) If our political economy remains backward, our intellectual economy has leaped ahead.

2) Agriculture remained backward, yields were low, markets restricted by low productivity and prosperity lay beyond reach.

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run backward1) Did you see me run backward into the end zone ?

2) He will run backward, imagining that all sorts of beasts are pursuing him.

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step backward1) The lights dimmed, and Schiller stepped backward, stage left.

2) Imagine that the hero steps backward off a rooftop 25 feet above the ground.

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walk backward1) It's like approaching a cliff but walking backward.

2) We need to learn from Alice here and walk backward.

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bend backwards1) Note that his right wrist is bending backwards without cocking upwards.

2) He could bend forwards, but could not bend backwards.

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backwards compatible1) It is still backwards compatible as well.

2) The new guitar controller remains backwards compatible with previous games.

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count backwards1) Once 32,000 was reached the software started counting backwards.

2) These ranks are called Kyu ranks and count backwards.

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fall backwards1) As the Toyota moves forward they fall backwards.

2) Georgia falls backwards and her skirt ends up around her waist.

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lean backwards1) He leaned casually backwards against the couch, his knees raised.

2) Easing herself gently to her feet she leaned slowly backwards.

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rock backwards1) She rocked backwards and forwards on the bench.

2) She cackled and rocked backwards and forwards.

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roll backwards1) The petals are extremely wrinkled and rolled backwards.

2) The knobbly wheels spun for a moment, and then the truck rolled backwards.

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slide backwards1) He goes sliding backwards a few feet.

2) But it is sliding ever backwards in relation to the West.

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spell backwards1) Desserts is "stressed" spelt backwards.

2) His name is "Utrom" spelled backwards.

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spin backwards1) Edwards spun backwards and went airborne.

2) Keselowski touched, and Edwards spun backwards, then went airborne.

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stagger backwards1) She was pulled from Nathan's grasp and staggered backwards.

2) Tightly holding his skull between his hands he staggered backwards.

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step backwards1) She stepped backwards and shook her head.

2) The figure stepped backwards into the darkness.

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stumble backwards1) He stumbled backwards and doubled over.

2) He pushed the defendant again and Karmer stumbled backwards and dropped two knives,.

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tilt backwards1) He wandered off into the shadow, his head tilted backwards.

2) Avoid having the head tilted backwards.

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walk backwards1) Half moved forward and half walked backwards.

2) Gale often had to walk backwards before beginning rehearsals.

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backward and forward1) There was a big armored vehicle moving backward and forward .

2) Choosing backward and forward is a matter of personal taste preference.

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backward direction1) When the other catches the brick, he also acquires a momentum in the backward direction.

2) Yet there is a big difference between the forward and backward directions of real time in ordinary life.

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backward glance1) I took a last backward glance at our injured ship.

2) Without a backward glance she walked slowly towards his table.

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backward looking1) This keeps the discussion negative and backward looking.

2) They were backward looking and based on small samples.

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backward motion1) Flight occurs either as hovering, or as forward or backward motion.

2) Practice pushing directly out toward the side, with no backward motion at all.

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backward movement1) The fur offers little resistance to backward movement in the tunnel.

2) backward movement or regression where the count is negative.

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backward roll1) The attacking wrestler then performs a backward roll while holding the waistlock.

2) Recovery options increased: Ground backward roll added.

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backward somersault1) During flight, and at the right moment, the bird will go into a series of rapid, backward somersaults.

2) These can include simple jumps in the pike, tuck, or straddle position, to more complex combinations of forward or backward somersaults and twists.

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backward step1) So there is a very considerable backward step.

2) But aid charities warned diverting money was potentially a major backward step .

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backward tilt1) A backward tilt is positive and a forward tilt is negative.

2) Caster refers to the backward tilt and forward tilt of your wheel, and like camber, is measured in degrees.

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backward1) The hip angle should still close "backward".

2) The shot was driven through backward point .

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backwards and forwards1) This sentence actually reads true both backwards and forwards .

2) He started shaking it backwards and forwards.

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backwards1) The occupant thus faced backwards during travel.

2) That gets equal protection analysis exactly backwards .

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be backward1) The rest of the economy was backward.

2) They were backward looking and based on small samples.

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economically backward1) De Rivera also worked to build infrastructure for his economically backward country.

2) Both wings accepted that Russia was an economically backward country unripe for socialism.

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educationally backward1) A child who is educationally backward 2.

2) The Sri Lankan Muslims have long been identified as an educationally backward community.

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extremely backward1) Scarce Intelligence Imposing limitations upon intelligence is extremely backward.

2) However, Bearys in rural areas are still extremely backward socially, economically and educationally.

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roll backward1) A driver unlucky enough to stall on a grade soon found himself rolling backward.

2) During the strike, the eyes roll backward into the head for protection.

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seem backward1) If this seems backward to you it is because of this reason, at Div.

2) We must remember that God's ways will many times seem backward to the ways of the world.

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slide backward1) Schools were partially integrated before sliding backward .

2) The passage being horizontal he will not slide backward.

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spell backward1) The character's name is "Samuel Taylor" spelled backward.

2) When I read the about the name spelled backward, what came to mind is Mal Asile.

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stagger backward1) As Hinkle staggered backward, wounded, Coffee Williams shot him in the chest one time.

2) Early in the second round, the fighters clashed heads and both staggered backward as referee Steve Smoger called time.

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technologically backward1) What are our most technologically backward areas?

2) A technologically backward species transplanted to the Tau Ceti system a millennia ago, the Celay are the descendants of a slave race belonging to the Rodomok Empire.

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throw backward1) Moody was thrown backward onto the office floor.

2) Someone who is shot and thrown backward a significant distance is a staple Hollywood visual effect.

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very backward1) That is why Africa especially Nigeria is very backward .

2) Plus I was never very backward reaching flexible to begin with .

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