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address backlog1) That report is also expected to include suggestions for addressing the backlog.

2) Plan to partner with State and local entities to address veterans claims backlog.

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cause backlog1) The media blackout has caused a major backlog !

2) Further construction was deferred until after Ashford had caught up with the maintenance backlog caused by the war.

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clear backlog1) The hospital is asking for more money to clear the backlog.

2) I cleared the backlog of translated campaigns and mass mailings.

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create backlog1) The fighting created a backlog of patients that needed surgery.

2) In 2007, 1.38 million people applied for citizenship creating a backlog.

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current backlog1) Such a policy makes decisions independent of current queue backlog.

2) The current backlog of continuing disability reviews stands at 1.3 million.

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eliminate backlog1) The county's goal should be to eliminate the backlogs.

2) As a result, the percentage of denials dropped from 40 to 2, eliminating the backlog.

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have backlog1) Limited by quota which now has backlog.

2) Currently I have a backlog regarding Carter Kaplan.

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huge backlog1) Most of us still have a huge backlog of games to finish up.

2) Still trying to catch up on the huge backlog that keeps growing and growing.

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backlog item1) Often new backlog items are defined during the meeting.

2) The use cases, user stories, scenarios, backlog items .

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large backlog1) Homebuilders reported continuing high demand for new homes and large backlogs.

2) Despite reforms, the justice system continues to have a large backlog.

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maintenance backlog1) The war also led to a significant maintenance backlog.

2) They 've warned of a maintenance backlog, as well as further delays in priority projects.

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order backlog1) order backlogs continued to shrink while material costs continued to rise.

2) Still, order backlogs for construction equipment remained high.

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product backlog1) The source of the raw data is your product backlog.

2) The product owner prioritizes which of the product backlog are most needed.

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reduce backlog1) Investment is also needed to reduce the backlog of repairs.

2) Reducing the patent application backlog remains a core objective of the USPTO.

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backlog build up1) For enforcement offices around the country the effect was to see their casework backlogs build up with no prospect of their being resolved.

2) Although Reeve was working from dawn to dusk, he couldn't keep up with demand for supplies at Northway, and a backlog built up at Nabesna.

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backlog of work1) I think there's quite a healthy backlog of work.

2) There is a considerable backlog of work to process with regards to Council Tax.

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backlog1) Our backlog analysis contains 26 typical problems.

2) Rather "close" cases to clear backlog.

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big backlog1) big backlog Tenants who choose to go straight to the ombudsman can expect a lengthy wait .

2) There was thus a very big backlog in demand from people who no longer faced a price barrier.

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have a backlog1) Currently I have a backlog regarding Carter Kaplan.

2) I have a backlog of posts to put up.

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