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come backstage1) Both came backstage to arrange a screen test, both studios claimed her.

2) Some players would come backstage and wonder if we were fighting, because our bowings were different.

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go backstage1) Afterward, he went backstage and watched them greet friends.

2) go backstage for more revealing action than you can dream.

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work backstage1) On July 11, Runnels began working backstage as a producer.

2) I worked backstage for more than 15 years before setting up my clay studio.

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backstage area1) The match started in the backstage area.

2) These two backstage areas allow for separated group conversation.

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backstage drama1) It begins as backstage drama, almost a documentary in its matter-of-factness.

2) The backstage drama portrayed in the musical was matched by actual difficulties among the cast.

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backstage interview1) The DVD also includes a bonus backstage interview with Page.

2) Other "host" duties included backstage interviews and hosting a bikini contest.

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backstage pass1) Forgetting our backstage pass is a big problem.

2) It's like a backstage pass to the movie.

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backstage scene1) The film also showed backstage scenes from his best-known work.

2) The best runways, backstage scenes, and model interviews will be running all weekend long.

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backstage tour1) An invitation to a backstage tour of Symphony Center.

2) backstage tours run throughout the day.

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backstage1) It was shy thing trying to slip backstage.

2) This was taken backstage before a concert.

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