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accept axiom1) If one accepts the axiom of choice, the answer is yes.

2) There is no axiom accepted by science that forbids scientific inquiry into origin questions.

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additional axiom1) The final step derived Einstein's equations from the weakest possible set of additional axioms.

2) A topos can also be considered as a specific type of category with two additional topos axioms.

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add axiom1) One can add further axioms restricting the dimension or the coordinate ring.

2) adding axioms to "K" gives rise to other well-known modal systems.

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assume axiom1) I do assume the axioms, and I do assume existence.

2) Or, does the objector assume the axioms as well.

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basic axiom1) It has been a basic axiom that successful FID programs are real partnerships.

2) Applying it in discussion where basic axioms are in dispute, is another story.

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call axiom1) This property is called the normalisation axiom.

2) This sentence is called the second-order induction axiom.

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certain axiom1) This selection will be subject to certain axioms, stated below.

2) This approach also adds certain axioms about equality to the deductive system employed.

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comprehension axiom1) Second-order semantics eliminates the need for the comprehension axiom, because these semantics imply that every possible set exists.

2) This holds because the set of comprehension axioms is a computable set (i.e., a recursive set).

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Euclid axiom1) Leibniz's improvement of Euclid's axiom contains the same concept.

2) Euclid's fifth axiom 6 of geometry is illustrated in the diagram below.

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follow axiom1) Different equality axioms are followed by state holders.

2) The two dogmas are jointly encapsulated in the following axiom.

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fundamental axiom1) Nulle terre sans seigneur was one of the fundamental axioms of feudalism.

2) Schleiermacher had no doubts about it: it was the fundamental axiom of his whole system.

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group axiom1) Thus a group homomorphism respects all the structure of "G" provided by the group axioms.

2) With the proper generalization of the group axioms this gives rise to an "n"-ary group.

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induction axiom1) This sentence is called the second-order induction axiom.

2) induction axioms are also implicit, and are needed only to prove program properties.

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logical axiom1) Thus non-logical axioms, unlike logical axioms, are not "tautologies".

2) We fix some axiomatization of the predicate calculus: logical axioms and rules of inference.

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old axiom1) I didn't know the old horse players' axiom "don't make mind bets.

2) This case is one which emphatically supports the old axiom: 'Prevention is better than cure'.

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Peano axiom1) The Peano axioms contain three types of statements.

2) The Peano axioms can also be understood using category theory.

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require axiom1) Not every situation requires the axiom of choice.

2) However, specifying an isomorphism requires the axiom of choice.

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satisfy axiom1) These meet and join operations satisfy the axioms defining a lattice.

2) One can check that all field axioms are satisfied .

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use axiom1) Then use all three axioms of a stochastic set.

2) Gudykunst uses 47 axioms as building blocks for the theorems of AUM.

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ZFC axiom1) There are many equivalent formulations of the ZFC axioms.

2) Metamath version of the ZFC axioms – A concise and nonredundant axiomatization.

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axiom of choice1) The proof needs the axiom of choice.

2) Not every situation requires the axiom of choice.

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axiom1) Many mathematical axioms are based upon recursive rules.

2) Different equality axioms are followed by state holders.

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