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be awhile1) It has been awhile since I was last here.

2) So its been awhile since my last blog.

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stay awhile1) But stay awhile; I hear another voice.

2) So take off your clothes and stay awhile!

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take awhile1) The trip takes awhile but the scenery is great.

2) It takes awhile for a pool to break.

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wait awhile1) Try waiting awhile before going to the tree.

2) Thinking of waiting awhile before you upgrade your OS ?

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awhile1) You may close yourself off for awhile.

2) Try showing little aggression yourself once in awhile.

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rest awhile1) Come home an' eat dinner, an' maybe rest awhile.

2) The wind cartwheeled, slamming up against the windows, resting awhile before starting again.

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