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become backwater1) In the following years, the islands became a backwater ticking over quietly.

2) As the kauri ran out, the Kaipara became a backwater.

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quiet backwater1) Albion Place is a quiet backwater of fine Georgian villas.

2) Throughout the imperial Roman period, Sicily was a quiet, prosperous backwater.

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backwater town1) This little backwater town is well known for its rubber plantations.

2) Sundernagar is a "backwater town " in the province.

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backwater valve1) In areas susceptible to urban flooding, backwater valves and other infrastructure may be installed to mitigate losses.

2) backwater valves reduce the "risk of sewer backup through isolation of homes from underground municipal sewers systems during sewer system surcharge.

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backwater1) Their journey through the backwaters surpassed expectations .

2) This man-made island is surrounded by beautiful backwaters.

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