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axis advance1) The Allies stemmed axis advances in 1942.

2) The American forces retreated in disarray until heavy Allied reinforcements blunted the axis advance on 22 January.

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axis aircraft1) Losses amounted to 90 other axis aircraft .

2) Some 21,000 Soviet and several thousand axis aircraft were destroyed.

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axis align1) The tilted single axis is aligned to the polar star.

2) It's only slightly more complicated if the ellipse isn't axis aligned .

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axis ally1) Yugoslavia was partitioned among the axis allies .

2) The axis allies initially advanced against desperate but unsuccessful efforts of the Red Army.

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call axis1) This axis is called the polar axis .

2) This axis is called the polar axis .

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axis convoy1) This formation was to interdict axis convoys .

2) The island had ceased to be an effective offensive base, and axis convoys were mostly untroubled.

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create axis1) This creates a clear central visual axis for improving visual acuity.

2) create a strong horizontal axis.

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cross axis1) The principal axis is crossed by one or more perpendicular perspectives and alleys.

2) At some point, your current will reach zero as the voltage axis is crossed .

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axis deer1) The whitetail and axis deer are exceptional.

2) The axis deer is a native of India.

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define axis1) By definition, each pair of opposite points defines an axis.

2) The axle of the spinning wheel defines the spin axis.

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earth axis1) Because the earth's axis is tilted.

2) Another thing is the natural rotation of the earth's axis.

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east axis1) The east-west axis is under heavy fire.

2) The east-west axis is always shady during the hot summer months.

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fix axis1) The lever with a fixed axis is nothing new.

2) Rotation around a fixed axis is a special case of rotational motion.

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axis force1) axis forces employed biological and chemical weapons.

2) Soviet partisans inflicted thousands of casualties on axis forces .

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form axis1) The Andes mountains form a north-south axis of cultural influences.

2) Two fountains form the axis of the piazza.

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have axis1) Another has one axis and one plane.

2) All solutions have just one sliding axis of assembly.

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horizontal axis1) The horizontal axis is time and covers 3 hours.

2) The horizontal axis measures the level of output.

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HPA axis1) The body's primary stress management system is the HPA axis.

2) The HPA axis is a feature of mammals and other vertebrates.

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intersect axis1) Then move horizontally until you intersect the vertical axis.

2) This data entry line intersects each axis at a point depending upon its data value along that axis.

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axis invasion1) Peter was forced to leave the country following the axis invasion .

2) The axis invasion of Yugoslavia began on 6 April.

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join axis1) There were different reasons why these people joined the Axis.

2) Japan joined the axis with Germany, but shared little information.

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axis label1) By convention the east axis is labeled, the north and the up .

2) Draw and label the vertical axis on the right side of the diagram.

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longitudinal axis1) This differential lift causes bank rotation around the longitudinal axis.

2) The longitudinal axis passes through the aircraft from nose to tail.

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north axis1) The north-south axis was completed in 1859.

2) These are oriented along a north-south axis.

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axis occupation1) Of those countries, five were authorities established under axis occupation .

2) All Soviet territory was liberated from axis occupation by 1944.

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axis orient1) In the vertical mill the spindle axis is vertically oriented .

2) ChiloƩ Island is roughly rectangular with its long axis oriented from north to south.

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axis parallel1) Axillary inframarginal prominent, its long axis parallel with the ring.

2) The air in the cloud rotates around an axis parallel to the mountain range.

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axis perpendicular1) The spacecraft rotates continuously around an axis perpendicular to the two telescopes' lines of sight.

2) Pitch is about an axis perpendicular to the longitudinal plane of symmetry, positive nose up.

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axis power1) The axis powers all lacked this capability.

2) Animation was increasingly used in political commentary against the axis powers .

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represent axis1) The unit vector n represents the sensitive axis of the sensor.

2) It represents an axis aligned rectangle, and we will use it to test collisions.

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rotational axis1) This tipped rotational axis gives rise to extreme seasons on Uranus.

2) Of course both the rotational axis and the equatorial plane wobble.

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rotation axis1) Cyclic twins are caused by repeated twinning around a rotation axis.

2) The rotation axis of the main telescope needed to be exactly horizontal.

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semi axis1) The semi-major axis of the ellipsoid used is 6378137.

2) Tidal forces can also change the semi-major axis of an orbit.

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spin axis1) The axle of the spinning wheel defines the spin axis.

2) Its distance from the planet's spin axis must therefore be decreasing.

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axis tilt1) Because the earth's axis is tilted .

2) But even asteroids will not tilt the axis.

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axis tracker1) There are several common implementations of dual axis trackers .

2) Field layouts with horizontal single axis trackers are very flexible.

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axis troop1) Around 20,000 axis troops were committed to the operation.

2) Surrender of axis troops in Italy comes into effect.

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axis turbine1) Focuses mainly on large electricity generating horizontal axis wind turbines .

2) The AR series are commercial scale, horizontal axis turbines designed for open ocean deployment.

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use axis1) It is usually safest to use the maximum axis.

2) If the Max axis option is chosen, the maximum sized axis is used .

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vertical axis1) The vertical axis is one pixel per large spacing.

2) The vertical axis always represents the orbital energies.

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x axis1) The x axis of the graphs is slightly complicated.

2) The x axis is the same for this.

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y axis1) A graph has x and y axis .

2) The default is to scale the y axis.

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Y axis1) The Y axis is a log scale.

2) The Y axis got a similar treatment.

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z axis1) The spindle usually moves in the z axis.

2) That is going to be parallel to the z axis.

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axi1) The external axi system must generate the chip select signals.

2) The axi slave interface accesses each cache RAM individually.

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axis of evil1) Remember the "axis of evil"?

2) Oh, big evil, the axis of evil.

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axis of revolution1) axis : axis of revolution of the gear; center line of the shaft.

2) A subgroup of the supposedly loyal palace Quaternions formed an axis of revolution to plot Schwartz's downfall.

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axis of symmetry1) The most important symbols are placed along the axis of symmetry.

2) Any strokes will be rotated around the axis of symmetry.

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axis1) Full controls had been developed giving three axis flight.

2) The research was structured around three major research axis.

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