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automatic backup1) automatic online backups to keep your patient data safe .

2) EndNote X 6 adds automatic backup and synchronisation across devices.

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backup available1) If good backups are available . 3.

2) Fortunately, tape backups were available to restore our webpage.

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base backup1) The easiest way to perform a base backup is to use the pg_basebackup tool.

2) It can create a base backup either as regular files or as a tar archive.

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battery backup1) battery backup has reduced to 1.5 hrs instead of 3.5 hrs.

2) The memory was changed from magnetic core to semiconductor with battery backup.

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cause backup1) Root growth may cause water backup, nevertheless, this really is less common.

2) Highway access to US 101 and I-680 was closed, causing significant traffic backups.

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cloud backup1) Some backup vendors offer hybrid solutions, combining both local and cloud backup.

2) ZCB 4 is a huge step forward for the idea of cloud backup.

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create backup1) Stream the transaction log while the backup is created .

2) create a file backup of the model store.

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database backup1) Local servers do not support database backup and restore.

2) Make a database backup, export content, disable plugins – then update?

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datum backup1) Is the log area also saved during a data backup ?

2) Make sure to include both data backup and recovery in your evaluations.

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differential backup1) A full or differential backup requires the transaction log.

2) Microsoft backup supports differential backup and SCSI tape devices in Windows 98.

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do backup1) Or why does the giant robot need backup ?

2) I long ago gave up on doing backups .

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file backup1) Create a file backup of the model store.

2) Restore the database files from your file system backup.

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iCloud backup1) Certainly not with additional storage for iCloud backup nor with complementary over-the-top services like iTunes Match.

2) Like a fool, I thought iCloud backup and iTunes in the cloud had me covered.

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incremental backup1) Thereafter, only incremental backups are performed.

2) You can start full backups earlier than the incremental backups.

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keep backup1) My point though is to keep a backup of your data.

2) The client must keep backups of all data stored on their server.

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log backup1) A transaction log backup needs to be taken.

2) This instance then places the log backup into a primary log-backup file, which it sends to the backup folder.

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make backup1) You should make regular backups of this file.

2) make backups; we will both sleep easier.

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need backup1) In case you need backup or something.

2) The Steelers are going to need some quality backups .

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PC backup1) Type a descriptive name, such as Scheduled Complete PC Backup.

2) Note that Complete PC backup can only back up NTFS-formatted disks.

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perform backup1) Thereafter, only incremental backups are performed .

2) performing regular backups of your MySQL database server is important.

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provide backup1) Some steps to provide the missing backup are discussed.

2) But it can provide a very cost-effective backup in many situations.

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backup recovery1) Does the system require reliable backup and recovery ?

2) The role of backup and recovery has changed.

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restore backup1) The logging mechanism is also used when restoring online backups.

2) Luckily, there are tools available to help restore this backup.

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run backup1) Why not just run the backup forget the wind turbines .

2) If you run incremental backups, account for data that undergoes changes.

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backup run1) Elias made the team as a backup running back.

2) They said they might backup run The Box at Margarets.

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schedule backup1) Try to schedule backups when network traffic is low.

2) This allows you to schedule backups independently and easily.

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sing backup1) She dances and she sings backup.

2) They rarely sang backup to one another on any of the songs.

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store backup1) We need to go into where the backup is stored .

2) Hourly backups are taken and twice-daily backups are stored off-site.

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support backup1) Both streaming and shadow copy backup are supported .

2) All applications and system state backup are supported .

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system backup1) This information applies to file system backups unless otherwise noted.

2) All applications and system state backup are supported.

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backup system1) Now Edison is saying all battery backup systems need more review .

2) The battery backup system for uninterruptible power operation is completely separate conceptually .

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tape backup1) Fortunately, tape backups were available to restore our webpage.

2) Checks that compression for long-term tape backups is enabled.

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transaction backup1) A transaction log backup needs to be taken.

2) The restore sequence is the previous full database backup, plus all transaction log backups since then (approximately 350!).

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backup use1) Traditionally, businesses conduct backup using on-site solutions.

2) We have a manual backup using the card swipe method with telephone authorisation.

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backup copy1) Author should always keep a backup copy.

2) In effect, the network is your backup copy.

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backup disk1) And I have a physical external backup disk.

2) Use software backup tools if available, and store the backup disks somewhere away from the computer.

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backup emergency1) This one suffered a problem with backup emergency generator while docked in St. Maarten .

2) This is just backup emergency cash which adds to my solo traveller's peace of mind.

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backup facility1) Determining the feasibility and compatibility of backup facilities and procedures.

2) Alternate servicing sites serve as backup facilities in case of a business interruption.

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backup file1) This is the preferred recovery method if a backup file exists.

2) Please name your backup file as your database name.

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backup goalkeeper1) He was also selected as the backup goalkeeper for Italy's 1996 Olympic team.

2) backup goalkeeper Adin Brown suffered a strained hamstring in the first half and was replaced by Jake Gleeson at halftime.

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backup light1) New was a single backup light, mounted above the license plate.

2) Early models also featured a single separate bumper-mounted backup light.

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backup musician1) Talented backup musicians typically perform important supporting roles without grabbing attention .

2) Contrary to popular belief,The Famous Flames were not backup musicians.

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backup plan1) Being prepared is a backup plan in itself!

2) I immediately forget my plan and backup plan.

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backup role1) The backup role is somewhat ceremonial for the Giants .

2) He is clearly unhappy with his backup role to Jonathan Bernier.

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backup service1) Companies may subscribe to backup services provided by a data center.

2) The backup service offered by Backblaze is really impressive .

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backup singer1) Her backup singers followed and danced with Beyoncé.

2) The band included a horn section and backup singer Erika Jerry.

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backup singing1) For live pop concerts, onstage dancers may be required to perform simple backup singing.

2) For these shows, some backup singing skills or acting skills may be required.

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backup tape1) backup tape storage for all transactions is provided.

2) This is often used in conjunction with backup tapes.

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backup1) Shadow copy backups are always full backups.

2) Shadow copy backups are always full backups.

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