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bacterial cellulose1) Static and agitated cultures are conventional ways to produce bacterial cellulose .

2) bacterial cellulose also has wide applications in commercial industries.

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bacterial contamination1) Discard partially used makeup to avoid bacterial contamination .

2) A survey of vaccines in 1900 found wide variations in bacterial contamination .

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bacterial endocarditis1) What is the difference between bacterial endocarditis and pericarditis?

2) If caught early, bacterial endocarditis can result in a positive outcome.

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bacterial flagellum1) The bacterial flagellum is the best known example.

2) In addition many bacteria move using a structure called a bacterial flagellum .

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bacterial flora1) bacterial flora of wild and captive porpoises.

2) Antimicrobial resistance of bacterial flora associated with bovine products in South Africa.

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bacterial genome1) Further, its DNA shows substantial similarity to bacterial genomes .

2) Casjens, S. The diverse and dynamic structure of bacterial genomes .

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bacterial infection1) These are white blood cells that fight bacterial infections .

2) Secondary bacterial infection may complicate the signs.

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bacterial meningitis1) Gram staining may demonstrate bacteria in bacterial meningitis .

2) Untreated, bacterial meningitis is almost always fatal.

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bacterial overgrowth1) Disorders of the immune system can cause bacterial overgrowth .

2) Erythromycin prevents bacterial overgrowth in the gut etc. during transport.

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bacterial pathogen1) Not all forms of bacterial pathogens are equally susceptible.

2) The study has revealed GLB44's strength and effectiveness against bacterial pathogens .

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bacterial pneumonia1) Four years ago, another son died from bacterial pneumonia .

2) Antibiotics improve outcomes in those with bacterial pneumonia .

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bacterial spore1) Tyndallization historically was the earliest known effective way to destroy bacterial spores .

2) Flour naturally contains a variety of yeasts and bacterial spores .

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bacterial strain1) This prevents undesirable bacterial strains from producing "off" flavors.

2) The outer core oligosaccharide chain varies depending on the bacterial strain .

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bacterial toxin1) Other infectious agents such as parasites and bacterial toxins also occur.

2) It is made by combining interleukin-4 with a bacterial toxin .

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bacterial vaginosis1) Women can also have bacterial vaginosis without symptoms .

2) Two more common ailments that women suffer from are yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis .

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bacterial adhesion1) bacterial adhesion to boat hulls serves as the foundation for biofouling of seagoing vessels.

2) Fructose, which is present in all fruit juices, may also interfere with bacterial adhesion.

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bacterial canker1) Look out for bacterial canker on plum trees.

2) Bird cherry is susceptible to bacterial cankers, which can disfigure and occasionally kill infected trees.

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bacterial cell1) Cook food thoroughly to destroy bacterial cells.

2) Most bacterial cell membranes do not contain cholesterol.

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bacterial colonization1) Germ free mice display abnormal behavior and altered brain chemistry that reverse following bacterial colonization.

2) However, drains provide a potential site for bacterial colonization that can be difficult to eliminate.

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bacterial colony1) Deadly competition between sibling bacterial colonies".

2) Produces a root surface which is less conducive to bacterial colony formation.

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bacterial community1) A complex bacterial community living in pitcher plant fluid.

2) Each of those aphids, in turn, support diverse bacterial communities.

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bacterial composition1) Once the host immune system is developed, it regulates the bacterial composition in the gut.

2) In this study, researchers analyzed the gut bacterial composition of 292 Danish adults by a new analytical approach called quantitative metagenomics.

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bacterial counts1) These may be specified in terms of acceptable bacterial counts.

2) Micropore filters are also used for algae and bacterial counts.

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bacterial culture1) Tests available for MAP include bacterial culture from faeces.

2) This has no relationship to the viability of the bacterial cultures.

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bacterial disease1) If antibiotics were ineffective, bacterial diseases would be life threatening.

2) Today, vaccines exist for many viral and bacterial diseases.

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bacterial enzyme1) It contains its own bacterial enzymes that are beneficial to our health.

2) The myxopyronin binds to and inhibits the crucial bacterial enzyme RNA polymerase.

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bacterial genera1) Of these genera "Bacillus" species are the dominant bacterial genera in Jiuqu.

2) Like most bacterial genera, the pseudomonad last common ancestor lived hundreds of millions of years ago.

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bacterial growth1) There was a halo of inhibited bacterial growth around the mould.

2) The surface should not promote bacterial growth or be flammable.

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bacterial isolates1) A similar pattern of antibiotic resistance was observed against the bacterial isolates from post operative sepsis.

2) Of the 17 studies, 11 reported that over 90% of bacterial isolates were susceptible to fosfomycin.

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bacterial load1) This reduces colonic bacterial load by increasing colon motility.

2) The high bacterial load in the mouth means that ulcers may become secondarily infected.

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bacterial phyla1) There are no fixed rules to the nomenclature of bacterial phyla.

2) Around 1000 species of bacteria from 19 bacterial phyla have been found.

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bacterial plaque1) Periodontal disease is caused by bacterial plaque.

2) Show on your drawing where bacterial plaque is most likely to be found.

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bacterial population1) The largest bacterial populations inhabit the filter; efficient filtration is vital.

2) These have resulted in damage to invertebrate and bacterial populations.

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bacterial resistance1) New antibiotics are not coming on-line fast enough to combat bacterial resistance.

2) bacterial resistance in hospitals is everywhere you look .

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bacterial species1) The ability to undergo natural transformation among bacterial species is widespread.

2) And other bacterial species were learning the same trick .

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bacterial survival1) To date, most approaches for target selection have focused on the importance of bacterial survival.

2) There are arguments for creating or maintaining conditions that are not conducive to bacterial survival and multiplication, rather than attempting to kill them with chemicals.

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bacterial virulence1) Furthermore, microgravity has been shown to enhance bacterial virulence while depressing the immune response.

2) Targeting of identified bacterial proteins that are involved in complement inhibition would neutralize the key bacterial virulence mechanism.

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bacterial1) Deadly competition between sibling bacterial colonies".

2) Cook food thoroughly to destroy bacterial cells.

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