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awkward angle1) And you may find adjustable soil and drain elbows, useful for awkward angles .

2) It was positioned at an awkward angle with its head down and facing me.

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awkward attempt1) It wasn't even necessary to keep his first awkward attempts at removing Mary's bra or meeting her parents.

2) At the beginning of the visit, Jane made several awkward attempts to interact with Sam, but without success.

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become awkward1) The ice contract became very awkward for the Russian colony.

2) Fortunately he scurried back before the silence became awkward.

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be awkward1) Keeping my address books straight is awkward.

2) I agree the button layouts are awkward.

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clumsy awkward1) She felt clumsy and awkward; but irritated too.

2) This can make you feel clumsy or awkward.

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awkward conversation1) What an awkward conversation that was going to be.

2) They engage in an awkward conversation before going on their way.

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awkward encounter1) This can lead to some problems and possibly awkward encounters .

2) A stumbling, awkward first encounter rarely ripens into intimacy.

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extremely awkward1) He was a very engaging lecturer but was extremely awkward in personal interactions afterward.

2) The holiday turns out badly and the relationship deteriorates and becomes extremely awkward.

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awkward fact1) Certainly, that awkward fact of life diminished respect.

2) It is possible, though, to make too much of this undoubtedly awkward fact .

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feel awkward1) This usually left him feeling awkward in social situations.

2) Erm and usually it feels very awkward.

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few awkward1) After a few awkward moments she hangs up.

2) In the Surrey side he inherited were a few reputedly awkward personalities.

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get awkward1) This is where things get more awkward.

2) Let's move on before this gets awkward.

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heavy awkward1) They soon become too heavy and awkward to hold onto.

2) The stones are heavy and awkward to lift.

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incredibly awkward1) The layout of the book is incredibly awkward.

2) I was incredibly awkward at first.

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awkward interaction1) Our easy banter had suddenly been replaced by strained and awkward interaction .

2) This protects the sensitive information, but can create an awkward customer interaction .

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little awkward1) The plotting is perhaps a little awkward.

2) It definitely makes things a little awkward .

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look awkward1) The effects of poor posture goes far beyond just looking awkward.

2) The symbol formerly known as " the" looks awkward.

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awkward moment1) There was an awkward moment last night.

2) It was a very, very awkward moment .

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painfully awkward1) He is painfully awkward and a terrible liar.

2) Sometimes appropriate, but sometimes painfully awkward and misplaced.

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particularly awkward1) This revenue crunch is particularly awkward for Venezuela.

2) The predicament of the Attorney General during the protracted proceedings had been particularly awkward.

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awkward pause1) An awkward pause for me now occurs .

2) Thus, there are occasional flubs and awkward pauses .

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awkward phase1) We 're in a sort of racially awkward phase in this country.

2) They might just be going through an awkward phase or fighting for independence.

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awkward position1) The war placed dominion governments in an awkward position .

2) I was recently put into an awkward position .

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potentially awkward1) Even getting you home for a visit is a rare and potentially awkward event .

2) Ken knows he has dodged a potentially awkward situation, and he is relieved.

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pretty awkward1) The grandfatherly tone is sometimes pretty awkward.

2) It can be pretty awkward at times.

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prove awkward1) France, traditionally more protectionist, could prove more awkward.

2) This proved very awkward to use.

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awkward question1) There are still awkward questions to be confronted.

2) Strategy guys have been asking an awkward question recently .

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quite awkward1) They're quite awkward to deal with.

2) Beyond a limit, aural input is quite awkward.

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rather awkward1) I found these rather awkward to fit.

2) Using these in my build is currently rather awkward.

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seem awkward1) Now try measuring some that seem awkward.

2) Depending on third parties to extract our own information seems awkward.

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shy awkward1) He is a shy, awkward young man.

2) That first term I was very shy and awkward.

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awkward silence1) This was a long and awkward silence .

2) The martial music was met with an awkward silence .

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awkward situation1) Rules of etiquette were developed to minimize awkward situations involving boundaries.

2) It is a very, very awkward situation .

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slightly awkward1) There was a slightly awkward silence.

2) Pity, it looks better than the somehow still slightly awkward hatch.

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socially awkward1) Maybe I am socially awkward and shy.

2) I am socially awkward in any male fraternisation situation .

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sometimes awkward1) Will giving your needs be sometimes awkward?

2) Greinke was quiet and sometimes awkward in the clubhouse.

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somewhat awkward1) The fact that my step is somewhat awkward does not matter.

2) Not if young Thara and her somewhat awkward .

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sound awkward1) Does anything sound awkward when you read the eulogy aloud?

2) PJ, it just sounds awkward.

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awkward step1) They walk slowly, Iain checking his pace to Andrew's naturally awkward step .

2) They may push a baby on a swing or cheer its first awkward steps .

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stiff awkward1) No sir or ma 'am, I am just stiff awkward and white.

2) The voice and the slightly jerky, stiff, awkward demeanour are just right.

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awkward teenager1) Like an awkward teenager, however, Facebook is finding that growing up can be painful.

2) I t's that one night of the year when you feel like an awkward teenager again.

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too awkward1) Maybe she felt it was too awkward?

2) Well this might be th this might be too awkward this.

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very awkward1) The style was very awkward and clumsy.

2) Green is in a very awkward position.

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a little awkward1) The plotting is perhaps a little awkward.

2) It definitely makes things a little awkward .

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awkward about1) Sophie often feels awkward about her flings the following morning.

2) Today, it makes me feel awkward about carrying a purse.

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awkward adolescent1) This is the journey of a typical bachelor King Penguin from awkward adolescent to accomplished adult .

2) Adam Brody portrays Seth Cohen, the awkward adolescent son of Sandy and Kirsten Cohen.

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awkward age1) He was approaching the awkward age in a professional golfer's career.

2) Pam : Well you know, at that time it was an awkward age.

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awkward corner1) AirRam's edge cleaning technology helps you get into those awkward corners.

2) The Newcastle full-back was in great form, his fielding and kicking getting his side out of some awkward corners.

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awkward gait1) They usually have an awkward gait and as well with some dysarthria.

2) Phoenix lost significant weight for the role and came up with Freddie's awkward gait.

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awkward gap1) One of the quickest ways of sealing awkward gaps is to use an expanding foam filler.

2) And it could fill an awkward gap if she has dumped any photos of her estranged husband Mick Jagger.

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awkward hug1) I can't wait to share an awkward hug with her.

2) Carruthers gave counsel a two-handed shake that turned into an awkward hug .

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awkward shape1) This simplifies fitting around awkward shapes.

2) Do you think it is too big or has an awkward shape?

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awkward stage1) He was entering that awkward stage of early adolescence and had become a somewhat ungainly-looking boy.

2) Anyways, thankfully I didn't have the awkward stage when I started no poo.

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awkward transition1) Don't glare at me like that ... all students go through this awkward transition phase.

2) With no rounded sides to work with, interior cabinetry and decorations install easily and without awkward transitions.

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awkward with1) And it's awkward with bound hands.

2) At first he was awkward with using his flight ring.

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awkward1) Many common letter combinations require awkward finger motions.

2) Keeping my address books straight is awkward.

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fairly awkward1) That also holds true for those who seem fairly awkward socially and are lonely .

2) It does work (although the standing-up version is fairly awkward.) Guess when your opponent is going to strike, and anticipate.

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make awkward1) Pelicans are birds that are known for making awkward landings .

2) Dadliest Catch ought to be frustrating – making awkward controls the primary challenge is rarely wise .

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terribly awkward1) The pin on my tongue is terribly awkward.

2) I felt terribly awkward : "uh oh, who pays?

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