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drive backhand1) She moved Victoria Azarenka all over the place on a strong point at 30 -40 yet still drove a backhand long.

2) Both players easily held serve in the second set but Stich romped through the tie-break 7-2, clinching victory in 82 minutes when Becker drove a backhand into the net.

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forehand backhand1) Her forehands and backhands are delivered quickly on both sides.

2) His forehand and backhand are both effective in setting up points.

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one backhand1) Of course, Federer has a mighty sweet one-handed backhand too.

2) My dad tried one experiment at converting me to a one-handed backhand.

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backhand shot1) The arm motion is similar to a tennis backhand shot .

2) Phipps was producing brilliant backhand shots all night.

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two backhand1) Her biggest weapons are her two-handed backhand and drop shot.

2) He also introduced the jumping two-handed backhand.

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backhand winner1) In the next one, if I recall, I made four backhand winners .

2) Williams closed out the first set 6-1 with a sizzling backhand winner .

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backhand drive1) Margaret's backhand drive went wide: 4-2... another backhand long: 4-3... a Casals backhand an inch inside the alley line: 4-4.

2) Woodforde, who dropped his serve only once in the match, served for the tie, and wrapped it up when Reneberg hit a backhand drive well over the baseline.

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backhand stroke1) My backhand stroke looks more like I 'm going ape-shit with a flyswatter.

2) Adam Dixon was also close to scoring when his backhand stroke missed the goal by centimetres .

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backhand volley1) His backhand volley was lethal in a decision.

2) Down 4-3 and tied 15-all, Kuznetsova sent an easy backhand volley wide.

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backhand1) But is counting backhands any more reliable ?

2) The backhand wasn't half bad either.

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